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Every PC user uses a mouse as an input device, but it is optional to use a mouse with a laptop. So, how to use a laptop without a mouse let’s discuss it in detail. Some users may dislike using a mouse because they believe it is difficult for certain tasks.

To help windows users, there is a tutorial by Gizabot on how can we use a system without a mouse. There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that can assist users in working on a computer without using a mouse.

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There are some examples of short keys.

  • You can press F1 for help
  • If we press CRTL+ ESC, then it will open the start menu
  • Shift+Delete=Permanent delete items
  • CTRL+ C=Copy
  • CTRL +V= Paste

How can I use a keyboard if I don’t have a mouse?

You can use a numeric keypad instead mouse to move the pointer. And use short keys for a basic function to perform.

Enter key can be used for executing any command or sending the cursor to the next line. There are two Enter keys, on a full-size PC keyboard.

There are lots of short keys fox Example:

  • Win +D =Minimize all open windows to show the desktop.
  • Win+ E = Open the file explorer.
  • Win +X = Open the advanced settings menu.
  • Win + I = Open settings.
  • Win +A = Open the action center.

How does a laptop’s touchpad work?

 Regardless of laptop brand, almost all touchpads work in the same way You can scroll, select, and click on a touchpad without ever plugging up a mouse. You can navigate your finger instead of moving your entire hand. To move the cursor, slide one finger across the touchpad’s center.

  • To select anything, you can tap gently. If you double-tap on any application, then it will get open. For example, when we make double-click on Google Chrome, then it will be opened.
  • To right-click an object, press the right-hand button. To drag, keep one finger on the left-click button while dragging the touchpad with the other. It might be possible that your laptop dragging method is different.
  • You can scroll your fingers up and down on the touchpad. Before scrolling, you may need to activate the window or folder by clicking it. To snap a scroll bar to the pointer, double-tap directly on it.

Is there any way that makes our laptop a keyboard?

The only method to use a laptop as a display/keyboard for a PC that isn’t on your network is to use remote desktop software, which involves video encoding and decoding lag. If you wish to avoid this, you can install a KVM range extender, which can range in price from $100 to $1500. The most basic models have one HDMI/DVI port, a few USB connections for the keyboard and mouse, and utilize cat5e/6/7 for a range of 50-100m, allowing you to place the PC wherever you choose.

Wherever you want to use it, you’ll still need a keyboard, mouse, and display. Stuffing the PC under the desk doesn’t take up much additional floor space at that point.

What is the function of CTRL-A to Z?

The three-finger salute or Ctrl+Alt+Del are examples of keyboard shortcuts that use Ctrl.

There is the list of CTRLA to Z keys used:

  • CTRL+A: You can press these two keys to select all text or other elements.
  • CTRL+B: That key is used to bold and highlight text.
  • CTRL+C: These keys can be used to copy a selected text and other elements.
  • CTRL+D: In Microsoft Word, create a bookmark for an open web page or a front window.
  • CTRL+E: You can center the text using these keys.
  • CTRL+F: These keys are used to open the search window. If we want to search for any sentence or word from a page, these buttons are our best companions!
  • CTRL+G: In order to open a Finder window in a web browser and word processors, press these two keys.
  • CTRL+H: Microsoft Word, WordPad, and Notepad tools open a popup for finding and replacing words or sentences.
  • CTRL+I: These two keys work to italicize any text.
  • CTRL+J: Downloads can be viewed in browsers, and Microsoft Word can be adjusted to justify alignment.
  • CTRL+K: In MS Word and other editors for HTML, these keys create a hyperlink for the highlighted text.
  • CTRL+L: In a browser, press CTRL+L to select the address bar, or in a word processor, press CTRL+ to align text to the left.
  • CTRL+M: In word processors and other programmers, press CTRL to indent selected text.
  • CTRL+N: Create a new document or page.
  • CTRL+O: In most apps, you may open a file.
  • CTRL+P: It will open a print window to print the page you’re currently looking at.
  • CTRL+R: Reload the page in a browser.
  • CTRL+S: Save the document or file to your computer.
  • CTRL+T: Create a new tab in your browser or change the tabs in your word processor.
  • CTRL+U: Highlights the selected text.
  • CTRL+V: Copies of text or other objects can be pasted.
  • CTRL+W: Simply close the opened tabs in a browser or MS word by using these keys.
  • CTRL+X: Cut chosen text or another object with CTRL+X.
  • CTRL+Y: Any undo operation will be undone using these keys.

CTRL+Z: By pressing these two keys, you can undo any action you’ve taken.

Can we make a right-click without a mouse on an HP laptop?

You can use a keyboard shortcut to right-click on a laptop without having to use the trackpad. To right-click, position the pointer and hold down “Shift” while pressing “F10.” Some laptops include a dedicated “Menukey that can be used to do right-clicking. A cursor clicking a menu is commonly the symbol for the Menu key.

You can still right-click on a touch-screen laptop with relative ease. Use your finger to Touch the necessary region of your laptop screen and before releasing it to right-click, keep it there for a few seconds.


A laptop is more accessible to users without a mouse there are lots of advantages it can increase our workspace. You can make right-click on a computer without worrying about a mouse.

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