Why Does My Laptop Keep Freezing

Why does my laptop keep freezing? The laptop typically freezes when there is a lot of trash. And the OS needs an update. Also, one reason is the heating up of the internals. If the system storage is complete, the system freezes.

Reasons why a laptop freezes

This problem happens to almost everyone once in a lifetime. And, this mostly happens when you are running some editing programs or doing essential tasks. Once you start running different heavy-duty applications/software, the system freezes.

And, this freezing results in the loss of data or turning off the system. The system takes a restart or turns off all of a sudden. And you later realize that the files are also not saved. So, this happens for the following reason:

Running heavy-duty software

Running several software programs results in freezing the system. Many people ignore the storage capacity to handle the task. And, mostly, the processor is also not cable of handling pressure. So, even after spending so many years, people didn’t know about their laptops. They start using editing software or leave them on. And, they start playing games or doing screen recording.

 The software running in the back takes a lot of Data and memory. You can take the example of podcast editing software. Such Software must be run alone while using the laptop. And, make sure your processor has several cores like 7 or 8. This will handle the bulk work for whatever use you do. And, you can avoid freezing in that case.

So, to close the tasks in the background, press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc together. This will take you to the task manager, where your programs are running. And, you can pick whatever tasks you want to stop. So, select those programs, and click on the End Task option.

However, you can also use the Revo uninstaller pro 4 for this purpose. Now, navigate it and it will take to the windows tools. From there, you can easily monitor what programs take more power. And, once you see them, you can pick which one to close. So, you can pick any program and click on the End Task option. So, you got one answer why does my laptop keep freezing?

The laptop keeps freezing due to insufficient RAM

Now, this is the most fundamental reason for the system freezing. Whether it is a gaming laptop or not, the system freezes due to RAM. For instance, if you have 4GB of RAM and play games with 8GB RAM, the laptop freezes. And, all this is due to the overloading of the RAM. The RAM cannot cope with the pressure, and you face lags. So, always work according to the RAM of the laptop. And use fewer program at one time if your RAM is 4GB.

Changing the Bios settings to avoid laptop freezing

In some situations, the Bios is also held responsible for freezing. So, if you wonder why does my laptop keep freezing? Check the Bios settings immediately. So, whatever the settings were before, change them. This is very much expected to improve the performance of the laptop.

The laptop freezes due to the viruses

Now, viruses are the main and famous reason for laptop freezing. And this can corrupt the whole system. Only if your system has a virus may it delete all the data. So, as a result, you face loss of data and lags. You can get a virus from any USB, or any software downloading. This can come from any URL somebody may send you. So, you have to take care that your system stays protected. And, take care that you have anti-virus software always in the system.

Overheating causes laptop freezing

The overheating of the laptop is so the main reason for freezing. And, this is the most faced problem among gamers. That’s because gaming laptops tend to get heated faster than others. The reason is the GPU and the high-end CPU they have.

 This results in the heating up of the internals in the gaming laptops. But, the system also heats up even if it is a working laptop. And, here, the reason is the poor Internals quality. So, make sure to buy a system that is reviewed for heating issues. And use a laptop stand before you use the laptop. This will prevent the system from overheating. And, don’t open unnecessary apps in the background while using them. So, this is a trick to avoid lagging, and it works.

Corrupt software also freezes the laptops

Now, some people still don’t know about it. But, if any software goes corrupt, it freezes the laptop. The reason for corruption is accessing some programs. These programs or features are not accessible by Windows OS. And, this goes the same for Windows 7,8,9, and 10. However, this is for security to protect from viruses. But, the result is constant lagging in the system. So, allow the software to access the OS and you can do so with the settings.


So, if you wonder why does my laptop keep freezing? Read the above guide carefully to fix the problems you might have. And, you can enjoy lag-free performance whether you have a gaming or a working laptop. So, get rid of lagging and freezing and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the OS Windows X laptop keep on freezing every ten minutes?

The laptop with any Windows freezes due to the outdated drivers. So, you need to update the system drivers for lag-free performance. You can manually update the drivers. Or, you can also do it automatically.

What to do if my keyboard freezes on a Windows X laptop?

If your keyboard freezes press the Esc button twice. Now, click on the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys altogether. Now, a menu will appear there on the screen. You have to choose the Start task manager option. And, you will get a message that any application is not responding. So, go to the apps manager and turn off the app. Click on the End task option.

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