MSI Vs Gigabyte – Best Laptop Brands Comparsion

MSI and Gigabyte gaming systems are already popular around the world. And, as soon as you enter the zone, you see their hardware and especially motherboards. But, what is even more impressive is the laptop line.

So, yes, these companies have their gaming laptops series. And, that is well known and well purchased. So, there is always a comparison between MSI Vs Gigabyte. And, let’s talk about their famous gaming laptops. And, let’s see if Gigabyte is overpriced for laptops for gaming?


SpecificationsMSI GS65GIGABYTE AERO 15
Display15.6 inches15.6 inches
KeyboardBacklit RGBBacklit RGB
AudioMS-16Q2 speakersStereo speakers 3D audio
CPUCore i7-8750HSo, Core i7-11800H
GraphicsGTX 1060 6GB GDDR5Also, RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6
StorageSo, 256GB SSD1TB SSD
Weight4.14 pounds4.41lbs
Resolution 1920×1080 3840×2160
BatteryAlso, 7 hours 11 minutesAnd, 8 hours
Operating systemSo, Windows 10Also, Windows X

MSI GS65 Gaming Laptop :

Now, MSI gaming laptops are quite famous. And, one reason is being less expensive. And, they come up with the best price tags and features. So, the following gaming laptop is one of the best-reviewed systems.


Now, in the laptop debut days, MSI had several complaints about flex. And, with time, the brand has managed it overall. Now, you get the same color black and gold. Also, the outer body is black and the logo is gold.

 And, the lid is slimmer than before. And, you get improved hinges, ventilation, and better weight. So, you get 4.4 pounds weight. And, that is similar to the Razer blade and Lenovo legion. So, not a bad deal at all!


Now, the display screen is 15.6 inches with anti-glare technology. And, the resolution comes in 1920×1080 pixels. Also, the display is crispy and wide-angle. So, you get a good detailed view. And, its refresh rate also comes in 144hz.


Now, you get a backlit keyboard with a 1.7mm distance in the keys. And, the keys have RGB backlighting. Also, the trackpad is a little bit on the left.


You get a huge RAM of 32GB DDR4 that is even upgradable. Also, you can enjoy flawless PC gaming performance. And, the internal storage is 256GB SSD. So, this is huge storage for a gaming laptop. And, the performance stays lag-free.


So, the processor is 10th generation which is Core 7. And, it is Core i7-8750H with high-end performance. So, you can run games at a higher speed. Now, its graphics card isGTX 1060 GDDR5 which gives brighter visuals. Also, you can play high graphics games smoothly.


Now, you have Thunderbolt 3.0 and 3.1 ports. And, you get a microphone jack and headphones jack as well. Also, you get an HDMI 2.0 port with a display port of 1.4.

Battery life

Now, with YouTube, 20-30 tabs, and gaming, the battery runs for 7 hours. However, if you do any heavy-duty gaming, this may drain fast.


The display is good.

And, its processor is high speed.

Also, the keyboard is handy.

Audio quality is a plus point.


The lid flex is a flaw.

GIGABYTES AERO 15 Gaming Laptop:

Now, Gigabyte is the mastermind of motherboards. So, you can expect something good from it. And, this brand manufactures the most reliable hardware components. And, so, the laptops are also a great success. However, this brand is known for high price laptops. So, let’s see if the specifications of the justice with a price.


The first impression of this gaming laptop wins. And, you feel pleased with the matte black body with a slim deck. And, the narrow bezels cover the flaw of wider hinges. Also, a wide LED with an RGB keyboard creates an aesthetic impression. Now, the lower bezel has AERO written on it. Also, the lid has the same name. And, there is a decent design on the hinges at the back.


Now, the display has a gloss finish first of all. And, the 15.6 inches display is similar to MSI GS65. But, the difference is the brightness here. Also, if we compare MSI VS GIGABYTE we see the contrast. And, this Gigabyte display is wide, but not sunlight friendly. Also, that means you can’t use it outside. However, the brightness is 425 nits.


 Now, the keyboard is easy to use. But, there is nothing different to talk about. And, from this statement, I mean the high price. Also, the RGB backlit keys are not popped up.  And, the trackpad is gliding and easy to use.


Now, you get a RAM of 16GB DDR4 and internal storage of 1TB SSD. And, this storage is better than GS65 but the RAM is not. However, you can upgrade them both later.


Now, the processor here is Intel core 11th generation processor. And, this is i7-11800H powerful processor with higher speed. Also, the graphics card is RTX 3070 GDDR6. Also, the screen refreshing is also of low rate. And, It is only 60Hz but the graphics push the performance.


So, the ports are no different than GS65. And, you get the same Type C ports 3.1 and 3.0. Also, you will get an HDMI port with a display port of 1.4. However, there is no optical drive.


Now, the battery life is said to be 8 hours. However, some users have complained that it runs only for 2 hours. And, that happens when you do heavy-duty use.


The keyboard works well.

And, the design is portable.

CPU works stronger.

Also, the battery life is 8 hours.


The display is dim.

The display is bright and good.The display is dim.
And, Keyboard is backlit and has popped-up keys.Also, the Keyboard is backlit but the keys are flat.
RAM is 32Gb and still upgradeable.And, here the RAM is 16GB and is upgradeable.
Also, the battery runs for 7 hours.So, the battery drains quickly during heavy-duty use.
So, the system is 4.14 pounds heavy.And, it is 4.41lbs heavy.


So, the differences are clear between them. And, don’t forget that GIGABYTE is expensive than MSI. So, if you have a laptop with all the qualities in a budget. And, why to go after an expensive one?

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