How To Optimize And Boost Windows 10 For Gaming

Do you have any interest in gaming and have a Windows 10 device? You are on a good set because Windows 10 OS allows you to do gaming up to the fill. But there are some questions relating to Windows 10 software. Whether it lets you play mixing native games? Let’s study deep into the case and get all your answers i will also tell you how to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

Windows 10 is a good OS for native games as well as Xbox One games. It is also supportive of the retro titles as well. Furthermore, you will also need some tweaks for running your games. However, you must know that some changes must be made to the OS. That’s necessary before you start gaming.   So, check out the following different steps for optimizing Windows 10.

Optimizing Windows 10 OS With Gaming Mode

This step-by-step guide will let you set the Windows for the gaming experience.

1- Press the Windows key and l key at first.

2- Select type game mode.

3- Now, click on the gaming mode setting or you can click on turn on game mode.

4- Now you will go to your gaming screen option and there you will select the gaming mode.

5- After that, switch the game mode on.

If your laptop or computer is supportive of the game mode, resources will help you. They will get an optimum frame rate. However, in this case, Windows 10 will get suspended.

With this above-given method, you can improve your gaming experience. You have to enhance the accomplishment in person. But, you will still need to improve Windows 10 gaming mode. Check out the best Windows 10 tweaks.

1- Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm

Nagle’s Algorithm is usually used for perfect internet connection. It gives you smoother internet but it has flaws as well. Enabling it will create latency flaws and disturb your online gaming. For this purpose, check out the following IP address settings to change them.

1- Click on the Windows key and press X.

2- Now, you have to choose the Windows power shell option.

3- Now add an IP config.

4- To identify your laptop’s IP address, search for the IPV4.

Now, once you have done all that, note your IP address and edit the Windows registry.

  • Click on the start option.
  • Now write Regedit.
  • And now choose the registry editor option. You have to slog carefully while poking the Windows registry.

After all, that, copy and paste the following address into your address bar:


Now, you will see that there are numerous file folders on the left side on the pane. To reach your exact desired file, you will need to match the IP address with it. Match the address with the file against DhcpIPAddress in the required folder. After that, follow the given instructions.

  • Press right-click on the folder.
  • Now, select the NewDword value.
  • Name this frequency TcpAckFrequency.
  • Now click the OK option.
  • Now, choose New then Dword value again.
  • Name it TCPnodelay.
  • Double click on each one of them and set the parameters to NO. 1.

By following all these steps, you will doable Nagle’s Algorithm now. However, if you are having trouble then just change the parameter to 0.

2- How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming with faster DNS

Network traffic may cause problems if you are playing Windows 10 games with multiplayer. It will also cause trouble if you are depending on the remote server. Upgrading the internet is helping because the speed is enhanced. Also, the network tweaks become cheaper.

  1. Firstly, you have to click on the Windows logo button then press I and go to settings.

2. Find the settings network and internet>change adapter settings.

3. Click right on your wireless network.

4. Choose the properties now.

5. You have to highlight the settings Internet protocol version 4.

6. Now make a note of both DNS entities that are helpful for you for future consideration.

7. Now, replace them with and

8. Click the OK option and now close it.

9. After that, restart the default browser.

Go to your Windows 10 gaming mode and you will see that the internet is quite fast now.

3- Disabling Automatic Updates Of Windows 10 for gaming

You must know that Windows 10 automatically updates the OS without your notice. It will time the schedule by your self and you may not keep the saved game. So, it is a must for you to disable Windows 10 for gaming.

You can, however, not stop the auto start of the update, but you can delay it at least.

You can avoid the interruption of the update downloads of Windows. How? Check out the following steps:

  • Press the Windows key and then click on the I key for opening settings.
  • Now click on the Update and Security Windows Update option.
  • Now check out advanced options and click update the option.
  • Here you will see a detailed option for restarting the device as soon as possible. Disable it from here.
  • After that, enable the option ‘show a notification ‘.
  • You can pause the auto-updates for a good speed and windows 10 gaming mode. The updates will get paused for 35 days.

 Moreover, you can also optimize the speed by figuring out the working hours. At that time, you can pause the updates that are not necessary. This trick will be best for gaming laptops because they take more load. So, this is how to make gaming laptops faster for gaming 2021.

4- Disable notifications for a better speed Of Windows 10

You can get a good speed of windows 10 gaming edition by disabling notifications. That’s because the notifications distract you while gaming. Also, they slow down the speed.

1- For opening the settings, press Windows and 1.

2- Now click on System, then focus assist.

3- Here you will click on the ‘alarms only’ option to hide your notifications.

Now close your settings screen and enjoy your games.

So, this is how you can enjoy optimized Windows X for your gaming purpose. You can buy any of the best gaming laptops under 600. Or even you can buy laptops under 1500$ and can do the settings. The above tricks will be the best guide for you. So, choose any of the above tricks and try optimizing your Windows 10 now!

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