Why is my wired mouse not working on my laptop

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to move the cursor around your screen and it just won’t budge. You have a wireless mouse, but you can’t seem to get it to work. Or maybe you have a wired mouse that doesn’t work on your laptop. Either way, this post will explain why and how to fix it. When your mouse stops working, it can be frustrating. If you’re using a wireless mouse, you might be thinking that it’s broken. 

You’re sitting at your desk, and you’ve got a  wired mouse and keyboard hooked up to your computer. But when you move your hand to click on the mouse or type on the keyboard, nothing happens. You don’t see any cursor movement on the screen. In fact, you can’t even see anything on the screen. Your computer looks like it’s just sitting there doing nothing.

But it could be something else. It’s possible that your mouse’s USB port has died. In this article, I’ll explain why your wired mouse might stop working on your laptop, and how to fix it. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a wired mouse not working on your laptop, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you might even be tempted to throw the mouse away! This post will explain why this happens, and how to fix it. This post describes why my wired mouse isn’t working on my laptop and how to fix it.

Wired Mouse not working and it seems to be because of Windows 10

I have the same problem with my wired mouse. When I first got it, I couldn’t use it because it wouldn’t work. The mouse worked fine on my old computer (Windows 7. but after the Windows 10 upgrade, the mouse stopped working. I’ve tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse driver to changing the batteries. It’s been three months and it still doesn’t work.

You’re not alone. I’ve had this issue with mice as well. Most people will eventually get used to a certain type of mouse, and if they find something else that works for them, they’ll stick with that. This has happened to me a few times too, and it’s frustrating. You might have to use the ‘Print’ button to make it stop jumping around, and if it’s in a document, you can also try the ‘Select All’ button.

Overview of the Error

Computer froze. In order for the Num Lock key to activate, the corresponding key on the keyboard must be depressed. If you hold down the Shift and Control keys while this key is pressed, the key will lock and unlock your computer. If your laptop indicator does not change it will freeze and your hardware will not work. To fix this problem, reboot the laptop and go to the next step. 

No Num Lock Key. If your keyboard does not have an LED and your keyboard lacks that feature, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete all. When you press this action, it will show up in a menu bar. If your system isn’t frozen and your screen doesn’t display this feature, it means your system is working fine. Reboot your computer. This will help to fix the problem.

Mouse Conflict. Hardware upgrades can make your computer run slower, so uninstall it to see if that’s the problem.

Not connect properly. If the mouse is not connected properly it won’t work. 

Mouse Conflict/ Driver Conflict

When the mouse is in safe mode, it’s because of a driver conflict. Try running these steps to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work, you may have a more serious issue that requires a Troubleshooter.

Outdated or Missing Drivers

Windows Vista comes with a built-in driver for your mouse, which may not be suitable for your mouse. You’ll need to download a driver from your vendor’s website. Installing the correct driver for the mouse may fix the problem. To check the list of the page to look for links to popular mouse manufacturers’ websites to download mouse drivers from, click here. If you have a mouse driver installed, check to see that you have the latest driver.

Hardware issues

If none of the previous solutions work, then it is probably a hardware issue there are other methods you can try. Don’t assume that because the other mouse works on your other PC, it will work on this computer. If it’s still not working, it’s probably something wrong with the mouse port. Replace the cable that connects the wireless dongle to the USB port on your PC.

Corrupt operating system files

In today’s world, viruses and malware are prevalent. While these malicious programs can be detected and removed, it can take a while to find and eliminate them all. If you have a nonfunctioning mouse, or other devices, such as a keyboard, monitor, or printer, you may want to try to fix it yourself. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started.

Solution 1- Re-plug the USB Cable or USB receiver

Make sure your wireless internet connection is working properly by testing it with a network wire. Try unplugging and re-plugging it again or try it with the other USB port.

Solution 2- Hardware solutions for wireless mouse only

The wireless mouse is great because you don’t have to worry about cords and cables getting in the way. However, if you have a wireless mouse, it is important that it is receiving power to work properly. You can check by seeing if the indicator light is on. If it is not receiving power, you can try moving the mouse around on the mousepad or can turn off and on the power switch of the mouse, which is often present on the bottom of it.

Solution 3- Restart the Laptop

Restarting the laptop is one of the quickest ways to resolve some of these issues. This may fix a problem where your mouse does not respond to the clicker when using a mouse pad or a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Solution 4- Troubleshoot

If your mouse does not work, you can try running the troubleshooter to see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn’t work, you can try unplugging the mouse and then plugging it back in. You can also try removing the battery for a few minutes and then reinserting it.

Solution 5- Update your mouse driver

It is also possible that you have a virus on your computer. You may have downloaded a program that has a virus on your computer. You need to remove it immediately. If you cannot find a way to remove it, contact a computer technician.

Many people think that they are in need of a new mouse or a new keyboard, but it is very important to identify why the mouse or keyboard is not working on your laptop. For example, if you notice that your mouse is not working at all then you will have to check the battery of your mouse or replace the batteries.

If you have a problem with your computer or printer, you might try reinstalling the drivers. You can do this by downloading the drivers from the manufacturer’s website or from the manufacturer’s CD. However, there are many problems that can cause the driver not to work. If you have a problem with your printer, it might be due to a paper jam or something else.

Solution 6- Reinstall your mouse driver

If you have an older mouse, you may have to download the mouse driver from the manufacturer’s website. If this is the case, follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

In conclusion

The answer is simple: You are using a USB mouse. A USB mouse is a different type of mouse than an optical mouse. They use a different kind of technology. In other words, they’re different mice.

Some of the reasons why your wired mouse might not work on your laptop could be because of a few things. For example, the computer may not have the drivers for the wireless mouse installed. If this is the case, you will need to download the right drivers. However, there are other reasons why your mouse might not be working. For example, your mouse might have been damaged by a power surge or it might be broken. If you’re having trouble with your mouse, make sure that you check out these common mouse problems.


Why is my mouse not working on my computer? 

Your mouse is probably not working because of a faulty cord. If your mouse is not moving, check the cord first.

What is a wireless adapter? 

A wireless adapter is a piece of hardware that allows your computer to communicate with a wireless device such as a mouse, keyboard, or printer.

How do I connect my mouse to my laptop? 

You’ll need to get a wireless adapter for your mouse. Then, you’ll have to turn off the wireless connection on your laptop.

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