Is PC or laptop better for gaming

PC or laptop which is better for gaming

Is a PC or laptop better for gaming? PC is still better than a laptop today. And, this sounds surprising, but it is true! Because PCs still can handle more updating of the internals. Also, a PC still runs the processor and graphics card faster than a laptop.

However, many people believe in laptops, so this reality is hard to digest.  And, lately, many laptop brands have touched the sky with their performances. The internals is coming stronger every time. Still, computers are unbeatable. Now, when the debate is about PC vs laptop, let’s dive in. And, let’s see what makes the expert users believe that PCs are still taking the ground.

Note: The expert users make the analysis and conclusions. So, this is not the editor’s opinion only. The article provides a thorough analysis of the opinions and is based on the facts. Now, let’s get into the details.

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PCs are better for gaming

Even though gaming laptops are upgradable, PCs can do the same. And, still, no matter what brand you choose for laptops, there’s a limit. Now or then you face slow performance of the graphics card. And, even if you keep updating it, it can’t beat the PC.

So, if any of your friends have a laptop, that’s great. Just ask him to use the same graphics card as you do on the PC. And, I suggest you pick NVIDIA RTX 2070. Now, you can play World of Warcraft or counter strike. It is the best way to analyze the speed.

 You both can record the gameplay and compare it later. You will feel the response faster and the performance better. This will be the case with the PC. For comparison, you can also choose laptops under $1500.

PC remains cool than gaming laptops

If gaming laptops are high-end, they must be having overheating issues. And, this is the already known truth about gaming laptops. Also, it is a central problem for gamers as well. However, if you buy a laptop with cheap specs, it may not heat that much.

 But, here is the problem. Your gaming systems or laptops for streaming will be bound with the usage. You can’t also use Solidworks at all. So, if we see a PC in this regard, it is worth buying. And, the computer system doesn’t heat up like a laptop. If ever it does, the CPU gives vent to the heat quickly. That’s because the fans are heavy-duty like other internals. It is not only about the fans, though.

All other internals like processor, graphics, and display quality is also better. So, if you want a reliable performance without overheating, a PC is the best.

PCs don’t need charging for gaming

Every gamer has a dream of gaming constantly. And, this dream needs a good battery life to the fullest. So, in one way or the other, you are bound. Because you can’t compromise on a poor battery like 3 hours. And, a good battery needs a reasonable budget to come.

Also, in this regard, you need research. You have to know which is the latest version of a laptop. Also, if you already know about them, that’s great. Because of battery life, MacBooks see very good. And, their battery runs up to 10-13 hours easily. So, you can pick it if you want.

 But, with the name of the MacBook comes an excellent price. So, if you can afford it, give it a go. But, the situation is the same again. You can’t get enough expandable specs in the MacBook. And, you must know how long will the M1 MacBook Air last. So, PCs are good for that. However, you can’t deny the following fact about laptops.

Laptops are portable for traveling

Laptops are mostly Travel-friendly. However, it also depends on the brand you pick. That’s because many brands out there still don’t care for weight. And, instead of having a pack of features, they lack portability. So, you must learn that “how do I choose a laptop?” And, once you get the right one for you, that’s great! You can get lighter laptops for under $1500 or under 600$ as well.

The best and ideal laptop is the one that weighs 2 pounds. And, such laptops tend to be lighter as well. So, you can easily take them anywhere you want. PCs do not provide this advantage. So here, the laptops win. Also, many laptops have Windows 10 security keys on their keyboards. This is another distinct advantage. Though PCs also have their security systems, a portable system is graceful for sure. And, if you think, “can I play GTA on a laptop?” Then yes, you can!

PCs are heavier than gaming systems

No doubt that PCs are a powerhouse for gaming rather than laptops. And, it is also true that you can find excellence both according to brand and budget. However, PCs can be the best former for a gamer but not be portable. They are quite heavy when they become gaming computers. The internals gets heavier according to needs. Also, if you are going to northern areas, you need to chill. And, playing good music enhances leisure. But, you can do that only on a laptop.

 You can not take a whole computer system there. And, where will you plug it then to turn it on? Instead, you can charge your laptop at home once. And, then, you can use it for 10 hours also. That depends upon the brands, again. You can pick gaming laptops under $500 also for that. However, spending around $200 will give you MSI GS65 with 10-12 hours of battery. How is that?


So, you can opt for a good taking laptop with portability and decent specs. This will make your experience relatively better. But, to much extent, PCs are a better choice for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming laptops a good choice than PC?

Does this depend on what type of laptop you have? If your laptop is portable and has reliable internals, it is good. And, the battery must also be a long time running then. Otherwise, PCs are the best.

Why PCs are a better option than gaming laptops?

That’s because, on PCs, you have a variety of expanding options. And, you can. Upgrade the system quickly. There is also no battery life issue or flex issues. And, the CPU and GPU world is twice faster as the laptop.

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