How to use one mouse for two laptops

How to use one mouse for two laptops? You can use two software programs called “Mouse without borders” and Synergy. These programs help you set one keyboard or mouse to run two or more laptops.

If you are a professional, you may have different tasks to handle simultaneously. Or, if you want to spend some quality time, you can go to Netflix. But isn’t it great to respond to Facebook messages and use Netflix together? You can do so by syncing your mouse to two laptops easily. And, different techniques are helpful in this regard, so let’s see them.

How to use one mouse for two laptops?

As I said above, you can use software to run one mouse for two laptops. And, among all software, Synergy is the most famous one.

So, you buy a basic version of Synergy one mouse using the software. The basic program costs $29 only, which is budget-friendly.

And, the premium program costs $39, that’s also budget-friendly. So, they both come with the same functionality as well.

And, these functions include many features, so you can happily use them. However, SSL encryption comes with the premium version, so that’s a strong plus. And, this will allow you to use two laptops with one mouse at the same time.

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Now, Synergy is the best software to use for laptops and computers. And, you can do typing or a little bit of editing. However, if you want to do professional editing, you may choose other options.

Can we use one mouse with all laptops?

You can use a mouse with any laptop, Chromebook, or computer. And, the second method of that is using the hardware. And, this advice is for any laptops for streaming. Or, you can also go for it for podcasting laptops. Now, if you want a lag-free performance without waiting, this is the best choice. And, you don’t have to go for software then.  

Now, within $20-$30, you can easily get a hardware device. And, the best thing is to get it from Amazon. This will provide you with a return policy as well. However, you don’t need to return it as it is the best device to have. So, once you receive it, you are ready to connect it.

 And, you can connect it by plugging in the cords of both laptops. Once you have connected the cord with the hardware, click on the power button on and the peripherals quickly switch from one system to the other. This is very quick and time-saving so you will love it. Also, the best thing is that you will not need any software for this task. Your hardware will do all the stuff.

However, if you are willing to switch the mouse between more laptops, get a giant switch. This will help you work or stream on several laptops with several keyboards.

Can wireless mice be used with two computer systems?

One best option for running two PCs or laptops together is the mouse. And, the best thing is that this is a wireless mouse that I’m talking about.  You can buy a standalone mouse with switching built-in technology. For example, you can purchase a Logitech M720 mouse.

This is the best deal to have from Amazon. The reason why I’m talking about Amazon is that you can get reliable stuff from there. And, the prices are affordable, contrary to offline markets.

Now, for $26 only, you get a wireless mouse with different buttons. By clicking on these buttons, you can switch between computers or laptops. Now, this mouse is a mixture of hardware and software altogether.

Now, why this mouse is the best because it connects easily via Dongle and blue tooth. So, with just a click on the visible mouse button, you can switch between the systems. And, another best thing is that you can also get extra features. And, you can do so by downloading the software from Logitech. So, that’s why this mouse is a mixture of both hardware and software due to this software.

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Also, these extra features include easy file sharing options. And, you will also get shared clipboard options. And, this option is what you usually get only in software for switching laptops. However, you will use a keyboard that supports this functionality. So, this keyboard has to be supportive to use it easily.

 A worth paying mouse ever

Now talking about the mouse, you will pay $20 for the Logitech site to get your supportive software. And, collectively with the mouse, this will be $80. Because the mouse is $60. And, this payment is worth it., Also, you will later agree that this is the best and most time-saving method ever.

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So, the point is clear now. Whether these are computers or Chromebooks, you can opt for any of these. This also very much depends on your budget. But, if you can spend a good amount, go for switching wireless mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use all mice with all laptops?

Recently, all the latest mice are coming with USB. And, many of them are wireless so they are easy to use. Also, the best feature is that, by connecting with the USB, you can connect them to any laptop. So, yes, nowadays, all the latest mice are capable of connecting with all the laptops.

How to use one mouse with two laptops?

For this purpose, you have to get a wireless mouse with three buttons. These mice can be of any brand. And, they are the best choice to use for switching between PCs or laptops. By clicking the mouse buttons, you can switch from one system to the other. And, for your ease, these mice have 1,2, and 3 numbering on them.

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