How To Record Laptop Screen – In Easy Way

When you are watching something interesting, you may want to record it. And, this can be anything like gameplay.  Or, it can be any important video. So, you must know how to record  laptop screen then. That’s because not all videos have downloading options.

So, screen recording is good for video clips or even movies. Now, how to do it? There are certain steps to follow. And, they are easy and time-saving.

So, you can record in the main time. Also, you can do it without skipping any scene. Check out the following steps to record the computer screen. However, the following method is for Windows 10 laptops.

Record Screen Of Any Laptop

Windows PC 10 has the feature of screen recording. This is called the Xbox game bar. This feature allows you to do screen recording.

The best thing is that you can not only record the entire screen. But, also you can record half screen. And, whatever Windows app you use, you can record the screen.

Also, the screen recording feature is by default available. And, it is a part of the Xbox app. Lately, the Xbox game bar has made some updates.

And, these updates allow you to take screenshots. These screenshots are a source of fun. That is because you can create memes. And doing this refreshes your mood for the screenshots.

Record the screen in Windows 10

So, to record the screen, go to the app. The screen recorder for windows does not record everything.

For example, it does not record the whole desktop computer screen. And, the screen recorder also does not record the File manager application. However, it works on screen recording and video capturing app.

Now, for screen activity, press Windows key and G together. You will see a game bar dialog appearing.

Now, you will see “yes, that is a game” option. And, this check box will appear for loading the game bar. Also, this procedure will be the same. No matter if you record screen or record games.

And, now you have to click on the start recording button. Also, you can press Windows+Alt+4. So, this combo key captures your screen.

Once you record it, you can stop with the recording button. So, for this, you will see a red bar. This red bar will be on the right side. Just look at the top right corner. Here, you will see the duration to record your screen. So, click on the stop recording button when you are done.

So, this is all to record your screen. Also, you can find your recorded files in the MP4. And, you can get it under the DVR menu. And, that is in the Xbox game app. Also, many people don’t know that you can take screenshots on laptops.

And, you can do this by using the XBOX game bar. So, you don’t have to click on the record screen option. Instead, for screen capture, just use the following keys. And, click on Windows+Alt+PrtScn.

Using Powerpoint for screen recording

Now, you can also use Powerpoint for screen capture. Well, this technique is also very easy. However, you will need Microsoft video editing software. And, this does not work for online screen recorders. Now, check out the following steps to record selected video.

Open the PowerPoint file. And, click on the insert option on the menu bar. Now, this will show you the screen capturing option. And, this option is available on the media panel.

The laptop screen changes its color to dim white. You will get a toolbar on the top center edge. Now, to record video, click on “select area”. And, using your mouse, drag it to the desired area. Also, this selected area gets highlighted in red color.

So, once you have selected the area, start recording. And, for recording, use the keyboard shortcuts now. You have to press Windows+Shift+F together. And, the recording will be started. Now, the key shortcut method is the same for gaming laptops.

The start and stop buttons appear together. And, they are on the right side. And, the stat button replaces the pause button during recording. So, you can click on it to pause. And, once you are done with recording, it is time to save it.

How to save the recording in Powerpoint

The following step saves your recording for later use.

Now, in PowerPoint, go to the save media option. And here, you can save the file recorded click with save button.

Also, you can access the file quickly. And, if you want so, you can save separately. How about keeping it as a shortcut on the desktop.

With the saved file, you can use editing software. This step is optional of course. You can use the OBS studio however you want.

But, you can edit the video and audio as well. And, you can do it using audio editing tools. And, you can opt for any Microsoft edge video editor. This will be a great suit to create something new.  These days, many people use powerful laptops for editing.

And, not only do they do it for fun. But, this screen recording has helped them in setting channels. Yes, that is the fact. Many YouTubers use high-end graphics cards.

Also, they use built-in tools, particularly for stream recording. These days, an iPhone or iPad is also used as recording equipment. People urge for higher quality displays. And, whatever they record, they upload directly on Youtube.

 This has been a trend for a long time now. With 1500 dollars, you can buy good gaming laptops. And, there are many recorders for windows for you. So, whatever you find easy, you can use. All you need is an HD video or screenshot to post.


So, from the above-discussed steps, screen recording is easy. And, for any Windows gaming system, you can do that. All you need is an updated Windows. And, a good display to record. So, just post whatever you record.

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