Is HP A Good Laptop Brand Of 2022 – What Do You Say

Is HP a good laptop brand? HP is one of the best brands for laptops. With style, this brand is famous for producing heavy-duty and reliable internals. And, due to this internals, HP has won the race among many rivals.

One of the best things is that HP high-end laptops come under budget. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of dollars on your laptops. And whether you are looking for a gaming or working laptop, HP has them. One of the most famous and reviewed models is the HP X360 laptop.

 However, this brand has some laptops that don’t beat Apple MacBook. But, they are the best ones among $600 and above price laptops. So, let’s review this brand of laptops and see what the best models we have.

 Is HP a good laptop brand?

HP X360 has made its name even in 2022, and we expect the same for 2022. So, the reason for this fame is an 11th generation process in this gem-cut chassis body. The gem-cut chassis has been a signature style for HP laptops for years now. And, the GPU we have is Iris Xe graphics. The slim bezels and HD display are breathtaking. However, this 2-in-1 laptop is still pricy. But, it is still cheaper than the Apple MacBook series for gaming. So, let’s take a brief look at the features below.

Display13.3 inches
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe
CPU Intel Core i5-i7

So, you can get all these features for around $1500. And, this touchscreen laptop is a good example of aesthetics and features. So, make sure to buy this laptop if you have $1500. Now, let’s jump on to the next model by HP.

1. HP Envy 14 – Best Hp Brand For Beginners

HP Envy 14 is a half powerhouse and half Ultrabook. This laptop has a powerful graphics card. And, along with the best card, you get a 16:10 1200 pixels screen. This gives a giant screen view to those who want something extra. And, the following features will tell you why is this a professional choice. So, if you think is HP a good laptop brand? Check the list below.

So, the reason to buy this laptop is that it is tactile and slim. The design has powerful features inside. Also, the thermal cooling system cools the system whenever it heats up. However, the system has a weak touch system. And, it does not respond too much when you use the touch screen. Also, the system is expensive for that flaw. And, the prices vary from country to country and according to time. But, overall, this HP laptop is also an amazing creation. Let’s see the next system is you think Is HP a good laptop brand?

Display14 inches
Resolution1920×1200 pixels with 16:10 ratio
GraphicsIntel Iris NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660Ti Max Q
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1165GU

2. HP ZBOOK Studio G7 – A good HP laptop

HP ZBOOK is an ideal choice for those who want games and work together. That’s because the style and internals go hand in hand together. Now, the aluminum design, robust keyboard, and speakers are outstanding. Let’s see why this laptop is famous among professionals.

Now, the laptop comes within $3,200 and with a rugged body. The system comes with a solid battery with a decent keyboard. The keys are solid, with a responsive trackpad that looks impressive. And, the speed and response are impressive as well. However, the system has noisy fans and gets extremely hot.

Display15.6 inches backlit display.
Resolution3850×2160 pixels
ProcessorIntel Core i9-1088H 10th generation
Graphics cardNVIDIA RTX 5000 MAX Q

3. HP OMEN 15 – For All Hp Laptop Lovers

HP Omen 15 is one of the best gaming laptops, even with a bulky design. However, the screen does the justice here. And, you can play AAA games along with watching movies on Netflix. Also, with a lot of storage and a variety of ports, you get the following features.

So, this gaming laptop is best for professional and personal use. So, you can spend a few dollars more and get a system that is even heavy. But, the specs make it a good deal to have.

Display15.6 inches with IPS display
Resolution1920×1080 pixels with 144Hz refresh rate
Storage1TB SSD
Webcam720 pixels
Weight5.42 pounds
GraphicsNVIDIA Geforce GTX 2060
Processor2.3GHz CPU with the i7-10750H processor


So, the above specs and details make it clear “is HP a good laptop brand?” or not? This is the best budget-friendly brand to have if you want. So, anyone with decent pocket money can buy this laptop for professional or personal work. So, why not give it a try for your work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best HP laptops to have in 2022?

Some of the best HP laptops are HP EliteBook and HP Envy 15. So, some other laptops are HP Envy X360 and HP Envy 13, and Spectre X360.

What are HP laptops famous and good for?

HP laptops are eligible for running internet as they support Wi-Fi 6. And, they can browse vastly and deal with professional requirements. Also, they are famous for their touch screen and battery life.

Which HP laptops are good for students to use?

For students, HP Spectre, HP Pavilion, and HP Envy X360. These laptops come under students’ budget, and they have an HD backlit display. Also, they have a thermal cooling system to keep the system warm. So, any student with a $600 or $800 budget can get any of these systems.

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