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Sims 4 is an interesting game with the latest features and modes like eating, showing sentiments through facial expressions, and doing chores as normal human beings do. They also feel hungry and thirsty when it’s time to eat or drink and then, you will feed them. But, many players have an issue with sims 4 and they ask Why my sims 4 can’t cook? 

The players feel worried because their sims are hungry and they have to feed them when it’s time because if they won’t, their sims will die. 

So, I will discuss how to solve the problem of sims 4 not cooking food and several related points like why sims 4 is not eating, that you will be needing ahead. So, keep reading! 

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What are sims? 

Sims are characters in the sims game that live like normal human beings and you dress them up however you want. 

The Sims 4 game has arrived with several packs like hunger, feeling emotional, tired, thirsty, annoyed, etc. So, basically, this game will let you do whatever you want with your characters. 

Sims 4 not cooking 

Often when your sims feel hungry and you take it to the counter or stove, it will not cook. This is the most concerning issue to discuss because they have a life as well. 

And, if you don’t feed them anything or give them water when they are thirsty, they will die. So, to avoid this situation, learn why your Sims 4 is not cooking?

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Why is my sims 4 not cooking? 

Sims often keep standing in front of the shelves and don’t cook, that’s because there might be a hurdle in their way like some pot.

 So, the best thing you can do is to take your sim as close to the oven as possible. So, your sim will start cooking food as soon as it reaches the oven. Also, another reason why your sims don’t cook is, that if the pot rack is over the oven or the stove in the kitchen, it will create “routing issues”. 

There will be three different sizes of pot racks in the kitchen. And,  each rack will have different wall heights. So, this can also lead to blocking the space in from of the sims. And, if the ceiling lights in the kitchen are too low hanging from the ceiling, it will also block your sims way. 

So, this can also stop your sims from cooking and that’s why your sims can’t cook on counters. And for that, make sure there is no blockage in the way of your sims and the oven. Take your sims close to the oven and it will start cooking. 

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Well, apart from that, there is one more technical reason that does not let your sims cook food. Check below.


Using the “move objects feature stops sims from cooking

Now, if you are using move objects a lot to move stuff, this will also result in your sims 4 cooking glitch PS4 as well. So, stop overusing it and your sims will start cooking. 

Why are my sims not cooking sims 4 PS4

Apart from some main reasons that I have discussed above, some other reasons see also important to look for when your sims don’t cook. These reasons are the following:

  • If your sim doesn’t have ingredients on the counter, it will keep moving around or raise the hand like it holds something but won’t do anything. Of course, how can sims cook on an empty counter? So, take your sims to the fridge, to a bowl full of food or some raw ingredients so it can cook something. 
  • If you want your sims to cook, you will need at least one free counter. And, this is necessary otherwise you will think why my sims can’t cook. So, a free counter is important for the sims to place ingredients and so, it also has to go to the fridge, so the way must be clear for the store/oven, fridge, and the counter. 
  • If your sims can’t use the microwave, use the option “empty oven.” Because if due to some undone action, the microwave has some food left inside, the sim won’t be able to use it. Also, if you can’t find the empty oven option, buy a new oven and use it. 
  • If your sims can’t go to the counter or can’t cook, or even if the sims can’t use the oven, make sure to remove any rug tangles or cluttering-like toys or stuff in the way. This will block their way and stop them from cooking. 
  • The outdated CC sofas and benches will also stop sims from cooking so you can repair the outdated CC with Sims 4 Studio. 

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Now, what to do if you are hungry but it won’t cook at all? Here is a detailed technical step-by-step guide to help you solve the issue in various ways. 

Technical reasons why sims are not cooking in sims 4

The following are the most common reasons that stop your sims from cooking:

The outdated CC and mods in sims 4

Mostly, the outdated mods and CC are responsible for not letting the sims cook. So, in this case, disable the CC and the mods and then play the game. See if the error is still there or not. Most unexpectedly, the error will be gone now. Also, you can do it easily by bringing out the mods folder to the desktop. 

The blockage stops the sim from reaching the oven

The following reason why your sim cannot cook is that the sims are blocked from some stuff to reach the oven. 

That is what I have already discussed with you above. So, remove the blockage, and the sim will also reach the oven. 

Also, another thing that stops the sims from using the oven is the leftover food in the oven. And, I have already said above that you can use the option “free oven” to remove the leftover food from the oven.

 Also, you can also buy a new oven if you cannot find the option free oven in the game. 

Can teens cook on sims 4?

Now, one reason why sims can’t cook is maybe that your sims are too young for that. So, please note that your sims can cook if they are of teenage or mature age.

 And, you cannot make your kids’ sims stand in the kitchen and cook for you. So, yes, teens can also do cooking in sims 4. 

Change the lot in the kitchen for sims 4 

Sometimes, the solutions are way easier than the sim’s 4 lags. So, if your sims are refusing to cook, change the store, counter or oven. The new stuff will appeal to them, and they will love to work in an almost new kitchen. So, this is exactly like us. 

Locking the sims in the kitchen in the sims 4 game 

This may sound weird and forceful, but you should believe that this is the most useful trick one can ever use. So, if your sim refuses to cook, the final solution you have left here is to lock the sims in the kitchen. 

So, you can make the rest of the sims go out of the kitchen, and when your main sim is left alone, lock it in the kitchen and they will remain with no other choice but cooking. So, you can also change the entire kitchen and make them cook there alone. 

How do you cook in Sims 4?

In sims 4, you can prepare your sims to learn cooking skills by using the stove, cake baking machine, oven, fridge, or outdoor grill. Also, you can let your sims learn cooking by reading recipes and cooking books. 

And, gradually, they will improve their cooking skills and unlock new recipes and cooking skills. One related problem that players face is the Sims 4 unable to use the fridge. So, read the quick solution below.

Why can’t my sims use the fridge in sims 4?

Now, this is similar to using the oven. So, if your Sims can’t use the fridge, see if there is something blocking the area. 

Now, remove the hurdle and your sim is able to use the fridge. Now, another main reason can be the rotten or stale food in the fridge.

 If the fridge is already full, or not working, or even if it has some rotten food, your sim won’t be able to use it. 

So, remove the food or get the fridge repaired. And, if that doesn’t work, buy a new fridge and your sim can now use it. 


Why my sims 4 can’t cook? The above listed are all the main reasons for why your sims cannot cook. You can follow the guide to solve all errors relating to sims 4 cooking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy groceries in Sims 4 to cook? 

Your sims can buy groceries by visiting the grocery store or they can also order them online. This is exactly like you visit shops and parks in the Sims 4.

What age of sims can do cooking?

Sims that are teenage, can do cooking. And, they can further be of any age but not kids.

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