Microsoft launches 100m development center in Lagos Nigeria

Microsoft, that is an American multinational technology corporation, has recently launched 100 million development center in Lagos Nigeria. We already know that Microsoft specializes in personal computers, the production of computer software and consumer electronics etc.  Now, this corporation has made an African development center in Lagos, Nigeria.

The estimated amount spend on this new center is recorded as $100 million and the center is located at Glover road 24, and Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria will be serving as the premiercenter for Microsoft for engineering.

Here in this engineering center, the talented world-class Africans will be working on several projects and experimentation to create global and local impact on the world. So, this step is a wise decision to improve the world of engineering and doing new experiments and making new experiences. It is also expected that Microsoft would provide software engineering knowledge and solutions to the talented Africans are working in this center.

The vice president Mr. Michael Fartin stated the purpose of creating an establishment like this in Nigeria. He said at the opening ceremony that the purpose was to conscript talented people in the engineering field. And, by providing them with all the needs and facilities to work on new projects, they wanted to utilize their talent and help them play a role in the betterment of the nation and the whole world.

Now, the sources affirmed that this was not the only center built in Nigeria. But, Microsoft has also opened a center in Nairobi, Kenya before Nigeria. So, this step from Microsoft is a boost to the confidence for, those who have talent and want to serve in the field of technology. The best thing is that Microsoft has helped many talented people around the Globe to stay in their home countries while being connected to them.

However, while talking about the development mission of Microsoft, let’s not forget that Microsoft first made its center in Africa. So developing Africa was the priority of Microsoft and that’s how the mission of successful talents has started. Now, best news is yet to be shared.

Muhammad Buhari joined hands with Bill Gates

From some confirmed resources, we learnt that the government resident Muhammad Buhari had joined hands with Bill gates to provide 27000 employment to the unemployed Nigerian talented gurus. This is the best way to handle the increasing unemployment cases in Nigeria.

And by doing so, not only will the talented Nigerian people will earn enough money with skills, but they will shun the vices in society by earning from legal means. This is the safest and the most innovative way to give employment to Nigerian people.

Now, the reason why Microsoft has toopt for Africa is that the Nigerian nation has a good number of talented youth, and the 7 uniforms that are working well, are a proof of this statement. Also, 5 of these uniforms have their roots in Africa. So, we can always look forward to Africans for some new experiments and innovations in the field of technology.

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