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The MacBook Air M1 is a way better version than the 2019 model. The difference between the two is the storage and processor. The MacBook Air M1 reviews are better because of double storage. And, the 2019 model comes with an Intel Core processor. Let’s review MacBook Air M1 2022 model then. Also, let’s compare it with MacBook Pro M1 to finalize the results.

Now, let’s take an overview of the features this laptop comes with.

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MacBook Air M1 Features:

  • Colors:                Gold | Silver | Space grey
  • Processor:           8th Core M1 silicone chip with 4 perform­ance cores
  • Display:              Retina display 13.3 inches with 2560×1600 resolution
  • Battery:             18 hours with 30W USB-C Power Adapter
  • RAM                  8GB DDR4 , Configurable to 16GB
  • Graphics:           Apple GPU 7 Core.
  • Storage:            256GB SSD with upgrading option of 512GB SSD

MacBook Air M1 Review: Best Device Of 2022 by Apple

MacBook Air M1 has a better CPU and GPU.  Its high-end internals is supporting for light gaming. Also, it supports heavy-duty gaming. Also, the liquid screen display gives a powerful result.

1. Processor

The laptop comes with an 8th-generation processor that is a tiny silicon chip. The GPU is also 8th generation along with a neural engine 16 core. Also, among all other MacBook versions, this CPU is 3.5 times faster. And, the neural engine is faster with 5 times faster GPU. These MacBook Air M1 specs give you a good gaming performance than before.

2. Keyboard

The keyboard of this laptop is the same as the previous version. However, the scissor mechanism makes the typing experience easy. You get lightweight keys with even space for typing. This is also best when you are gaming. That’s because your speed will be good. Also, the backlit keys help to type and play in low light.

The touch-ID feature is also present on the laptop. This feature also allows for online payments. And, you can further shop from Apple stores easily.

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3. Webcam

The webcam has 720 pixels resolution that gives a detailed camera result. Also, MacBook Air M1 512GB laptop comes with a webcam or ISP. The webcam has a balanced white color feature that does not make a brighter view. And, the face looks even more natural and clear. You get good display results on Zoom calls, Google meets, and Facetime.

4. Battery life

The hours of battery life are 6 times more than the previous generation. The battery life is 18 hours to give the best performance for gaming.

5. Graphics and display

The display of the gaming laptop is 13.3 inches with a 2650×1600 resolution. The display is detailed, with fresh colors and crisp. And, the true tone feature helps in reducing eye strain. And, that is the main problem for gamers. So, the gaming experience is better on this gaming laptop than on expensive ones.

macbook air m1 review

However, the display has one flaw. It gives only one external display and not more. Also, an external display means connecting your system to the gaming monitors. And, this helps in getting a larger display. However, you can connect three monitors with a gaming laptop. But, this MacBook Air M1 gives the option of one external display.

This MacBook Air M1 release date was 17th November 2020. And, MacBook Air M1’s weight kg is 1.29 which is 2.8 pounds. So, this is the most lightweight gaming laptop for heavy-duty gaming.

air m1 macbook

  • The battery timing is excellent
  • Its display is a good deal
  • This is completely suitable for Mac
  • The system is well supported
  • The system is quite expensive
  • Its ports are limited

Apple MacBook Pro: Best For Professional Users

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Apple MacBook Pro is another 2020 creation that is a decent deal for gaming. This laptop comes with 13.3 inches backlit display that is detailed and crispy. Also, this display has a 2560×1600 pixels resolution.

And, to get into details, there are 227 pixels per inch in the display. Also, the refresh rate of the display is 144Hz. So, the display is good and detailed with the IPS feature.

The Intel UHD graphics are there with a whole GPU 8th Core. This graphics card’s performance is 5 times faster than other gaming laptops. You can play old games or heavy-duty games with this card. Every display detail remains flawless throughout the gaming.

What is more exciting about this laptop is the battery timing. The battery life is 20 hours throughout which means 20 hours of gaming performance. Also, this laptop is the best choice for multitasking due to its strong CPU and GPU. And, this device lets you use several heavy-duty applications at the same time. So, you can work, and play in the round on this laptop for 20 hours! Isn’t that great?

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Now, let’s take an overview of the MacBook Pro internals.

MacBook Pro Features

  • Display-13.3 inches with 2560×1600 resolution.
  • Speakers-Stereo with clear sound and high bass.
  • Webcam-720 pixels with detailed video calling results.
  • SSD- 256GB.
  • RAM-8GB DDR4 with upgrading options.
  • Graphics card-Intel UHD 8th Core.

Now, let’s do a MacBook Air M1 vs MacBook Pro review. Let’s see what their pros and cons decide?

pro macbook reviews

  • Its display is brilliant
  • The body is lightweight and well designed
  • The speakers are high-end
  • The battery life is amazing for gaming
  • The thin design causes overheating issues
  • No SD card reader a lot is available.


So, with all the above pros and cons, the result is clear.  MacBook Air M1 is the best choice for gaming and multitasking. Even if it is expensive, you get the best laptop for good. Also, you have even good internals than other brands’ gaming laptops. You get every substitute of NVME SSD, quad-core processor, or dual-core processor.

Although MacBook Air does not give you a 15.6 inches full HD display, it gives more. Its GPU and CPU are good substitutes.  For instance, the AMD Rhyzen processor and AMD Radeon Vega graphics card. So, why not buy a perfect deal for gaming?

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