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Using WhatsApp nowadays has become a trend as well as a need of time. And, you cannot also deny its importance. It helps you keeping contact with people from all over the world. Also, you can send and receive files from WhatsApp. That’s one of the most beautiful features, and I am taking good advantage of it. Today i tell how to use whatsApp on a laptop .

 However, while having a low battery, I have faced difficulty using my WhatsApp. As I wanted to open a file sent from my boss, I had to find a trick. You will be amazed by the experiences I am going to share with you.  So, keep reading the article and check out how can you use WhatsApp on your laptop. Yes, this is what I did to open the file.

We all know that WhatsApp updates are coming back to back in a short time. There are GIFs, Memoji stickers for iPhones, and an updated emojis’ collection. However, there is an update of web mirroring since 2015 as well. And this plays a vital role in opening WhatsApp on the laptop.

1. Using WhatsApp on a laptop with WhatsApp Web

As I told you that this method would work with mirroring, you will need your phone. First of all, go to your WhatsApp on your phone and open the Web settings from the list. You will find that list option on the right side of the screen as dots. Clicking it will give you options. Now, go to your device, install WhatsApp and open it.

Your mobile WhatsApp must be showing an open camera to scan the QR code. Point your phone to the laptop and crop the camera precisely on the QR code. This capture will send all your mobile WhatsApp data to the computer WhatsApp, and you will log in there.

Once you have done your work on that device, hold your mobile again, and go to the same settings. Now, turn off the WhatsApp web settings. And there you go! Everything will be normal like you have never logged in to the laptop.

2. Using WhatsApp without your phone

However, using the QR code is the best and secure method, yet we needed a mobile nearby. So, this can not be the whole ideal step to follow. So, here is the second method of using WhatsApp without the phone.

1-Install Emulator

You will go to the Emulator website; this will be an Andy Android site. Now, tap on the downloading option and choose download Emulator from there.

2-Following Instructions

Now, you will see the downloading instructions and specific permissions there. You have to follow them as directed.

3-Search for the application

Once you have done all that, double click on the emulator’s icon. That will open it, and you will search for WhatsApp. To do that, you will go to the search bar at the top side and write WhatsApp there.

4-Installing WhatsApp

After that, you will see the installing option of WhatsApp. Tap on the installation button and wait till you have to install it. Now, click and add your phone number and start using your WhatsApp.


You will need to authenticate your app with the OTP while using it on a PC or laptop. Moreover, you can add your name.

3. Using WhatsApp on a laptop with iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you can follow the below-given steps:

1-You have to open the on your device. You can do this using the web browser Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Edge browsers.

2-Now, tap on WhatsApp and open it on your phone.

3-However, if you are in the chats, then go back to the main discussions. Now, go to the bottom menu and select the settings from there.

4-After that, choose WhatsApp Web from the list.

5-Now, you will see a barcode ‘QR’ code on the Laptop’s screen. Hold the phone and scan it precisely as you did in the first method.

6-So, this will log in to your WhatsApp on the laptop, and you can use it exactly like your phone.

7-Once you have done all your chats, log out from your conversations. Just go to the three dots on the top right side and click them. You will find options for logging out.

4.Using WhatsApp on a laptop using BlackBerry

If you are using a Blackberry mobile, then go to the following settings:

1-Go to on any of your browsers.

2-Now, tap on WhatsApp on your phone and open it.

3-After that, go to your chats and then go to the menu. You will see an option WhatsApp web there, so click it.

4-Now, you will find a QR code on the laptop’s screen. Hold your phone against the screen, and it will scan the code.

5-This will open your mobile WhatsApp on the laptop, and you can use it there.

6-So, when you have done all your chats, get ready to log out. Go and click on the three dots on the top side at the  right corner of the screen. Click on the dots, and you will see a drop-down list with the Logout option. Click on it, and there you go!

5. Using WhatsApp on a laptop using Windows Phone

If you have a Windows phone( you shouldn’t have it in this century), follow these steps.

1-Once again, open on any of the browsers you have.

2-Tap on your mobile WhatsApp and open it there.

3-Now, go to the menu section and tap on your option of  WhatsApp web.

4-Check your laptop screen that shows the QR code. Now point your phone against it, and it will scan the code.

5-Now, you are ready to chat on your laptop’s WhatsApp.

6-After chatting, log out from the same three dots on the right corner of the WhatsApp desktop. Click on them, and they will show you the option of logging out.

So, this is how you use your app on your device anytime, anywhere. However, you must have to keep your operating system updated on the computer for WhatsApp. Otherwise, problems may occur. Furthermore, you can also use this app on your gaming laptops, even if they are under $1500. That is the best trick of this era so try these tricks right now!

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