How To Turn On Bluetooth On HP Laptops In 2021

With time, we have got many comfort abilities and success. Even if the hit is about technology or a common thing, we have access to everything now. How to turn on Bluetooth on HP laptops. But if I talk about technology only, we have got wondrous achievements. Let’s talk about blue tooth here. This feature is now present on every mobile and laptop. You can turn it on and share audio signals or receive them.

But I need to ask a question here. Can you turn on the Bluetooth on HP laptops? If not, then you must check out this article once.  Keep reading because I will share a step-by-step guide to turning on the blue tooth on your HP PC/laptop.

1. Turn on the Bluetooth on Windows 10 HP device

This method is for HP Windows 10 OS laptops. Pursue the steps below to turn on the Bluetooth.

1- First of all, you will see a gear-shaped settings icon. Click on this icon, and this icon will open the start button’s search bar.  

2- Now, you will see the devices option there. Click on it open. But, if you don’t see it here, go to the ‘Bluetooth and other devices option. This option is on the left of the windows settings menu.  

3- Now, you will see an ‘on’ and ‘off’ option located on the top side of your page. The page will have the heading ‘Bluetooth and other devices. ‘

4- Turn this button on, and it will get blue. Now, you can pair your device as it is ready to locate and pair.

So, you can now pair your device with whatever device locates near you. And, you can share your audio signals with that device.

Now, I am sharing tips to connect blue tooth with an HP Pavilion laptop. This tip will be for Windows 7.

2. Connecting Windows seven on HP Pavilion

You can connect your Bluetooth to any nearby device with the following tips.

Firstly, click on the start button at the lower right corner of your streaming laptop.

Now, you will type blue tooth in the search bar that is present in the settings menu.

You will see different settings there, so click on the ‘change Bluetooth settings’ option. A blue tooth dialogue settings box will appear in front of you.

Now, you will select the option ‘allow Bluetooth devices to find the laptop/PC device.’

You will find two options there. One is that I have mentioned above. While the other option is ‘alert when there is a new device available to connect.’ This alarm will notify you when you will find a new connectable device nearby.

You will choose the ‘apply’ option, and you have Bluetooth enabled now. Then click on the option OK.

You will see a blue tooth icon appearing in the hidden files. Or, it also appears on the taskbar of your computer. Once your device has connected with a blue tooth, you can connect any blue tooth headphones. Also, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or Bluetooth speakers to your system. Likewise, you can also connect a Bluetooth mouse with a blue tooth-enabled device.

The paired devices will connect whenever you want because they will be in the connecting list.  However, make sure that the targeted device you wish to click is at a close distance. However, there are some blue tooth issues I will discuss below.

If you are still having problems with the blue tooth connection, troubleshooting will help you then.

3. What to do if your laptop/PC doesn’t contain a built-in blue tooth?

Mostly, your laptops or computers with Windows 10 have a built-in blue tooth in them. However, if it’s not there, you can follow these tips:

  • Turn on your blue tooth.
  • Go to the start option.
  • Now, go to settings from there.
  • Click on the devices option from there.
  • You will see the blue tooth and other device options there. Click on this option, and it will turn the blue tooth on.

Now, you can pair and connect your devices.

4. Turn on the blue tooth from the action center in Windows 10

Except for turning the blue tooth on from the settings, you can also turn it on from the action center. A Windows action center is a list that collects all the devices that need actions. These actions include notifications such as messaging notifications. Moreover, it also provides email notifications and connection notifications. Furthermore, there are also security scan results.

Also, there is a toolbar in your action center that gives you direct access to the blue tooth settings. You can turn the blue tooth settings on and off from there directly.

Check out the detailed stepwise method for the Action center.

1- You will see an action center icon on the lower right side of your PC desktop.

2- You will click on it, and it will open the whole list of tools in front of you. It will appear on the bottom side of the desktop screen.

3- Among several other cards, you will see a blue tooth card there. Clicking on it will turn it blue because it is on. While, if your click it off, it will get grey.

4- Also, you can go to the blue tooth settings by right-clicking on it. This card will show the ‘go to the settings option.

5- There, you will search for the device you want to connect and pair it with that device. This searched device will remain there in the list. You can click the device easily whenever you want. However, it should be nearby your device.

So, this is how you will connect your blue tooth to any of your HP devices like laptops, PC, etc. Once you have connected your blue tooth, you can share your audio signals even with the earphones with a blue tooth connection.

Bottom Line: You can also connect the blue tooth by pressing the Windows button with the X key. It will open your windows power menu from where you can go to the settings. Moreover, you can go to the settings option from the search bar as described above. And then, you can select the settings app from there.

These tricks will also work if you have a gaming laptop of HP brand or any other brand. So, connect the blue tooth and start sharing the signals!

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