SIMS 4 VS SIMS 3 – Which Sims Is Better

Sims 4 vs Sims 3, which is better? The answer is not simple. It is up to you to decide which is the best. Both the Sim 4 and Sim 3 games have their strengths and weaknesses. If you want a game experience with lots of personality choices and customization, then Sims 3 is for you. If you want Sim-specific customization, emotional growth, and a smooth, fast-paced game, the Sims 4 is your way to go.

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sims 3 vs sims 4

Features of Sims 4

 The Sims 4 is statistically the best-selling and longest-running sim franchise in life, but with each game comes something very different, and we aim to work with some of these solid points around the gameplay, graphics and features below.

sims 4 vs sims 3


In The Sims 4, your sims are smarter. They not only eat and talk but can do both at the same time. While it may take some time before they realize that a single sim will eat a cereal bowl, they can still get a social boost while doing it. Now the only problem is finding them sitting at the table. Sims are so good at multitasking that they often forget to sit and get chilled sometimes.

No Microtransactions

Some people love the Sims 3 store, but its content is very expensive and high-speed. While we enjoy purchasing an unusual item we like, such as a functional washer and dryer, the content makes your game slow and your pocket lighter. With the removal of content stored in DLC packages, it is also easy for the team to squash bugs as the game gets more extensive. If you’ve ever tried to find out which CC is causing problems, you will feel sympathy for what the job was like in the days of the store.

Moving Between Neighborhoods

While many may complain that the world is too small for The Sims 4, this does not mean that we can move freely between them, which has not been possible in previous games. If you want to take your sims on a day trip and then quickly click on the map, you can have it with the sunny sulani, creepy Forgotten Hollow, or one of the world’s hidden secret places.

Get A Loading Screen Of This

This is a little upright, but in the age of gamers playing their 1080p 60fps performance all the time, these types of issues are essential.

The Sims 3 may allow you to jump from one place to another without loading screens when in the world, but that comes at a cost; initial loading is a real bummer. We are talking about the upload screen for several minutes in some cases. The Sims 4’s briefer, more common loading screens, will be bearable for impatient gamers.

Features of Sims 3

Let’s take a look at the features of the Sims 3.

sims 3
sims 3

Better Pet Selection

We love cats and dogs from The Sims 4, and we have a soft spot for critters; however, to choose pets compared to The Sims 3. The Sims 3 has given us horses and unicorns and a lot of flexibility. In Sims 4, you can’t directly control pets, but that also means you have to guess what their needs can be surprisingly frustrating.


Are you looking for cars on The Sims 4? And while you’re at it, we’d like pedestrians and motorcyclists too—just regular transportation. We welcomed the bikes that came with Discover University, but we would love those cars. Just sizing toys is not the same. The shortage of riders is also disappointing as you cannot just trust those cruel toddlers. The Sims 3 had some significant travel decisions, and we miss them and hope they will be back soon.

Open World

Now, these points, in particular, will be subjective. That’s what it means, after all. The Sims players all have their preferences and ways of playing and will choose one game over another for those reasons.

The Sims 3 had an open-world approach, very different from the small neighborhood situation seen in its sequence. If you like to think of all your sims living together, a Tomodachi Life sort of community, then 3 Sims might be just as you like.


 Most of us love the series for one reason: customization. We want to make our sims of ourselves, our partners, our families, and our friends. We want to create sims for people we don’t like and make bad things happen in this digital house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you think that the Sims 4 will improve in at least three years before the next Sims game?

It’s tough to say for sure, but Sim 4 will never be better than Sims 3. They keep releasing new, always fun packs, but the fun seems to end after a few weeks once the game feels flat again. The main problem with the Sims 4 is that it just doesn’t have immersion # 7, and a lot of content won’t fix that. The basics they left behind make the game feel dull compared to others in the series.

Q2. Is Sims 4 worth it if you have Sims 3?

The Sims 4 is a fun and exciting game, however, unlike The Sims 3. The base games are never the same as the previous series, and it’s because you’ve just played a game with 12+ expansions and stuff packs and then moved on to a dull, base game, “vanilla. “

Q3. Is Sims 4 worth it in 2022?

It may not be new, but the Sims 4 by 2022 is alive and kicking, and if you have the green to invest in at least one of the great DLC packs or game packs that offer actual campaigns and goals.


Sims 4 vs. Sims 3, which is better? Anyone who has played both versions knows that the Sims 3 is simply the best game ever. The Sims 4 still lacks a lot of content, and it doesn’t compare yet in terms of the available game compared to the Sims 3. People get tired after a few hours of playing. But most of the Sims 4 still feel very done, and after a few hours of playing, it feels like there’s not much more to do.

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