How To Make Sims 4 Cc

How to make sims 4 cc? Well, you can make it by using Sims 4 Studio. And, you might know that Studio is a Sims 4 gaming software. Also, you can make Sims 4 cc to make white and black rules. And, for this, you can use other people’s tiles. All you have to do is to drag that file to film share sims 4. Now, for a detailed step-wise guide, read below.

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How to make CC Sims 4 with Studio

Now, to make Sims 4 cc tiles floor, use Studio. And, just install Studio software. And, that is only you have met done that before. Also, you will need a detailed study of the software. And, for that, you can search for software tutorials online. Also,  so many people will guide you out there.

But, this guide will let you go through it. So, install the software first. And, make sure to save a file first. And that file shall contain all your tools.  So, keep them on the right corner of the desktop. However, this is not necessary at all. But, this will help you in stuff organization later. So, let’s proceed now.

how to make sims 4 cc

Step-wise guide to make sims 4 cc

  1. Now, open the installed sims 4 studio. And go to the welcome settings.
  2. There, you have to click on the standalone recolor option. And, this will be available on the underneath build.
  3. From there, you will see the “type” option. Now, change the type to ‘floor.’ That’s because we will work on floor tiles. And, if you are doing something else, choose that option.
  4. The tiles section will let you choose your tile. And, you can choose your favorite color.
  5. Now, once you have chosen your color go to the next option. And, for that, click on the next option at the end of the screen.
  6. After that, you have to name it whatever you want. Also, this name will appear in your game later on. So, choose according to that.
  7. Now, once you make cc sims 4 floors, you can save it to the tools file. Remember that you will need to add it officially later. But, that is another process.
  8. The craft file will now open in the studio automatically. And, its catalog will help you set the floor name. Also, you can set the price and the description.
  9. Also, you can create a free tile (zero-cost) if you want that. However, you can fix it later by fine-tuning it. And, for that, you will go back to the catalog tab.
  10. Now, reach out to the texture panel, and let’s work on it. You will get Diffuse, specular, and regular options with that.

Diffuse, standard, and specular on texture panel

Now, the Diffuse option helps you make any regular changes you need. And, you can retake the example of tiles. So, using the Diffuse option, you can recolor your tiles. And, you can make changes in color whenever you want. So, you need to edit the image. And, for that, you will go to the image editing software. And, once you are done, click on Diffuse. Then, save the tile changes. And, this will go directly to your craft folder. Now, if you want to recolor it, go to the PNG once again. And, do the changes and click the save option. Now, the file will be saved. And, you have to import it to Sims 4 cc. Also, this will be exported from file texture to Sims 4. So, this is how to make sims 4 cc colored tiles.

How to make sims 4 cc (installation)

You can make sims 4 cc and mods with the above method. And, the whole procedure is the same. So, whether you want hairstyles, hair color, or dresses. You can follow the above technique. But, instead of tiles, you will choose the hair, color, or dress option. The rest is the same procedure.

So, now, the main question is how to install sims 4 cc? As it is the main discussion, we can’t help discussing that. So, follow the steps below for downloading and installing sims 4.

  1. Search any browser that offers to download of sims 4. And, once you find them, this is easy to download. Just click on the download option, and there you go!
  2.  Make sure the sight you select gives you complete details. And, be sure to read their given description carefully. So, that, this hells you know what the cc sims 4 contains.
  3. After downloading, go to the Downloads folder on the laptop. And, this will be zip. So, open the zip file. And, for this, you will need a zip file opener or extractor.
  4. Now, once you are done, you have to shift its zipped file. So, take it to the mods folder. Also, for this, go to the documents, then electronic arts. And then reach out to your installed sims 4 mods. So, this is the whole process. Now, start the sims 4 games and make sims 4 cc of your choice.
sims 4 cc make up

Things to take care of in sims 4 cc

While playing sims 4, you have to take care of the following things:

  1. You need to take care of the cache. And you need to clean the cache more often.
  2. Go to your documents. Then go to the electronic art. Also, delete the sims 4 caches. You will follow the below stated points.
  3. Clear your cache completely.
  4. Also, clear all the cachestr folders.
  5. Go to the online thumbnail cache and delete everything.
  6. Go to the local thumb cache. package. Delete everything from there.


So, you can download and install sims 4 for creating content on it. And, creating your content from scratch is fun as well. So, you got how this is done to make sims 4 cc by yourself. Create your stuff for characters. And, enjoy playing sims 4 now.

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