How To Take Screenshot On Dell Laptop In 3 Easy Steps

Are you working on a Dell laptop and need to save something fundamental? Don’t want to take a picture from your mobile phone because you want to save it on the laptop? That is not a problem at all! That’s because you can take screenshots on your Dell laptop also. Surprised? Then keep reading the article because you will get more surprised to read how easy it works. So, let’s learn how to screenshot on a Dell laptop.

Screenshot on dell laptop most easily?

As I told you above, I will tell you the easiest way to take screenshots on a Dell laptop. But, there are ‘ways’ instead of a way of taking screenshots. Yes, I will discuss different step-by-step tricks to take stills, but the first one is the easiest.

You will see a print screen button on the Dell device. That has the abbreviation of PrtScrn. This print screen button captures the still. Moreover, if you want to capture the whole screen’s stillness, press the windows and Prtscrn buttons together. That will take a complete capture. If you want to take a still of a specific part only, use the snipping tool.

Check out the step-by-step method of how to take a screenshot of the page you want:

1- Go to the page you want to take still of. Also, keep in mind that the screenshot will capture everything, excluding the mouse cursor. It will also capture the taskbar.

2- Now, search the screenshot key on the keyboard. It is the PrtScn key on the keyboard. It is present on the right side at the top of your keyboard.

3- Look for the Windows key now. It has a window logo on it and is present in the left bottom corner.

4- Finally, press both these keys together and capture the still. Its screen would get dim at; first, which means you have successfully captured a still. But, if somehow your screenshot failed, keep pressing it until you capture it.

5- Now, you have to look for the screenshot so go to the start menu. You have to press the Windows button. You can also click on the windows logo on the left-ending corner of your device’s screen. That results in opening a search bar for you.

6- Type the word ‘screenshots’ in the search bar. A folder will appear in front of you with the same name, ‘screenshots.’

Note: Your screenshot folder automatically takes place in the pictures folder when you take the first screenshot.

You can follow the same trick on your gaming laptops 2022 as well.

2nd method

This method is for Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. However, the above method is for 8 and 10 Windows.

Locate the keys again as you read above. Keep in mind that the Print screen is printed in two types of formats. These are PrtSc or PrtScr.

1- Click on this PrtSc button. It copies the whole page to your clipboard. You can then save it to any application that lets you save the stills.

2- Also, there are different colors of PrtScr buttons on different Dell laptops. If that is the situation for you, click on Fn instead. This button is on the left side of the ending corner. You will press the Fn button while pressing the PrtScr button.

3- Now, you have to click open the starting menu. For the target, you will click on the Windows key. Also, you can click on the start option in the bottom left corner.

4- You will see the search bar appear in the starting menu there. Now, you have to type ‘paint’ on the search bar. You will see a painted icon appearing there. If you are using Windows XP, you will click on All programs and choose the accessories tab.

5- Now click on the paint icon that appeared before. So, it would be best if you kept the hold on the Ctrl button and the V button simultaneously. That will let you paste the screenshot you have just captured.

6- Click on the file that is located on the left side.

7- Click on the save menu, and it will bring a list of locations you want to save.

8- Now, choose the location and save the screenshot. That will save the screenshot in the default location of your device. Mainly, this default folder is the documents folder. You can do the exact step for the MacBook Air.

Moreover, if your system runs slow in all this progress, make sure to do a software update. That will speed up your MacBook.

How to do a screenshot on a dell laptop 3rd method

Now, I will tell you how you can take screenshots using a snipping tool? Note that snipping tools are not available in Windows XP.

1- Firstly, you will press the Windows logo button, and then you will open the start menu. Now reach out to the Windows logo on your keyboard’s left side.

2- Here, a search bar will appear in the start menu. You will type ‘snipping tool’ here.

3- The snipping tool icon will appear at the top side of your screen menu.

4- Click on the tool’s icon It looks like a pair of scissors.

5- Now, click on the menu option or a drop-down menu sign present there. It will drop a whole menu of a variety of screenshot types you can take.

  • There will be the first free-form snip option. By choosing this option, you let the tool change the outer shape of the screenshot. The inner side remains the same.
  • The next one is the rectangular shape option. This option is a default shape, and it helps you draw the proportions you want for screenshots.
  • Then comes the Window snip option. This option helps you choose the window of your choice. You only have to press Alt and PrtScr together.
  • And finally, a full-screen snip tool lets you capture the whole screen without showing the snipping tool.

6- Now, click on any of the above options, and there you go with the screenshots.

7- Moreover, all the snips have colorful borders that you can change by going into options. You can select any of your favorite colors, or you can cancel them as well.

8- Also, if you click on the New option in the snipping tool on the left side, you will see a change. Your cursor will change into a crosshair.

9- Now, click your mouse once and drag it to make a rectangular area. But, if you already have selected a full-screen snip, then click again.

10- Now, when you leave the button, your rectangular will capture everything inside it as a screenshot.

11- Likewise, click on the File option on the top left and go to the ‘save as’ option. Name the screenshot and save it to the location you want.

12- By default, it will get saved in the folder of your pictures. Also, you can change its saving location by clicking on the sidebar folder on the left.

So, that’s how you can take screenshots on your Dell laptops or Pc in three different ways. Dell brand comes with a lot of ease for its users. However, it’s not all about the controls and features, but the prices as well. You can buy the best Dell laptops under 600 or 1500 within your budget. So, why not take advantage? Try Dell laptops 2021 range today!

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