Why Is My Sims 4 Not Opening Mac

Sims 4 is designed for both Apple Mac OS users and Windows system users. And, once your system loads the game and launches successfully, you are lucky to have no errors at all and enjoy the game. However, many Mac OS users have faced an issue in the game launching, and they ask why is my sims 4 not opening Mac?

 There are several reasons for that, and we will go into the details of checking your Mac and make it launch the game successfully. So, if you are facing the same, keep reading because I will share the step-by-step help to check the Mac OS and how to launch Sims 4 on Mac? 

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Find out the Mac OS for launching sims 4

To get into the root cause, first of all, check out the Mac you are using. And, for that, you will go to the screen of your Apple laptop and click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of your desktop. Now, click on the “About this Mac” option, and you will provide some information.

This information will be filled in the window after clicking on the About this Mac option. So, you will provide information like:

  • Your Mac model. 
  • Your processor. 
  • RAM.
  • Graphics memory. 
  • OS version. 

For MacBook 15 and 16 users, go to System Report and go to Graphics/display on the left side of the list that appears. Also, if you have a dedicated graphics card, you will get AMD or NVIDIA instead of Graphics/display on the right side of the display. 

Also, you will answer the questions like

  • Are you running some anti-virus in the system?
  • Are you playing the standard version of Sims 4 or the legacy version?
  • Have you already repaired the game in the Origin? If not, go to the games folder and right-click on the Sims 4 game, and click on the Repair game option. 
  • Have you used any CC or Mods? If so, have you also tried to remove CC and Mods and check if your Mac launches the game then? 

Now, once you have answered all these questions, you will learn about the Mac your system is having. And, once you have seen what version of Mac you have, let me tell you, you will now learn about the minimum system requirements to run sims 4 on Mac OS. Here is what you require to run Sims 4 faster on Apple laptops:

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System requirements to run Sims 4 on Mac OS

  • Mac OS version X Lion (10.7.5).
  • Intel Core processor Duo 2.4GHz.
  • At least 4GB RAM.
  • GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 9600M or Radeon 2600 Pro. 
  • At least 256GB of video RAM. 
  • 15GB free storage at least. 

If you compare the system requirements with your system, you may learn the difference in the system capacity. So, if there is a slight difference in your system internals, you will upgrade them so that you can run your game efficiently on Mac OS.

And, if you have the same specs as the one mentioned above, maybe you need to restart the Mac or Repair the game. Read the guide on how to restart your Mac for sims 4?

Restarting the Mac to launch sims 4 

First of all, sign out of the origin and close it. Now, restart your Mac and sign in again at the origin. Launch your game now. It will hopefully run the game now.

However, this is not the only reason to crash the game before launching. Here is what you need to do when your game still doesn’t launch after restarting your Mac. Repair your game now. This will help you solve the problem if the Origin is not running sims 4 Mac.

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How to Repair sims 4 games to launch on Mac 

First of all, launch origin and log in with your ID. Now, find and select the game ID. Since you found the game, right-click on it and select Repair game from the drop-down you get. Now, that’s how you repair the game. So, all you need to do now is to relaunch the game.

This time, the game will launch quickly, and you can play sims for 4 games now. So, when you think, why is my sims 4 not opening on Mac? Read this guide.

However, the easiest method to run the sims 4 and launch it is the following:

Launching sims 4 games from the library folder

This is the easiest method to launch your game if it doesn’t open from the Mac directly. You have to open the sims 4 games from the application folder. 

So, these were some most common reasons that stop your Mac from launching sims 4 games. By following the above tricks, you can quickly fix the problem either way. That’s why you need to read the whole article entirely and follow the above guideline if the game doesn’t open in the first place. 

There are many signs that the game is not launching on the Mac OS. And these are below:

  • Game crashing.
  • The screen doesn’t load.
  • A black screen appears. 

When this happens, you can solve this issue by troubleshooting in the following way. 

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Steps to follow:

  • Move your Sims 4 folders on the desktop, and if you have created a sim link, you will not drag it on the desktop. Just recreate a different name, and that’s it. Now, the question is, how can you bring out the sims 4 folders? Well, you will go to the documents, then electronics arts, and then Sims 4. 

This is also a tried method to solve the gray or black screening.  And, if your game then works fine, that means the problem was actually in the CC or modes. This is the most general reason to crash the game. 

  • Choose the Repair game option as I have discussed above, and this will solve the grey or black screening or the crash of games. 
  • If your Origin is open but still doesn’t load the game, just quit the Origin once and relaunch the game from the sims 4 folders. This you will do from your application folder. That solves the problem of origin won’t open Mac.
  •  Just log out of the Origin and restart the Mac and then log in to the Origin again. This will fix the cracked game of sims 4. 
  • Also, you can disable the Origin of the game. Then, you can open the origin and navigate to the sims 4 games in my games folder. Now, right-click on the game and select game properties. Also, make sure you have ticked the disable origin in-game. That’s how to solve the problem of Origin not running Sims 4 Mac.

This was about crashing or not launching the sims 4 on Mac OS. However, there are several complaints about the glitching of the screen when playing sims 4 games. So, below here is the reason why your screen glitches and how to fix it? 

Why screen glitches in Sims 4?

Many users have faced the issue of screen glitching from the top while playing sims 4 games. Also, the glitches get too much when you keep playing.  So, the reason why it happens is because of the graphics. If you have too high of graphics, the game will start showing glitches.  So, you can solve it with the following tricks:

  • Turn on the edge smoothing from the graphics setting. This will sort the problem. 
  • Your edge scrolling shall not be either too low or too high. Keep it on the medium and this may help. However, different tricks work for different people but this is also one tried and tested setting.
  • Sometimes, it is due to the high graphics. So, you can go to the game options, then go to the graphics and lower its setting. Now, restart your game once again and you will run the game smoothly with zero lags! 

Now, as this point is also related to the topic, let me discuss the CC and Mods that create issues in the sims 4 launchings. So, this will help you a lot as I have already said above that CC and Mods removal will also solve the issue. So, read below about that. 

The CC and Mods and patching in sims 4

Sometimes your sims 4 game doesn’t load because of the CC and mods. So, you have to install them at your own risk. Now, your CC must be moved out of the mods folder before patching them. Once you have patched them, check with the creator if the odds is compatible with the latest patch before you put them back in the game. 

When the game shows crashes while opening or doesn’t even open in the first place, remove them from the system, and you can manually edit them as well from my Automator workflow or app if you are willing to edit them automatically. 

Also, turn off all the automatic updates and automatic start-up for Origin and CC or modes to get better performance. That’s how to solve the problem of sims 4 not working on Mac 2021. 

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Why is my sims 4 not opening on Mac? Well, there can be several reasons like the CC or modes, the origin, or the insufficient space of your system. So, the above guide will help you sort out the issue containing any problem with the launch of sims 4 in Mac OS.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my sims 4 doesn’t open on Mac?

For that, you can repair the game, update the video card driver, update the network controller driver, reset the sims 4, reinstall Origin or sims 4 and then perform a clean boot.

Why doesn’t Origin open on the Mac?

Mostly, it is due to the corrupted cache files that are stored. So, deleting these files will help you open the origin in the Mac.

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