Which MacBook Is Good For Podcasting

Which MacBook is good for podcasting? Apple MacBook Pro is suitable for podcasting. That’s because the MacBook Pro comes with a 128GB SSD and 8th generation processor. And, you get 8GB RAM which is enough for podcasting. Its webcam is high-end, so you can make skype calls for podcasting. This will be an excellent deal in all.

However, you don’t specifically need a laptop for podcasting. All you need at the start is a good mic and a pair of headphones. A mixer is also necessary for the purpose. And, you are good to go. But, once you are into podcasting, you need to raise standards.

 Once you have started making money, you can buy laptops. You will need a laptop because you will need a digital audio workstation. And, you will need to edit audio and mix the sounds and tracks on this.

You can buy any laptop for podcasting. However, portable laptops with high-end specs are perfect. This will help you in the long run when you have to podcast on higher levels. So, let’s see some MacBooks that will be best for podcasting. And, let’s see which MacBook is good for podcasting.

MacBooks for podcasting

The most notable MacBooks for podcasting are MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M1 chip. But let’s see which one wins for a professional podcaster.

MacBook Pro 13 for podcasting

MacBook Pro is reviewed as a step ahead of MacBook Air. And, the main reason is the heating system. MacBook Air did not have fans to vent heat outside. But, MacBook Pro comes with ventilation fans. They turn on whenever the system heats up. And, this is the reason why this laptop is also suitable for gaming. You can do editing with this laptop for hours. And, so the system will not heat up. Let’s see what more it offers for podcasters.

MacBook Pro 13 comes in both 13 inches and 16 inches sizes. But here, I’m talking about the 13 inches laptop. This system is a workstation for pro podcasters’ editing. And, the design also looks decent. The system comes in three black bodies with a matte finish.

The body has plastic that looks like rugged aluminum. The display screen has narrow bezels. And the lower bezel has the logo on it. However, you can not be surprised to look at it. Because the design is not at all different from its predecessors. That is a disappointment.

 But, the M1 silicone chip here has made it 2.8 times quicker than others. Now, the display is 13.3 inches with high brightness of 500 nits. The resolution is 2560×1600 pixels with backlit display results. So, the display is worth watching.

The keyboard has a shortcut button in the upper corner. It is available on the right side. And, the touch bar is available instead of function keys. And, it is a welcome back keyboard. That’s because this mechanical keyboard is back after the butterfly keyboard. Everything is the same like earlier models.

Best MacBook with the chip processor

Now, you get an 8-core silicone chip processor. And, it makes a combo with a dedicated 8-core GPU. This is the best for Podcasters’ editing software. And, the 720p camera helps a lot in Skype calls. The ports are limited here. You get two thunderbolt Type C ports with a headphone jack.

However, its storage is 256GB SSD. This is indeed a lot for the software and media. The audio is also excellent. However, its weight is 3 pounds so you have to compromise here. But, with a RAM of 8GB DDR4, this system offers 17 hours of battery. So, if you’re thinking about which MacBook is good for podcasting, but this one.

Apple MacBook Air M1 for podcasting

Apple MacBook Air is a revolution of M1 chip processor laptops. This system is well known for being the slimmest and most high-end laptop. The laptop does not include any ventilation fans. That’s disappointing for the heating issue. However, the system is, that’s why lighter and quiet.

The weight of this laptop is 2.4 pounds only. But, the design and weight are similar to the previous Air model. The grey-black design with thick bezels is the same. And, the lower bezel has a MacBook Air logo.

 The upper bezel has a 720p HD webcam. The display is the same as the Pro 13 models. However, the brightness is 400 nits here. And, everything else is the same in 13.3 inches display.

The keyboard is also no surprise. However, it is a good comeback after the butterfly keyboard. There is no shortcut ‘magic’ button like Pro 13. And the function keys are not there. However, you get a finger sensor to log in to Mac OS.

Also, you get storage similar to Pro 13 which is 256GB. And, the GPU is integrated 7 core alongside an 8-core chip CPU. Now, the RAM is also 8GB DDR4, and the ports are limited. So, this system is very much similar to Pro 13 laptops. Apple is also not improving the ports at all. And, the absence of fans makes the difference visible. Its battery life is also 11 hours, which is great. So, you get an overall smart laptop with portability for podcasting.


So, all MacBook fans know that the brand is not changing the design and ports. This is a flaw overall here. But, your search for a fantastic laptop for podcasting ends here. And, you got an answer of which MacBook is good for podcasting? So, among minor differences, you will find MacBook Pro to be preferable. And that’s due to the GPU and fans. So, when you have to spend a similar amount on both, why not Pro 13?

People also ask:

How MacBook pro for podcasting?

MacBook Pro is a unique system for podcasting. That’s because the system offers a detailed display with an 8core GPU. And, it is supported by an M1 silicone chip processor. Its battery life and storage also support the podcaster for editing.

What are the 7 best laptops for podcasting?

The seven best laptops for podcasting are

  1. Apple MacBook Pro
  2. Asus VivoBook 15.
  3. Acer Aspire 5
  4. HP FHD,
  5. Lenovo Ideapad 3
  6. Apple MacBook Air
  7. Microsoft Surface 3 are the best laptops for podcasting.

What laptops are good for Youtubers?

The best laptops for YouTubers are HP Spectre x360 and Alienware 51m. Also, HP Zenbook, Macbook Pro, and Dell G5 15 are decent systems.

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