The Difference Between HP Chromebook Vs Samsung Chromebook

hp chromebook vs samsung chromebook

The difference between HP Chromebook Vs Samsung Chromebook reveals that HP is more reliable in performance. And, its graphics are also supportive. But, when it comes to a portable body, Samsung takes the lead. However, both the systems have a competition about specs. So, lets see what specs are better in what system.  

Diverse Between HP And Samsung Chromebook

HP Chromebook 14 specs have made it a good deal to buy under $500. And, the design, as well as features, do the justice. Although you can’t get everything in this range. You can still fill the space of a good laptop for work and games and all expansion packs of sims 4. So, let’s see what these features are in this minimum budget.

HP Chromebook 14

Latest ChromeBook

Chromebook 14

HP is the best Chromebook for adults because it is durable. And, another best thing is the price. However, we can’t deny the fact that it looks really good also.

HP Chromebook design

Starting from the design, HP 14 Chromebook comes in white ceramic color. And, it leaves a soothing impression on the plastic body. The lid is rugged and has a glossy logo of HP. However, this best Chromebook 2021 looks like an aluminum laptop. But, it is the finishing only.

So, you get something different from a shiny silver or black body. Also, like others, the ports are on both sides. We will talk about the ports variety later below. And, when you open the system, you get a white keyboard. The keys are not backlit and still, they are good.

Chromebook 14 Display

A 14 inches display comes with this white brushed body. And, the resolution is 1920×1080. However, it is not something extraordinary. But, this is a good deal to have in this budget. Also, you will notice the display is a bit dim. But, you can manage with it somehow. And, the bezels are a bit thick as well. But, they don’t seem to bother. But, probably it’s because of their color. And,  the display gives you minor details of any video. So, you can enjoy the performance.

HP 14 Keyboard

The keyboard seems a little towards the hinges. It’s not on the whole space. And, the keys are not backlit as said above. However, they are ceramic white so you can type easily in the dark. Also, the keys are on an even space as well. Their space is 1.2mm only.

But, you will not face wobbling issues. Because the keys are bouncy. And, they have an actuation force of 71 grams. Its track pad is 2.3 inches in all. And, it is highly responsive with no buttons on it. Also, you can open several Google Chromebook tabs with a single swipe.

HP Chromebook Storage

Talking about the storage, you get a RAM of 8GB. And, along with that, you get an HDD of 32GB that is non upgradable. And, you don’t need to upgrade it as well. That’s because HP Chromebook price gives it under $300. And, 4GB RAM also works well with that.

HP Chromebook 14 features

Display14 inches
Webcam720p HD
AudioB&O dual speakers
ProcesssorDual core A4-9120C 1.6Hz speed
Battery life8:30 minutes
Weight3.3 pounds
Hard disk32GB
Colorceramic white
PortsUSB 2.0, USB 3.0,a headphone jack and a microphone jack.
  • Display has 1080 resolution.
  • And, the keyboard is user-friendly
  • Battery life is good
  • Also, the Design is attractive

Samsung Chromebook 4

samsung chromebook 4
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Chromebook 4

Samsung Chromebook 4 is like a mini laptop. So, it is like Lenovo Chromebook 3’s but is heavier. And, the Samsung Chromebook features are below.

Doing a comparison of HP vs Samsung Chromebook, Samsung is not strong. However, we will do the comparison of the specs later below.

Samsung 4 Chromebook design

If you ask which is better HP or Samsung Chromebook? I will say HP Chromebook. But, right now I’m talking about their design differences. And, Samsung is heavyweight covering 2.42 pounds. And, the body is brushed and simple. However, it looks like aluminum but it is plastic. So, the silver-grey colors look good. Also, there is a brand name on one side of the Chromebook 4. And, the keyboard covers all the space. Also, there are 3 ports on the left side. And, other two ports are on the right side.

Chrome book 4 display  

The display does not bring any latest features. And, HP Chromebook vs Samsung Chromebook 14 proves HP better. Now, you get an 11.5 inches display in Samsung Chromebook 4. And, the bezels are also thick. Another odd is the resolution. So, you get 13366×768 pixels.

Also, this is like an old-time system. And, the brightness is also very low. But, you will get a dim display that looks yellow. So, just add a little more amount. And, you will get the best Samsung gaming laptops under $600.

Samsung Keyboard

HP vs Samsung Chromebook gives a similar typing experience. However, the keys here are flat. Also, the travel distance is decent. And, you get short keys on the top as Chromebooks have. Also, its trackpad is a little off from the right. And, it doesn’t have buttons. But, it works fine.

Samsung 4 Storage

You get a similar 4GB in HP Chromebook vs Samsung Chromebook. Also, this is a LPDDR4 RAM along with eMMC storage as well. And, the internal storage is also the same. And, it is 32GB like HP Chromebook.

Samsung Chromebook Features

Display11.6 inches
Webcam720p HD
ProcesssorIntel HD Celeron 4000
Battery life12 hours
Weight2.41 pounds
Speakers1.5W stereo speakers
Storage32 GB
Ports3.0 USB Type C ports, 1 micro SD slot, microphone jack, and headphones jack


So, in HP vs Samsung Chromebook, HP takes the lead. That’s because the display is still better than Samsung. And, Samsung has poor audio result. Also, It doesn’t have high bass. Also, the sound gets dim when you place the laptop. And, this is not the case with HP. So, when you have to spend $300 or more, go for HP Chromebook 14


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