HP Chromebook X360

The HP Chromebook X360 has a 14 inches Anti-glare screen with 1920×1080 resolution. Its battery time is 15 hours. Its weight is 2.1 pounds and its graphics card is 620 Intel UHD.


Backlit keyboard

High-Quality Display

Type C port

Long-lasting battery


64GB Storage 


This 2-in-1 notebook is lightweight because it comes with an aluminum body with narrow Edge bezels that make the screen x360 attractive. The display of this device is 14 inches, full HD with a touch-sensitive feature. So it is good to buy a Stylus Pen for the touch screen as well. So, you will find all the essential external peripherals on the laptop. The battery timing is perfect you can use it for 15 hours continuously. So, you can say this is the best teaching laptop ever. Its overall display is very attractive.


The Chromebook looks so slim, portable, and easy to handle. What you get in the design is 0.7 inches of thickness and 2.9 pounds of weight. There is a good variety of USB ports. And here you can see the port Type C with the combination of Type-A ports 3.0 and 3.1. Also, a micro SD card reader and a headphone jack are available. Its bezels are so slim which is very beautiful. Overall it is perfect. The hinge quality is very strong.

Keyboard and trackpad:

HP Chromebook X360 has a very elegant keyboard and it has no flex in it. I feel very relaxed and comfortable with even the space of keys, and the touchpad is so nice and useful. This touchpad is elegant and bigger than the previous model so you will face no typing issues at all. It’s not a backlit keyboard, the keys feel good and travel decently well like their keyboards from five years ago.

It’s a nice touch. Black keys will still show fingerprints more than the lighter keyboards out there on other machines, but I’m willing to deal with that. it has no flex on the keyboard. I used it personally and I was very impressed when I use this keyboard.


The audio quality of this laptop is excellent with dual speakers, and the sound does not hurt your ears and that spreads a bearable quality for your room. Its volume is nice and sharp. I was shocked when I watched a movie about it. Its volume is very amazing for a single person. Its high frequency makes me excited. it is perfect for me but for others, I’m not sure because everybody doesn’t have a good frequency.


HP Chromebook X360 is a stylish, portable laptop with a 14 inches Anti-glare screen and great battery life. It’s the perfect travel companion that you can use to take notes, do presentations, or even write a book. It’s also a great device for those who want a premium Chromebook experience with a larger display, longer battery life, and more powerful performance. It’s available in black or white and has a sleek and slim design that will complement any modern space.

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