Jeff Bezos And Bill Gates Backed Mining Firm Kobold Metals To Begin Greenland Drilling

Jeff Bezos And Bill Gates Backed Mining Firm Kobold Metals To Begin Greenland Drilling

If you know already about Greenland, it is believed that Greenland has the most electric vehicles and metals, so mining in Greenland is worth it. However, we have something to discuss today.

KoBold metals, the company that mines metals,recently got a heavy backup from two world-famous billionaires. Yes, and that’s for mining into Greenland. So, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have become the talk of the town for supporting KoBold for the mining process.

 Yes, that’s true! The billionaires will be paying a significant amount to the mining company for mining in Greenland for the critical metalsfor vehicles.  These metals are copper, nickel, cobalt, and platinum as well.

Now, for searching the minerals in Greenland, KoBolt has joined hands with BLUEJAY mining company, a London Aim-listedcompany. This duo will start DiskoNuussuaqmagnetic massive sulfide nickel, copper, cobalt, PGM project in southwestern land.

This search will begin in the month of quarter June,and Bluejaychief executive office Dr. Miller Stensgaardsaid further, saying that the mining would be considerable.

He also said that their target targets more nickel, cobalt, copper, and platinum suitable metals. He further stated that they hope that the world understandsthat Disko got enough potential,namely the supplier of Greenland that works safely.

Now, this mining will be helpful worldwide as we all already know about the Russia and Ukraine crisisis going over. And the fear is that Russia will surely cut off the supply of nickel to the whole world. This will create trouble if we don’t get enough nickel now.

 Because the prices are expected to be sky high now. So, not to mention that the supply from Russia will matter a lot because Russia supplies almost 10% of nickel.

Bluejay also assures that it will bring home minerals similar to Norilsk and Russia.

Greenland has the world’s rare elements

Now, Greenland covers some critical elements that can bring the net world transition to net zero. Eclipse Metals declared the lab results in 2021 revealed that all sin, silver, tin, and lithium were discovered in Southwest Greenland. This reveals how Greenland is the golden land for metals.

So, now, Eclipse is also planning to get the rarest elements and multi-element potential with itslvituut project. And, it will be focusing on the Gornnedal and lvituutprospects. Let me you more about this, the company will also be using the historic data to target the electromagnetic metals for the company.

  Also, they will be creating all the 3D models of the radiometricmetals and electromagnetic metals to keep the data over Gornnedal-IKA. So, we can see that a lot more is planned by Eclipse beside just searching for the rarest metals and we can not help but appreciate that! Let’s see what will be the economical effects when we get metals from the Greenland and what will really happen if Russia refuses to supply metals to the world?

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