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Is Asus a good brand for laptops? Yes, laptops of the Asus brand are of the best quality and can compete with almost any other famous laptops on the market. Asus’ primary focus has been on providing budget laptop buyers options that give them the functionality they want at an affordable price.

At a Glance:

    Design of Asus Laptops

    The Design of Asus laptops is relatively new and is why they are given their cool designs for the ROG and ZenBook series. Plus, Asus puts a lot of effort into the design of their laptops, and their laptops are stylish and simple. Asus offers a variety of laptops of different designs at any given time.

    The ZenBook S UX391UA, ZenBook Pro and ZenBook 13 UX333FA are the best Asus laptops. These ZenBooks are designed with intricate circles fixed with an aluminum lid.

    The Chromebook C523NA and VivoBook Flip 14, both of these laptop series are called bland, with medium quality. And the most amazing Asus laptop is the VivoBook S15 simply because of its beautiful Firmament Green chassis made of plastic and metal.

    Components of Asus Laptops

    We know that competition is very tough in the technological world, and it is a fast and progressive time. And the first objective of all the brands is to do competition.

    The great thing about Asus is that the components of Asus laptops reflect the price they charge. Asus offers a wide range of laptops and seems to choose from quad-core processors; even low-budget laptops and PCs include them.

    Asus laptops are affordable. They provide laptops for all budgets. And the good thing is that doing a lot of work has become a lot easier because of the things Asus offers. All kinds of people such as students, personal users, entrepreneurs, and professionals can also rely entirely on Asus.

    Asus provides excellent features for all their devices, such as Kaby Lake processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

    Variety in Asus Laptops

    Asus always provides multiple laptops and always has something special that meets the needs and expectations of all users, both performance and price. Asus has various offerings and covers all computing needs, from gaming, to home, and business.

    Asus has won awards for their latest laptop series ROG and ZenBook; you will always see a Sleek, style, and minimalist look all on Asus laptops. And all Asus laptops are lightweight and slim.

    The best feature Asus has added is their ScreenPad, it belongs to the ZenBook Pro family and can work as a touchpad and as an LCD for various functions.

    Affordability of Asus Laptops

    Your price range doesn’t matter because Asus laptops are available in all price ranges. Asus is guaranteed to have the right laptop for you on any budget. Best of all, Asus doesn’t let us break our bank.

    If you need the VivoBook 14, it will cost less than $ 700. And other high-end models, like the ROG Zephyrus, will be under $ 2,000 or ZenBook Pro under $ 1,500; Asus offers a laptop at all price ranges so that everyone can buy a laptop according to their needs.

    If you don’t have a big budget and want to buy a laptop, then Asus is here for you. So, if you start comparing Asus laptops with others, you will be finding a significant price difference, but you will not find a difference in their features.

    Innovations in Asus Laptops

    Asus always keeps ahead of the game when it comes to new things. Asus, in particular, is coming up with something new that gives customers something “wow.” Asus knows how to surprise people with new products.

    All Asus machines are mighty and offer excellent performance. The ROG Zephyrus and ZenBook Pro are some of the best examples of their efficiency. Asus gaming laptops are lightweight, unlike most gaming laptops.

    Is Asus a good brand for gaming laptops

    You must be wondering Is Asus a good brand for gaming laptops? Asus gaming laptops are in high demand; you will find that these gaming laptops will see you for your gaming needs. Asus laptops are manufactured with powerful hardware and built svelte, and showcases on its gaming laptops.

    In a nutshell, the Asus laptop, the one you choose, will be worth the investment. All Asus gaming laptops can easily handle all the needs of gamers. And one of the best things about Asus laptops is that the games are compact enough to take you outside to enjoy the games while traveling.

    Here are some of the best Asus gaming laptops to choose from if you intend to purchase a gaming laptop.

    Asus G703GX-PS91K


    • Overclocked GPU and CPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X with 8th-Gen unlocked Intel Core i9-8950HK Processor,
    • 144Hz refresh rate 17. 3″ full HD IPS AHVA panel with NVIDIA G-SYNC and 3ms time.
    • 2x 256GB Pie SSDs in RAID0 512GB of storage capacity. 2TB SSHD storage drive. 32GB DDR4 2666MHz
    • Asus Aura Sync RGB keyboard with individual keys. 2. 5mm travel key distance
    • Copper tunnels Independently cool the CPU and GPU—dual 12V fans with Ant-Dust technology.

    Asus ROG Strix SCAR Strix


    • 8th-gen Intel Core processor i7-8750H. 6 Cores, Turbo up to 3.9GHz
    • Powerful game performance with GTX 1050 Ti 4GB graphics
    • 120Hz 17.3″ Full HD Wide-view display. Ultra-fast response time 3ms
    • 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | Windows 10 Home
    • Asus Aura Sync custom 4-zone RGB Gaming Keyboard scar design

    Asus ROG Zephyrus M


    • Ultra Slim 0.78 Inches laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 fully enabled
    • 8th 6th Core Intel Core i7 8750H (up to 3.9GHz)
    • 144Hz refresh rate 15.6 Full IPS-Type AHVA with NVIDIA G-SYNC with a response time of 3ms
    • 20% reduced temperature compared to standard cooling design Due to ROG-exclusive Aerodynamic System and 12V fans.
    • GPU switching mode: switch between integrated and different graphics for extended battery life or powerful gaming performance.
    • RGB Gaming Keyboard with Aura Sync: 20 million keypad dynamics, 1.7mm key distance, 4 RGB light controllers, n-key rollover
    • 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD + 1TB FireCuda hybrid Drive

    Is Asus a good desktop brand

    Asus is one of the top best and those with a low budget. Aus-made desktops are also gaining widespread use in workplaces around the world. However, the low price does not always match the poor performance, and Asus has already proven it without suspicion.

    If you are not able to pay a lot of good desktop money, consider going with the Asus system.

    Comparing ASUS With Other Brands

    Comparing ASUS devices with other brands may blur the comparison lines because each product manufactured by ASUS is also made up of other similar specifications and prices. Some of its main competitors are HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.

    Competitive products like Samsung and HP are well-made and expensive, and Dell, Lenovo, and Acer offer usability and reliability. All of the above manufacturers have premium prices based on design and model; however, some features keep other products ahead of ASUS. It has features that keep it ahead of its competitors, such as a good display at all prices, customization options, ScreenPad, and ErgoLyft.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Following is mentioned some frequently asked questions related to Is Asus a good brand for laptops?
    1. Is ASUS better than HP?

    ASUS laptops are generally less expensive than HP laptops. You can find ASUS laptops with the exact specifications or better than HP laptops for less money. However, HP tends to have better quality scores when it comes to performance and longevity.

    2. How long do ASUS laptops last?

    The average duration of ASUS laptops is approximately five years. Some models can last three years, while others will undoubtedly last longer. It is, therefore, safe to say that the average life expectancy of an ASUS laptop is 3-5 years.

    3. Is Lenovo better than ASUS?

    Lenovo has a lot of power, but in this combination, ASUS is a clear brand winner and leads better in fighting Lenovo in terms of value, durability, and performance.


    As ASUS is best known for its compact performance with very low computer specifications, many high-end users like gamers or graphic designers prefer laptops to ASUS’s premium series than any other products. ASUS premium devices are designed to complete heavy loads for efficiency and effectiveness. ASUS also adds to customer enjoyment by providing its customers with additional services and essential features for free. ASUS genuinely cares about its customer and pursues a solid business strategy to maintain customer loyalty.

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