How To Use Laptop As A Monitor In Very Easy Steps

Are you looking for a second monitor to use but you don’t have one? But you need it right now? Well, it is not  impossible at all. You will learn today how to use the laptop as a monitor? However, this must not be your first attempt. Because a monitor still needs to be separate. But if you have no other choice, then let’s learn about it.

How can you use the laptop as a monitor for PS4?

If you have a laptop that is not in use for a long time, this will also work for you. You can use this laptop as your monitor for PlayStation 4 but is not that simple.

You will not work on it only by connecting a cable HDMI on both sides. You will have to be creative because most of the laptops support the external connections and not the incoming data.

However, one option is that you can use a  PlayStation gaming remote for this purpose. You can connect the remote and use the play feature of the remote. That will let you stream your favourite games directly from PlayStation to the laptop. In this way, you can enjoy the extended Display with a separate gaming monitor.

But, you require a monitor before connecting the remote play feature. So, what will you do if you can’t manage an external monitor?

You will follow the next step now. First of all, download a remote play application on your device from Sony. But, if you still don’t own a PlayStation account, you have to create a new one. Now, when you have done, turn your Play station on and configure its settings for remote play.

You will go to the remote control setting to enable configurations. You can now leave the PlayStation at rest mode, and you will not need a monitor at all. Turn the laptop on, in the application of the remote play  and the settings of resolution as well.

 Now after configuring out all the settings, connect the USB port and enjoy the games. Moreover, make sure your internet connection is good.

However, this is not all, you have another option also. For transmitting data between your PlayStation or laptop, you need a capture card. Now, enable your file sharing on PlayStation. After that, connect both the devices for card capturing. When you have connected everything, start streaming your games to your laptop from PlayStation.

Repurposing your laptop as your second monitor

You can also use your tablet as your second monitor if you don’t have a dual monitor already. This tablet will be of good help to because Apple products have software that is helping in connecting.

But, if you don’t like apple products much, you can depend on third-party programs and applications. For instance, using Duet display will help you connect any IOS tablet or Android device to a Windows or Mac device. That is the best way indeed to connect two different devices.

How you can hook it up to a USB port?

You can use a USB connection to connect with the laptop for your monitor if you already don’t have a monitor. You can do in-home streaming as well. You can use USB-C to monitors, and they can easily connect even on your phones as well.

However, you will need only a port to connect your monitor with it. But, still of you don’t have USB ports, then you can try second method as well. You can use external hubs also.

 These external hubs help provide you with extra ports as well. That is the primary system requirement. As every laptop does not have a USB Type C port, so make sure you check all the internals before you make a purchase.

How can you extend your laptop display on a MAC OS?

Now you will need to check out the ports before you connect a separate monitor to your laptop. After that, hold a cable and plug it in the monitor. Now reach Apple’s menu and click on system preferences options. Click on Display’s and choose the arrangement tab option.

Also, male sure you don’t choose the mirror Display’s option. You can also choose a gaming monitor or a gaming PC like this. To chose a different monitor as your primary machine, you can drag its menu bar to whatever screen you need.

How you can play your device as a monitor?

At this point, I will assume that you need to use your device as your monitor for Windows 10 desktop. After doing that, go to your device’s settings and select a system and then projecting to this PC.

Now, change all your settings from your drop down menu. You will choose the ‘available everywhere on networks setting’ option. Also, change other settings according to your will. After doing all this, now select the Action Center option.

It is located precisely on the right hand on the taskbar at the bottom side. Now, you will click on the connect option here. It will bring forth the laptops option you want to choose. Select your desired laptop. Also, you will receive your connection request then you have to enter the pin. After that, right-click on the Desktop Settings. Now, reach the display menu and select ‘Extend Desktop to the display‘. In the end, rearrange the desktop and set your laptop as you want.

So, you can easily connect your laptops and the monitor or a tablet as well. However, if you want to do gaming, then make sure your PC has CPU coolers. That’s because back to back use will heat the system. Also, gaming laptops need a cooling system, and in-home streaming will be good then.

Furthermore, you shall check the graphics card first and the USB ports as well. In all, you should check all the specifications of the device before making a purchase. The methods, as mentioned above, will help you in connecting a monitor separately. So, how was this guide for you?

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