How To Update Bios Windows 10 – IN 5 MINUTES

Whatever your computer model name is, your PC has a component Bios. And, this is the crucial component on which computer depends a lot. Without even starting Windows, you can change the hardware settings. So, as Bios is the soul of the system it needs attention too. And, you must know How To Update Bios Windows 10 and when. So, let’s check out the procedure of the update step by step.

What is Bios in Windows

Many people don’t know about BIOs that what is it and what is its role. But, BIOS comes attached with a motherboard and is a flash memory.

And, Bios on Windows takes care of the hardware issue. It takes care of the system hardware initialization. And, it happens when the processor is booting.

Why should you update the BIOS?

Once you are done with the windows update, your system works well. And, if it still doesn’t happen, you go through the hardware update process.

But, if you still see the lack of performance or difference, see BIOS settings. And, for that, go to your Bios settings and see the version of Bios.

If it is an older version, update your BIOS. Now, once you check your Bios version, follow the steps below to update the bios.

Things to remember to check the bios version of windows

Before you update the bios, make sure that you have good electricity. That’s because this procedure takes time and patience as well. And, once you have good electricity, check your system. If you are using a desktop PC, plug it in a charged UPS.

And, if you are willing to do it on a laptop, charge it 100%. And, for that, you can opt for HP Dell for update bios on windows.

That’s because you will also need 20-30 minutes of charging back up. Also, only a good laptop will do so. So, get all the system information for the bios update process and follow the steps below.

How to easily update Bios on Windows 10

The steps below will give a thorough detail for laptop and PC Bios updates. And, this guide is only for Windows 10. Check out the steps below.

In the first step, you have to check out the motherboard. Also, observe its model. And, for that, you can use two easy techniques. One is to check out your motherboard box. On the backside, the model number is mentioned.

This can be both the Intel series and the AMD series. But, if you can’t find it, check out the CPU side panel.

Now, the next step is of checking the bios version. Now, this is what we have mentioned already. And, for this, on the turned-on system, you have to press the keys. And, press the Windows key with the X key together.

Now, this will open the Winx menu and you will select Windows power shell. Or, you will get an option of command prompt as well.

So, select one and type “wmic bios”. Also, add the next words as  “get smbiosbiosversion”. Now you will see the current bios version once you hit enter.

Short cut keys for checking the Bios version

For checking bios, there are some other tricks as well. But, I’m sharing the easiest one. If you think the above method is difficult, follow this one. We all have a system information tool on our laptops or PC. And, to reach it out, type the Windows key and’ S’ key together.

Now, you will see a whole list from where you can check bios. And, after checking bios, you can update easily. This one is quite easy method of checking the version and bios updates.

Now, in step three, you need a pen drive. And, it must be virus-free for preventing system damage. So, for flashing your bios, go to the manufacturer’s site and install bios. You will get a zipped file in the pen drive. So, unzip it with the WinRAR tool in your system.

Now, insert the pen drive into your system and restart it. You can click on the restart option. Also, you can press the Windows key with “S” and type “reset this PC/system”. And, reach out to the advanced settings option and click restart.  So, this way, your system will get reset.

Dos Usb Drive for BIOS update

This technique is however difficult, is also reliable. You have to create a USB that is bootable.  Also, it will be a flash drive.

Also, after the flash drive, you must have a bios update file. Now, install the updated bios. Now, also install a script file. For making a bootable USB flash drive, you need a third-party tool.

And, that tool is RUFUS. Now, you will also need to convert a pen drive file. And, you can do this with the DOS USB option.  Now, convert the files into the pens drive and restart the system. Also, for restarting the windows server, follow the above guide.

And, run the start script once again and you are good to go. So, this is a difficult but the latest step for the update. Also, follow the same for the external drive.

And, here we are talking about the hard drive. So, people who ask how to update my bios can take help from here. And, problems regarding motherboard or hardware will solve with computer manufacturer contact.

This is when you can’t get the model number or can’t see the bios screen. The latter method is quite advanced one now.

So, take care of the motherboard. And, if you have Microsoft edge or other Windows, follow their guide. You can also, consult with Microsoft teams if you can’t manage.


So, the above methods help with the Bios update for lag-free performance. And, for Bios installation, you can follow any of the above steps. Also, this step-wise guide will go for both Windows PC and laptops. And, on laptops or PC, you can go for HP laptops.

These laptops have the latest range with upgradable internals. And, their battery will help in the updating task. So, pick one of your choices. Or, follow the above steps if you have to update the Bios.

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