HP ENVY VS SPECTRE – Comparison 2022

HP ENVY VS SPECTRE proves HP Envy to be better. This laptop gives more features than Spectre and a better price. So, even if both brands cover the best laptops for gaming, choose wisely. However, both are 2-in-1 convertible gaming laptops. Also, Spectre gaming laptops are slimmer. But, both laptops are covering good features. So, let’s see the details of these top brands for gaming.

Which One Is Better HP Envy x360 Or HP Spectre x360

Now, before comparing  HP Envy vs HP Spectre,  see in depth. And, first, we have an HP Envy x360 gaming laptop. Check it out!

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HP Envy x360 Design :

HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-inch FHD Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptop, 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10510U,
8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 10 Home

HP Envy x360 is a bit bigger than its previous model. And, the first impression of the laptop impresses you. Also, you get a brushed body that is slimmer this time. Also, it weighs 2.9 pounds with a 13 inches display. Now, you will see the bezels are narrow this time. Also, the body is sturdier as well. It is strong enough to withstand sudden jerks. And, if you hold it, you will feel like holding Dragon Fly’s laptop. However, the aluminum chassis is strongly built.

 And, they are not odd-looking. Now, the laptop has got keys this time on the keyboard. And, killing keys like for microphone are headphones are also available. Also, these reasons make it for the list of HP laptop models.

HP Envy x360 Display

Now, there is the main question about the laptop display. And, it is, is HP Spectre better than Envy? So,  Spectre is better in its job. However, it is a good display with 13.3 inches screen. And, the resolution is also 1920×1080 pixels. Also, even with the glossy screen, you don’t face any glare issues.

But, the brightness is 400 nits. Also, note that the screen ratio is 16:19. So, so you can’t open another browser while watching a video. And, for that, you need a 16:20 ratio like Spectre. But, you get an overall decent performance.

Envy x360 Keyboard

So, the keys of these keyboards are backlit. And, Envy x360 specs include indicating lights for keys. Now, this signals if the keys like caps lock are on/off. Also, you will see hot function keys on the keyboard as well.

And, they are in the upper line. Also, the RGB backlighting does a good job. However, the keyboard is wise enough with decent space. So, you can call it an ideal keyboard to work on. And, its trackpad is also sensitive with no buttons.

Envy x360 Storage

Now, let’s discuss the storage of the x360 laptop. So, you get 8GB DDR4 RAM in the system. And, you get a separate 512GB SSD internal storage. Also, this works best for your videos and images. And, you can do your office task on this system.  Moreover, any heavy-duty game will also go flawless.

HP Envy x360 CPU

Now, Envy x360 specs include a processor of the 11th generation. And, it is from Intel Core and is 7 Core 1165G7. Also, the performance of this processor is fast and lag-free. And, the graphics are so from the Intel Iris card.

HP Envy x360 features

Display 13.3 anti-glare touch screen, convertible
Resolution 1920×1080
Screen pen MPP 2.0
Weigjt 2.9 pounds
Keyboard backlit RGB
Audio Bang and Olufsun speakers
Battery 11 hours and 45 minutes
Storage 512GB
Processor Intel Core i7, 11th generation
Graphics card Intel Iris

The system is convertible.

Also, the Keyboard is the ideal type.

Battery life is amazing.

And, the Design is portable.


MPP2.0 has no holder.

HP Spectre x360: First Look

HP Spectre x360 i7-1165G7 16GB 512GB SSDv11th Generation Processor !!Intel Integrated Graphics !!Intel Core i7 11th Gen 1.2 / 2.8 GHz Processor13.3

Now, a dilemma rises between HP Spectre vs Envy. Spectre takes the lead in storage and display size. So, the graphics push it to be more convenient. Now, its processor is also powerful. But, you cannot decide until you go in-depth. That’s because Envy goes over HP Pavilion laptops easily. But, it is a step behind  Spectre. Let’s see how is it true?

Spectre x360 Design

Spectre x360 comes in stylish black body and shape edges. Also, this slim laptop shines well. And, the bezels and chassis are stylish and shiny also. And, with a screen of 3:2, you get a stylus. Also, comparing HP Envy vs HP Spectre, Spectre’s chassis is magnetic. And, the stylus easily fixes the chassis. So, this feature is absent in Envy.

Spectre Display

The display this time is bigger. And, it makes a difference of 13% from its previous model. Also, the display comes with 400 nits of brightness and an IPS display. Now, it is not excellent for outdoor work. But, still, it is comfortable to use indoors.

Spectre x360 Keyboard

Spectre x360 specs include a backlit keyboard with RGB lighting. And, the system keyboard is snappy. So, the keys are also clicky. And, it doesn’t bother me at all. Also, the touch sensor is available on the left of the arrow keys. And, this is for Windows 10 login. Also, the camera so gives a decent visual. So, no complaints about that.

Specter storage

Now, the storage is more than enough here. And, you get a RAM of 16GB for effortless work. Also, the internal storage is 512GB SSD. And, along with that, you get Optane Spectre storage of 32GB.

Spectre x360 CPU

Now, the processor is Quad-core which is the 10th generation i7-10510U. And, the graphics are NVIDIA GeForce GRX 1660 graphics. Also, they both push the system for powerful performance.

Specter features

Display15.6 inches
KeyboardRGB backlit
AudioBase &Olufus
Battery life13.5 hours
Ports1 media card reader, 1 HDMI 1.2 port. And, 1Type C Thunderbolt 3 ports, and 1 Type-A port. Also, 1 microphone port and 1 headphone jack.

Its display is smooth and backlit.

And, the keyboard is comfortable.

Battery life world great.

Also, the processor is faster


The system is heavyweight.


Now, HP Envy vs Spectre has more to discuss. The weight is not the only thing to discuss here. Spectre also la good bass audio. It loses bass when putting the system on the surface. However, you can use stands for that. But, overall, we see that Spectre takes the lead.


And, it gives a better processor, better display with good size. Also, the graphics and battery life are way better than Envy x360 specs. So, it is best to spend a little more and get a system like HP Spectre x360.

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