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HP Pavilion x360 vs HP Envy

When you have two best choices at the same time. Currently, HP Envy x360 and HP Pavilion x360 are also popular for gaming. Having confusion in choosing the best gaming laptops is a real struggle. And, they are gamers’ favorite for their budget. But, both the envy series and Pavilion laptop have good reviews. So, choosing one is difficult for a user. Let’s do a comparison of HP Pavilion x360 VS HP Envy x360.

What is the difference between HP Envy and HP Envy x360?

To figure out the difference between Pavilion x360 and Envy x360, check below. Their features and pros and cons will help finalize the decision. Here comes HP Pavilion first.

HP Pavilion Design

These HP x360 laptops arrive with gold finish paint. And, on their backs, you will see HP imprinted. And, same goes for the hinges as well. You get a curved hood on the outward side. And, it gets inward curved near the deck. You get a design of an hourglass on this Hp laptop. One of the best features is that it is a convertible laptop. So this is a 2in 1 laptop with hd touch screen. You can fold it and use a screen only.

HP Pavilion Display

This HP Pavilion laptop comes with an fhd iPS display. And, its display screen is 14 inches wide. However, the display has a glossy finish. Still, it is not very bright. Even with the  1920×1080 resolution, it is not fair. So, it is not the best display to enjoy gaming.

 HP Pavilion RAM

The RAM is though 8GB RAM DDR4, it is highly compatible. You can watch so many Youtube videos. Also, at a time, you can open 30 tabs altogether. So, this will not affect the performance at all.

HP Pavilion Storage

The storage is a 512GB SSD that will be enough for you. And, you came easily store the files and videos as well. This will help you play old games as well. So, the best thing is SSD storage over HDD.

HP Pavilion Ports

Pavilion x360 has a good variety of ports. And, you get 3.0 ports 2 in the laptop. Also, you get a 1HDMI port with 1 audio port. But, you don’t get an optical drive at all. Also, there is no 2.0 port.

HP Pavilion Keyboard

You get a wide backlit keyboard with even space. The lighting is RGB and the distance is even. Also, you can rest your hand on it. The trackpad is also responsive.

HP Pavilion Battery life

The battery runs for 7 hours throughout. And, you can open 30 tabs and play games. No matter what type of game you play. The battery will not drain before time.

HP Pavilion Processor

Its processor is intel core i3. You get a 10th gen intel core processor for a good performance. It plays games nicely and smoothly with no lags.

Pros Of HP Pavilion

1. The keyboard is comfortable.

2. Battery life is good.

3. Its cooling fans are silent.

4. The system is convertible.

Cons Of HP Pavilion

  1. The display is not impressive.

HP Envy x360 laptops

If we see envy x360 2in1 laptop, this has the same budget. You can get it in the same range as Pavilion x360. However, HP Envy x360 2in1 has the following features.

HP Envy Design

If we compare HP envy with Pavilion x360, it has a minimalist design. Also, the bezels are this time thin. This is an improvement to the 2019 design. And, its screen doesn’t have thick bezels at all. Also, you will notice the keyboard and touchpad are improved. This time, the keyboard is more towards the screen. Also, the trackpad glides more subtly.

HP Envy Display

If we compare HP Envy x360 vs Hp pavilion x360, Envy is better. That’s because it has a multi-touchscreen 13.3 inches. And, this system is also convertible. The display is wide and comes with Gorilla Glass NBT. Also, this display has 400 nits brightness.  And, the resolution is 1920×1080. So, in contrast to Envy X360 Vs Hp Pavilion, Envy wins.

HP Envy Processor

 Hp Envy x360 vs Hp leads to Envy for having a promoted processor. That’s because it comes with an AMD Ryzen 4700U processor. Also, this processor has a base clock of 2.0 GHz. So, with this processor, the performance is very good.

 HP Envy Storage

The storage is 512GB SSD and is enough for gaming. You can further upgrade it later to 256GB SSD or more.


HP Envy vs Hp Pavilion x360 proves that Envy has good RAM. And the RAM is 16GB DDR4 that is upgradable. Also, it gives speedy performance for older games.

HP Envy Ports

In contrast to Hp Envy x360 vs HP Pavilion, Envy has more ports. You get 1 display port and 1 TYPE C port. Also, you get 1 TYPE A port with 1 SD card reader.

HP Envy Battery

The battery is 16 hours from this model. That is why it is a  top Hp model with a good clock speed. Also, its card reader and graphics cards are great.

Pros Of HP Envy

1.The display is great.

2.Keyboard is backlit.

3. Graphics Card is powerful.

4.Battery timing is impressive.

Cons Of HP Envy

1.The ports number is limited.

Is HP Pavilion better than envy?

HP Envy is better but Pavilion is not. Whether it is about the battery life or display. And, whether you check their internals. So, Envy x360 vs Pavilion makes Envy wins.

Is HP Pavilion x360 good for students?

Comparing Eny vs Hp Pavilion, of course, Envy takes the lead. But, Pavilion is good for students. The display may be not ideal at all. But, is not a bad deal for studies at all.

Is HP Pavilion x360 4K?

Pavilion x360 is a 4k touch screen laptop with an FHD IPS display. This system has an anti-glare technology for eye protection. And, the resolution is 1920×1080.

Is HP Envy discontinued?

HP started its Envy line on October 15, 2009. But, in 2012, the brand discontinued the series of 13,14 and 15 and 17. Also, they merged the series of Pavilion and we have them now.

Is HP Envy x360 a business laptop?

Envy x360 is a perfect business system for you. The design, display quality and battery make it professional. Also, the light body helps in carrying it anywhere.

Is the HP Envy good for college?

HP Envy is a monster deal for a college student. It is way more than want a student needs. So, yes, it is a best college laptop for its portability and internals. The extreme level battery also supports this point.


HP Envy is a step ahead than HP Pavilion. Its display is smaller than Pavilion but the quality is great. Also, Pavilion is good for those who compromise on display. And, gamers never do that. So, opt for Envy x360 with a heavy-duty processor and graphics. And, enjoy 16 hours of battery life.

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