Samsung Announces Its First QD-OLED TV

Samsung has been facing a lot of rumors about its semi-released first QD-OLED TV, and we are overly excitedabout the release. After a long wait, we are finallyhere to hear Samsungannouncing the orders. So, Samsung is finally taking recorders for its long-awaited QD-OLED TV, expecting the best. This LED is now called S95B officially. So, let me tell you something more about this long-awaited model.

 This is a 4K LED that comes in two sizes of 55 inches and 65 inches, respectively. And the 55 inches model comes around $2,199,99, and the 65 inches model comes around $2,999,99. You can get discounts on both models on Amazon already. And, this is the most excellent idea to buy this latest model at discount prices.

This is already a high price for any LED, and we all know that. And, at this rate, you can get a high-end LCD even at a lower rate. But, this Samsung OLED is not just giving the 4K display, but you will also get high brightness, side display, and superior color accuracy with more extensive color reproduction. Samsung OLEDis not being marketed as Samsung’s flagship. Still, this OLED is a part that Samsung calls its endeavorto provide more options to customize technology that suits people’s needs, choices, and priorities.

After winningthe 2021 CES Innovation award, the model is now called the Samsung 65 inch QD Display TV. The award praised the OLED’S outstanding display, sound, and speed. However, the “QD-OLED” name is not even in the consumer-facing branding for the device.

We already know the prices, and you can get themes from Amazon. Also, lets say thanks to the Verge updates for letting us know about the pre-booking date by 15th April. Technically, thisflagship falls under Samsung’s NeoQLED8K series,whichcomes withsixty-five inches LED, seventy-five inches, and eight-five-inch sizes LEDs, along with the QN800B up for pre-order on March 21 and the QN900B as well.

Also, we see that the QN95B and a new version of The Frame are in the line up, we know that the art-based TV is already launched last year that features 1,400 pieces of art that you can display  on the screen. You can alsopreorder the frame now in the forty-three inches you can order , fifty, sixty-five, and seventy-five inch screen sizes.

Samsung is accomplishing its aims of inspiring people so that they can modify their tech to fill out their passions, ambitions, and lifestyle.

Also, now a days, viewers are looking for that customized experience more than ever. This year, we are totally redefining the role of the TV in the home with more choices of groundbreaking screen technologies, characteristics, and exterior,” James Fishler who is the Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America, said in an announcement that Whether we want our screen to subtly blend into our home décor, or to watch our favorite shows in large-format, appall 8K,  Samsung screen will do all for us! So, what are you waiting for? Go and book your orders for Samsung OLED now!

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