Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 review 2022

The Microsoft laptop 2 is the best official laptop ever. It has a 13.5 inches Anti-glare screen with a 2256x1504p resolution screen which is perfect and elegant and has Windows 10. There are three colors: Burgundy, Cobalt blue, and Platinum.


Excellent Design

Comfortable Keyboard

Speedy Ram

Best for office use


Battery life 8-10 hours


Surface Laptop 2 is an excellent laptop with all the necessary features and a stylistic body. This laptop has an i5 processor and strong RAM. And it can manage all the essential online and offline tasks for teachers. Also, the Microsoft Surface laptop is better in display as compared to Asus Zenbook 14.

It is a suitable device for teachers to manage their projects, assignments, and online classes as well. You can increase the brightness according to your choice.

It has a touch screen also. Its screen is very clear to see. While I was using this laptop it performed very smoothly and presented us with grateful work. Sometimes when I use this laptop in the sunshine it helps me to see the screen very comfortably and smoothly, their lovely reviews are very lovable. Their pixels are very clean and good. It could be the most demanded laptop after using it. 


The Microsoft Surface laptop’s deck is covered with Alcantara fabric, and there is a Chrome Logo on top of the laptop’s lid. However, the top is made of aluminum. Talking about weight, it is only 2.76 pounds. So, this weight for teacher friendly and travel-friendly anywhere as well. Its hinge quality is very strong and nice. Bezels are so narrow and lean.

Overall it is very beautiful and perfect. I was really surprised when I saw this laptop and after using it I was still surprised to see its features. It has a power port, USB port, SD Card port, Type C port, etc. I used it very friendly.

It has no flex in it. Incredibly immersive viewing, privacy protection, powerful performance, super-fast super-smooth connections, impeccable sound system ultimate adaptability, and productivity-focused design.

Keyboard and trackpad:

When I checked the keyboard, it had a key travel distance of 1.3mm, and it required only 69 grams of force. So yes, the keyboard is also user-friendly. That is the best feature to check out on a computer. The touchpad of this laptop is also easy to use. 

The fingers grip on keys and trackpad here nicely for scrolling, and you can place three fingers at a time. It also has an app switching mode. The typing experience is really nice and I use it very friendly. I personally used many keyboards but this one is really nice with this elegant laptop. 


Its audio is very smooth and polite. The audio does not hurt our ears whenever we listen to any voice, song, movie, etc. We increase their volume according to our wish. Its dual speakers have a very strong sound which is really perfect for a single person. I’m very satisfied with this amazing sound.

It is perfect for me but for others, I’m not sure because everyone has no good frequency. Its voice is very strong and rare. This is the best laptop ever. I had never seen before this powerful machine. 


The Microsoft laptop 2 has a very good battery life. It has a great battery life of up to 9 hours. You can also use this laptop for a long time without needing to charge it. You can also use this laptop for a long time without needing to charge it.

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