Sims 4 And Sims 3 Differences – Lets Investigate Which is Better

Sims 4 and sims 3 differences include 8 features. And, these are style-adding tools.  Also, building tools, new game engines, and no toddlers and swimming pools. Neighborhood traveling, sim-creating tools, and emotion-driven gameplay are also included. You can use any budget laptop for sims 4 and sims 3. So, let’s get into the depths of these differences between the two sims.

Difference between sims 3 and sims 4

With time, this has been hard to differentiate between sims 3 and 4. That’s because the new versions kept on coming with the years. And, the gamers sometimes loved the versions and sometimes did not. However, the latest versions do not always add something to the features.

 But, some latest versions of sims games also removed or changed them. However, the latest sims 4 games have a pack of a few new specifications. And, still, some gamers love sims 3 only. Let’s see what features make these sims different from each other.

Create a sim new tool

This tool is not new for sim gamers. However, the feature this tool has, are all new. That’s because, in sims 3, you had tweaking sliders for changing the body shape of the sims. However, in sims 4, you can use a frame to set a face shape. And, for reducing or increasing the body shape, stretch them. This is even easier than sims 3. So, you can assemble your sims with any celebrity or friend. So, this tool has improved a lot in sims 4. Also, users are happy to have these features.

Another thing related to sims is the traits. In sims 3, you got 5 traits for your sims. And, this time, in sims 4, they are 4. So, here is another change. Also, these traits are more life-like and make the characters look real. But, this was not the case in sims 3.

The cross-neighborhood traveling

Sims 3 and sims 4 differences also in life the traveling tool. Now, this is where every sims 3 players must have been annoyed. And, this must have happened once, at least. That’s because, when you tried to travel in the neighborhood, the sim faced a freezing time.

 So, this was hectic to travel to another place in sims 3. This was no less than a lag. However, sims 4 has covered it entirely now. You can easily make your sims meet in the neighborhood area. And, the sims can do that several times without any wait. So, sims 4 won here once again with this feature.

Expansion in the building tools in sims 4

Now, this building tool was already present in sims 3. However, this has come back with advanced features. And, this time you can take a picture of the whole building. Of course, I’m talking about the buildings in the sims games. This feature was also available in sims 3. But, here, the difference is that you can take pictures without the mainframe.

 So, the picture will cover the interior and not the ceiling and walls. So, this is entirely new. And, this is the difference between sims 3 and sims 4. Also, now your sims can go to the poor houses and buildings. So, this feature is also new in sims 4. And, the walls of the houses are high this time. The roofs are changed and the prefabricated walls are attractive. So, these features are also improved this time in sims 4.

Improved sims 4 game engine

The sims 3 vs 4 also have engine differences. The 3rd sims engine had lagged in many places. For example, any character that was temporarily occurring will glitch the scene. This always happened whenever the sim met that character. Also, you must have faced errors using several mods at the same time. So, these were the main problems. The skins, costumes, items, and locations were limited. But, this is not the case in sims 4. So, the game engine has also improved a lot in sims 4.

Absence of creating a style tool in sims 4

Now, here you will rethink what’s better sims 3 or 4? That’s because sims 4 lack an amazing tool of sims 3. And, this is a fantastic “create a style” tool. You could add or change the style of anything around you. This could be a sofa, a dress, or anything. But you will miss this tool in sims 4 now.

Toddlers are missing in sims 4 games

You got an exciting feature of toddlers in your sims 2. This was an interesting attempt for gamers to see the lifespan of a sim. And, it carried to the sums 3 as well. But this is absent in sims 4 now. And, the developers said that this was done to focus on the main work. And, you will not see the swimming pools around now.

More emotions for sims in sims 4

One of these sims 4 and sims 3 differences is fantastic. In sims 3, we realized that our sims had a deep interaction with emotions. And, in sims 4, this feature is improved. Now, you can see their facial expressions, whatever their mood is.

Incompatible DLC of sims 3 and 4

If you compare both sims 3 and 4, the downloadable content(DLC) is incompatible. And, this is for sims 3. You will see a total of 9 stuff packs. And that includes furniture, neighborhood standalone, and furniture. However, they all were available for micro-transactions only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are similar to sims online?

Some good options and substitutes for sims are Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Rim world. Also, these include My time at Portia, One moon, and Harvest moon.

What is a slice-of-life mod in sims 4?

This is an emotional expression. And, this feature is interesting in sims 4. Your sim can feel insecure or sad about his/herself. Also, this feeling changes into happiness with a compliment.

What are the decent sims 4 mods?

There are not only one or two mods in sims 4. There are many. But, the most interesting ones are: going to school, living in business, and exploring mode. Also, there are beautiful whims and better build in this list as well.


Now, the above discussion has clarified the sims 4 and sims 3 differences. And, many people didn’t know about the differences until now. So, we cannot say that sims 3 was a failure; however, sims 4 is better. But, there are still some features that you will miss from sims 3. Overall, the updates in sims 4 are appreciating.

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