How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster

How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster? You can clean the cache and remove links files for a better speed. However, this is not all. There are three different methods for enhancing sims 4 speed. And, one tip is to merge all the duplicate context files. The more memory you get, the less lag occurs. And, your computer windows also matter for that. If your system is outdated, you can not get a good speed. So, you also have the best laptop for sims 4 with good speed and running the sims games quickly on the laptop.  

How can you make your sims 4 faster on Windows X 

The main reason why your sims game runs slow is the PC. And, by saying PC, I mean the strain that you give to your system. Whether it is a laptop or PC, high storage affects the game. And, you end with lagging in the sims game. So, no matter how heavy-duty the system is. If you don’t make enough storage, it affects the speed. So, follow the steps below to avoid lagging in gaming.  

run lag free sims 4

Step 1 for Sims 4 speed 

  • First of all, go through the laptop or PC. And, check out all the files and folders you have. If you find any unwanted files or trash, delete them. But, if you have approximately 95% storage, shift the data. Also, you can do that by creating a backup on the cloud. This method saves a lot of storage in the system.  
  • Check out the trash as well. (I’m talking about the system’s trash or recycle bin. It’s not your room dustbin, of course.) So, if there is junk, delete it permanently. And, for that, right-click the mouse button. And press the delete option.  

Step 2 for sims 4 speed 

While learning how to make the sims 4 run faster, check apps. That’s because your applications take too much space. And, consequently, your game will run even smoother. So, uninstall all the extra or unwanted apps. You will notice a visible difference. And, for this, go to the control panel. This is for windows laptops. And, for Macbooks, go to the application settings. Click uninstall, and you are done. 

Merge the CC in Sims 4 

Now, another method is to merge the sims 4 cc. And, for this purpose, you need to log in to the studio software. And, to log in, go to the site and enter your login details. There you will see a bar upper corner on the right side. Fill in the details and log in.  

  • Now, click on the tools option. You will see it available on the upper side of your browser. You will get the option of merging packages.  
  • So, tap on it and you will see a merge window on the screen.  
  • Now, click on the add option on the popped-up window. And, this is on its left side on the lower corner. And, consequently, you find that the file browser appears.  And, it will automatically open in the folder of sims 4.  

So, navigate the targeted content

  • Once you have navigated your cc, press Ctrl/ Windows and command buttons. Now, select multiple files. This will merge the selected files.  
  • Now, after selecting, click the merge option. This is on the lower right side of the popped-up window. And, once you merge them, you will fetch a browser on the display. And, you can easily select a new location for the merged cc.  
  • Now, click on the save option. This is how to make sims 4 run faster. You will see a bar running in front of you. This will appear for a while. And, that shows the saving progress. Now, your cc will cover less space. And the game will run faster.  

Change graphic settings for sims 4 speed 

Now, the third step to make sims 4 run faster is the graphics settings. And, you can do the settings by launching the sims 4. This is the first step. Now, to launch sims 4, go to the start menu. Or, in MacBooks, you can go to the apps folder.  

  • So, go to the menu now. And so, you got to tap on the three dots. They are on the corner in the upper right side. And, these dots are visible in the upper right corner. So, a list will drop on the screen.  
  • There will be a ‘game option’ on the third number. Now, click on it, and it will open in the graphics settings.  
  • Now, you will see all the graphics settings in front of you. And, you can change them according to, need. But, the reason we are following the procedure is the speed. So, choosing low settings will enhance the speed. But, you can keep them on medium if you want. However, low settings are the best here.  
  • The settings you need to do is of the lighting tab. This is the first option to adjust settings. So, set them to lower settings. The lighting in the whole game will be below. But that will not look weird at all. You can still enjoy it. Just the flashlights will become dim.  
  • Next is the visual settings. The display graphics will show more blocks or low display quality. However, this will not be worse. And, the performance will be improved.  
  • Also, change the settings of the edge smoothing and 3D resolution tabs. Along with them, click the view distance tab and display type tab. Now, save the changes by clicking allow button.  
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A tip for windows gamers 

Dragging and minimizing the size of the window will work as well. This also affects the speed. So, make sure to minimize the window size and try playing after that.  


So, the above reasons are responsible for lagging in sims 4. And, following the above tips and are sure to boost the gaming accomplishment. No matter if it is sims 4 or sims 1, the reasons are the same. So, that’s how to make sims 4 run faster for free. Try and improve your gaming speed!  

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