Why isn’t my sims 4 launching

If you think that is why isn’t my sims 4 launchings then this guide will solve your problems. Your sims 4 game is related to its saved files.

So, you will create a backup of your sims 4 files first of all.  And, once you have created a backup, we are ready to go with our procedure of launching the sims 4.

 And, that’s not a problem. You can simulate the families again once the files are restored and saved. So, this is the process that we will discuss how to do it. 

And I went through some research to solve this issue, which helped me solve the problem. So, read the guide step by step below to help you with this sims 4. 

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Updating the video card driver 

Updating the video card driver will also help you with the launch of sims 4 games as this can also be the reason.

 For updating the video card driver, you will go to the PC manufacturer’s website or the driver manufacturer’s site to update it. However, this demands skill and patience and this is what you must have. 

But, no problem, if you don’t have such skills as me, you can go for an automatic update like I did. So, what I did was install Driver Easy. Now, I know you may not know about Driver Easy as I did earlier. 

And, for that, let me tell you that Driver Easy has both free and paid services to offer you.  And this driver update service will recognize your system all by itself and install or update the exactly needed drivers for your system.

 Also, this is for free, and if you buy the pro version, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and you will be just one click away from fixing it. 

So, once you have downloaded and installed Driver Easy, go to the scan option. And, this will run the scan through your system and will detect if there are any problems. 

And, this will automatically update the drivers that need the updates. How easy is that? Also, I recommend this driver to install because this has been really helpful for people like me who are not well aware of the PCs and updates.

 I am not promoting it on any Sponsorship nor do I have an affiliate program regarding this software. 

Resetting the sims 4

The next and most helpful solution I found is the resetting of the sims 4. Sometimes, when the launching becomes a problem, and there is nothing wrong with the drivers, you can fix it by resetting it simply. 

So, the question is, how to reset sims 4? Now, for resetting, you will create a backup first, and for that, you will need to go to the documents and then the electronic arts option.

 Now, right-click on the sims 4 there and then select the copy. Then, drag it to the desktop and then right-click on the copied folder, and then rename it. 

So, this is how you will create a backup before resetting the game. And, you can make it anything like Sims 4 backup or something that you will easily remember. So, it is time to restore the game. 

And, for that, you will go to the documents and then electronic arts. Now, right-click on sims 4 and click on the delete option if you want to delete it.

 Also, once you are sure to delete it, click on the confirmation option by clicking yes. And delete the game from the Recycle bin as well.

 Also, right-click and copy the folder that you have copied before. Change the name to whatever you want. Now, restart your system and see if the folder opens now. This will also help if you think about how to make Sims 4 run faster. 

Performing a clean boot 

Now, one main reason why the game doesn’t launch or hangs while launching is the software creating issues. And for that, you have to troubleshoot the software or perform a clean boot so that it loads the game and launches it faster without crashing at all. 

This is one of the most common problems any gamer can face while playing Sims 4 games. Also, sometimes, it depends on the system you are using. And for that, you can pick the best MacBook for sims 4. 

However, if you are on a budget, you can go for any best laptops for sims 5 that I have already discussed in some of my previous articles. 

So, you can check them out as well. Also, if you think, can I play Sims 4 on Chromebook? Then yes, you can! 


Why isn’t my sims 4 launching? Well, the reasons may be the software crash, the game update, the driver update, or the need to reinstall the origin client. 

However, there can be other reasons as well, but the above discussed are some of the main reasons and their solutions to help you with the launch of the sims 4 games. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I launch my Sims 4 game? 

Now, here is another point to discuss when you think why isn’t my sims 4 launchings? So,  you can go to reinstall the sims 4 and if that doesn’t work, you can also reinstall the Origin client. 

How to repair the sims 4 games for launching? 

Here, I have many options for you to deal with sims 4 launchings, and the first one is repairing the sims 4. Now, for repairing the sims 4, open the game origin and then go to the sims 4 libraries. 
Now, click on the repair option and this will repair the game. Now, check if the sims 4 game opens. Hopefully, it will open now. This is the most basic solution for launching sims 4. 

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