Hp Laptop Battery Not Charging (Resolved)

HP laptop battery not charging is a complaint from some users. And, this is due to mainly three reasons. One is software malfunctioning, and the other is power cord issues. Also, the third reason is declining battery health.

HP laptops having charging issues

When you set up your laptop for charging, you hear a noise. This noise is the sound of the connection of the charging cable. And, on the side of the laptop, there is a light. This light indicates the charging connection. And the status of battery power. If the battery is deficient, the light is red.

 However, if the battery is orange, it needs charging. Also, if the battery is complete, the light is green. So, these are the indicating signs that show your current battery status. Also, the charging cable appears on the battery on the screen. This is available on the right side in the lower corner. And, sometimes the situation changes.

It often happens with users, that the battery doesn’t show any charging. Or, sometimes, the clicking sound of the connection does not appear. And, the light sometimes doesn’t indicate anything. So, whenever this happens, it is not normal. And, you need to check the system because the battery is causing some severe problems.

Now, it is complex to understand why is HP laptop battery not charging. As laptops and desktops have so many specs and internals, it is hard to figure out the cause. And, you are often misled for the reason that troubles you. So, let’s see the main 3 reasons for causing laptop charging issues.

Software malfunctioning in HP laptops

In all windows laptops, Windows 10 is the worthy goal for trouble-free performance. And, the main factor of this Windows 10 is that it detects its problems. And,  it gives notifications whenever any update is required. So, you can very much rely on Windows 10 OS in this regard. However, this OS is worthy for busy users to handle their tasks. It also causes problems often. For example, if malfunctions whenever the drivers need an update.

And, if you ignore the notification, the result is strange errors in the laptops. And, HP laptop users have faced the situation a lot. So, this is something that is much experienced. And,  once your drivers are outdated, the batteries show issues.

So, this is one primary reason for the HP laptop battery not charging. Now, what you can do to avoid this problem is, update the drivers. And, you may notify the difference here. However, if your problem remains the same; check below. The following may be another reason for the battery not charging in the HP laptop.

The aging of battery in HP laptops

As we all know, any technology works put with time. And, laptops tend to perform for 5-6 years mainly. And, any laptop that works finely in this duration is an excellent deal. However, just like laptops, their internals is also worn out with time. But, this is the fact that most people ignore.

And, they wonder why is HP laptop battery not charging. But, this is not just about HP, but for every brand. And, your laptop battery also has a certain age. But, you can not figure out what is the age of the battery. So, it depends on some signs you get. These signs appear before the laptop battery expires in all. And these are:

  • laptop getting heated up while charging
  • charging losing more quickly than ever before
  • laptop taking a lot of time to charge

However, apart from these reasons, two more signs appear. If your laptop battery is expiring, the laptop will shut down suddenly. And, you may face confusion about that. But, this happens because the battery goes empty right away. And, it will take forever to change also. So, you will need to keep the charger plugged in as long as you use it. These two signs are the security for expiring batteries. And, these signs can appear in the best gaming laptops under 600.

Cord issues in best gaming laptops under 1500

Mostly, people are not aware that cords also get damaged. And, this all depends on the way they use it. The more they care, the longer the cable runs. So, the cord also has its lifetime depending on the usage. And, travel-friendly laptops face this issue the most. Mostly, these are gaming laptops under 1500 that face this issue. However, it is not certain of any specific brand.

One reason is changing the location of plugging the laptop. And, if you change the location, again and again, it affects the cord. Also, you take care that it doesn’t bend too much. There should be fewer tangles and curves while plugging the cable. So, whether it is in use or not, keep it arranged. And, the more you bend the cable, the sooner it expires. Because the cable will get cracked if you turn it more. And, the wire inside will be damaged as well. So, this is the most ignored but essential thing to take care of.


Now, after reading all the above discussion, here is the conclusion. There are minor details of the facts that affect the battery. And, now, with the above discussion, you got the answers. So, now you need not wonder why is HP laptop battery not charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Acer laptop not charging?

If you have an Acer laptop charging issue, check out the port. Make sure the cable is plugged in the right port. And, see if your cable is plugged into the right socket. And, that’s how you can fix the charging issues. But, if it still doesn’t resolve the problem, get it checked. There may be some serious issues with the battery.

What to do if the HP Elitebook is not charging?

If Elitebook isn’t charging, unplug the charger. And, use the system till the battery remains 15% only. Now, turn off the system. And turn it on again after 30 minutes and reinstall ACPI. Now, restart the system once again, and the problem will be solved. If you need more details about this topic you can search on GOOGLE.COM

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