How To Make Sims 4 Mods – Complete Guide

how to make mods for sims 4

How to make sims 4 mods? You can make sims 4 mods in 8 simple steps. So, go to the latest sims 4 studio in your system. And, click on tools and choose the extract tuning option.  Now, you will see a search bar. And, type the word ‘aging’ in the bar. So, in the search results, scroll the bar down. And, you will find an option like a snippet or aging transition.

Then tap on the shift button and click select the lines below. As they are copied, you can now click on adding files to the recent package. Now, go to the system desktop. Add whatever name you want for your folder. And, your mod is ready for sims 4.

Now, check out the detailed stepwise guide and the most asked questions. Also, not everyone is aware of mods making, so check below!

How to make mods for sims 4 on a laptop

Now, for making mods, you will need studio 4 software. And, this is necessary as you will work on it. You will run this software in your system. Also, the system can be a laptop, PC, or MacBook. However, make sure to get the latest version, “beta,” on your laptop. Now, once have both the laptop and software, follow the steps:

Create a folder for Sims 4 mods

contents in a folder
Mods WIP
Mod name for folder
Resources that you will extract
The latest patch date
Issues details
Create a folder for Sims 4 mods

The first step is to make a folder on your laptop or computer. And, all the methods I will share go the same for MacBooks. So, make a folder, and it must contain some subfolders. The folder will contain the following structure.

So, that’s how your folder will contain subfolders. Now, follow the second step of extracting the available resources.

Resources extraction for sims 4 mods

The second step is where the task begins. So, first, launch the S4S in your system. And extract the available resources. So, for that, you must go to the settings in the system. And click on the Tools tab. Now, it will take you to further options. So, you have to click on the option of extracting tools. Also, ensure that the subfolders box is ticked ( ✔️).

Now, check the export extracts; it must also contain a (✔️) in the check bar. So, this will allow extracting all the files. Now, disable the EA naming box. And export the whole file. Also, the process will take 10 minutes or so. So, you have to be patient But, you also want to know how to make a mod for sims 4.

About to get your first mod for sims 4

creating mods for sims 4

Now, this is where your first mod will be made. And, for that, you learn one thing. So, that is, the stopping of your mod at times! And, yes, this is strange to learn. But, that often happens that your mod doesn’t do exactly what you want. For example, you may have noticed sims taking extra drinks. And, that also happens when they are not thirsty at all. So, you can create a mod of “no more drinks.” However, this exact name is not necessary. And, you can also name it only two drinks or something similar.

 So, for that, go to the MOD WIP and create a folder. Also, this will be named like the names I stated above. So, you will create that folder and click on extract. Also, after that, you get more than 500 results. So, keep on checking them. And, read the following steps to learn how to make sims 4 mods.

Pasting the XML files in mods sims 4

Now, select the XML files fridge_GrabDrinkAutonomously.InteractionTuning. Also, select cooler_GrabDrinkAutonomously.InteractionTuning files. And paste them as it is in that above-created folder. Now, you have to go to your drink-related folder. And click the first XML file I shared above about the drink. This will open in that folder. However, if you are using a notepad, you may follow specific instructions for opening.

Now, you will get the first section of modifying. And, here is what it means. You will read a line like a base with an underscore, and the next word will be ‘chance.’ Also, next to that will be some digits. And, these digits are the number of times your sim will take a drink.

 So, keep it zero or two if you want fewer drinks. Now, once you have that, save your file. Also, go to the next XML file shared above. And, do the same here as well. You can also copy your changes from the previous file and paste them here. Now, save the file here also. And, let’s move to the second last step. But, use the punctuation marks in the discussed changes properly.

The package settings for sims 4 mods

Now, this is the second last step to follow. Just go to the tools in the settings. And click on the empty package option. Also, name it according to the initial like your mod folder. This name must be the same as the folder name. Also, avoid using special characters to avoid lousy processing.

Now, click the save option and badge option. Also, scroll the bar down. And you will place the XML files there. So, all the necessary files have to be in the proper place. Once the files are in place, congratulations! Because you just learned how to make a sims 4 mod!

Note: You must try to put your mod before using it. And, the best tip is to ask other gamers to use and review it. After that, move your mod folder to the latest patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are mods harmful to computers/laptops?

Mods are not harmful to gaming or anything like that. But, they become harmful when their files are too large. This causes problems in saving. Also, it flowers the system or gives errors due to bloating issues.

Do mods contain viruses?

Not all mods come with viruses. However, it mostly depends upon the sites you download from. So, check out the download count on the site. This shows how trustworthy and safe it has been for the users.

Why do mainly sims 4 not work?

Sims 4 mostly don’t repose when the cache needs clearance. Also, there are reasons like gaming updates as well. So, you have to check the reasons in detail.
 So, that’s how you create your mod for sims 4. It is all about creating folders. And, the procedure goes the same for all devices. So, create your mods and enjoy sims gaming!


 So, that’s how you create your mod for sims 4. It is all about creating folders. And, the procedure goes the same for all devices. So, create your mods and enjoy sims gaming!

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