Sager NP8957 Gaming Laptop Latest 2022 Reviews :

Sager NP8957 Gaming laptop is one of the newest brands in the laptop world. This laptop comes under $1500 with all the decent and latest specs and this laptop will run all sims 4 expansion packs. However, we need to do a Sager NP 8957 reviews to check out Sager NP8957 specs. This gaming laptop is full of high-end features with a thin body. So, check the details of the high-end gaming system below.

Sager NP8957 Gaming Laptop – Reviews

Sager NP8957 Gaming Laptop Latest 2021 Reviews

To review the laptop, let’s start with the design first. This system is a great model for its aesthetics. Check out below.


Sager gaming machine has a very sleek look, but a bulky body. But, it is extremely lightweight with 0.78 widths in all. Also, on the lid, you will see the wings logo shining when the laptop is on. This creates an aesthetic look on these light gaming laptops. However, there is something that you will not like at all. That is, the thin bezel is missing in this wide-view angle gaming laptop.


The display is something that you admire in this gaming laptop. This FHD 144hz gaming laptop has 1920×1080 resolution and 144Hz wide-view angle. The colors are decent with good brightness and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Now, this one of the best gaming machines has the best picture quality as the blur is very low. Also, the display is detailed and crispy with a good color ratio. So, if you want to edit a video or play some demanding games, this laptop works well.


The processor is something that gives you the best performance. You can call this laptop the beast laptop series for its processor. The processor is 9th gen and 6core processor. And, this 9th gen Intel core processor is something great according to the budget. Sager NP8957 price is $1500 and the intel core i79750h processor is something you can’t easily have. However, there are other $600 gaming laptops and $800 laptops for gaming as well.

But, mostly they arrive with a 7th gen intel core or 8th intel core processor. You get a lag-free performance with a core i79750h processor. So, whether you do high-end gaming on old games or light gaming, you can enjoy both.

 However, with this heavy-duty usage, you will need a cooling system as well. So, the CPU has fans to cool down the system when the action gets to heat up.

Graphics card

One of the best graphics cards that come here is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. The card comes with a Maxq design and 8GB GDDR6 memory. This NVIDIA Geforce card has a Maxq design because the laptop is slimmer and the card helps save battery life.

Also, you get complete details of shadows and reflections with this GeForce RTX graphics card. Now, we know that a gaming desktop computer or gaming PC is something people want for extreme gaming. And, the gaming includes Tomb Raider or Counter-Strike global offensive games.

These games require a good graphics card for showing detailed graphics. And, the card that our Sager laptop has minimal ghosting performance. But, this performance is on 1080 pixels and not a 4k display. Also, you get a frame rate of 65 frames per second here.


This NP8957 model has a lot of internal and output ports for your ease. You get an HDMI port with HDCP 2.0 type. Also, you get a USB 3.1 generation port Type C with 1 mini display port 1.3. And, you get 1 Rj45 lan 101001000mbps  blue tooth 5V port.

The ports also include 2-in-1 audio jack headphones. And, this audio jack is also for microphones. The 2-in-1 audio jack is a good option for headphone lovers who use headphones a lot.  Again, USB TYPE 2, 3.0, and 3.1 are available for you. The best thing is that you can also connect three different LCDs with this laptop.

One thing that is odd about this laptop is the power jack. If you turn the cords at the backside, the cord is in front of the fans. And, if you bring it to the front side, it will cover the space of an HDMI port. So, you have to keep this point in mind.

Battery life

The battery life is a point that is not favorable for all. That’s because, if you are doing editing or heavy-duty gaming, this may bother you. Because the battery will last for 1.5 hours only with heavy-duty usage and without charging. However, with light usage, your laptop can perform for 4-5 hours easily.


This 0.78 inches thin laptop has the best keyboard to type or play games. And, this FHD 144Hz laptop has a separate zone of the number pad. The keys are best to press and not hard at all.

Also, your speedy typing will not create noise at all. And, the RGB lighting helps you type in a dark room. You can change and customize the lights however you want. The number pad is, however, a little flimsy.

 But, it does not cause much trouble. And the touchpad doesn’t have keys so you can easily glide the fingers. It comes with precision drivers of Windows 10 so you can use all the Windows features.


The laptop has 16GB DDR4 2666MHZ RAM. Now, 16GB DDR4 RAM makes a deadly combination with ddr4 2666mhz to give you the best gaming memory. You can edit videos, save files and play games with 16GB RAM.

To add more power, the system has NVME SSD for even more space. You get a 500GB NVME SSD for more storage. And, you can upgrade the RAM up to 32GB RAM later. So, the device has a strong card reader as well.

Sager NP8957 Gaming Laptop 2021 Reviews


Now, this laptop is a good deal to buy overall except the battery life. But, you can compromise over it if you want. For me, the Sager NP7876 is more powerful with 32GB RAM, ITB HDD and 500GB NVME SDD. Also, the processor is the same as Sager NP8967.

 But here, you get a thin bezel FHD 144hz gaming device other than the Sager NP8967 model. But, even if this laptop doesn’t have a thin bezel fhd 144hz display screen, the display is still great.

And, if you are comfortable with a thick bezel fhd 144hz gaming laptop then you can go with this budget laptop. And, the processor is also great as many devices come with core i78750h processor these days.

So, you can get this system among the best thin gaming laptops in gaming laptop popular posts. So, get this aluminum alloy gaming machine right now!

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