How To Improve Gaming Laptop Performance

With  inexpensive gaming system, you will lack some laptop features. But, it doesn’t say that gaming performance will be bad.  Performance on your laptop for gaming is still very good. And, it depends on the brands as well. You need to optimize your gaming system to improve gaming.

To optimize your laptop follow the guide. You will learn how to improve your gaming system. And, see how to improve  gaming performance on a laptop.

How can I improve my gaming performance

To improve gaming performance, note that you cannot compete with PC gaming. That’s because pc for gaming is different from gaming laptops. And, must remember that playing games on a gaming PC are more fun.

That’s because you can do heavy-duty gaming with heavy-duty hardware. And, there is a limit to improve the gaming system for your laptop for gaming. That’s because you can not keep on upgrading the hardware in the laptop. But, in some ways, you can get the max performance with optimization. So, follow the  tips below to learn. This guide is helpful and improve your gaming  for a better gaming experience.

1. Keep the system dirt free

This tip goes for both PC and laptop. And, cleaning your laptop improves gaming performance. Now, you may wonder why is that helping? So, if you don’t clean your laptops, they collect germs and dirt.

 And, the dirt gets inside the system from the vents. This makes the system heats up more quickly. And, of course, long time gaming heats up the system. So, the internals get effected and lack performance.

You face lagging in performance and slow gaming. But, As a gamer you don’t want that issue. So, keep the system clean and use reliable cleaners for laptops. Also, you can use cleaning apps to clean systems.

 This keeps the laptops cool and makes the laptops gaming performance better. The same goes for PC gaming as well. PC performance also gets a boost with the cleaning up. So, boost performance with this simple and easy technique.

2. Upgrading internals

Upgrading internals is best to improve performance for gaming. And, you can upgrade RAM for lag-free performance. Also, you can get intel HD graphics as graphics cards are the most important in gaming.

 Also, you must know about the importance of a graphic card. So, once you update your graphics card, your performance will get way better. And, you can also improve the battery life to improve performance mode. So, this helps in heavy-duty laptops gaming. So, not only for laptops, but it helps to optimize your PC also.

3. Update system drivers

Once you update the graphics, the next thing is the drivers. Your ignorance from the driver update results in slower performance. And, not that every OS runs around the same hardware system. So, updated drivers will help a lot. Even if it is about the Windows update or not. And, your system runs faster. This results with the latest operating system. Among them, you have to be very careful with the graphics driver. This will affect the visuals also. So, this is more important than windows update. DirectX helps to optimize the graphics card driver. Also, this will provide flawless performance.

4. Close background apps

 While gaming, the apps running behind must be stopped.   That’s because the background activity lags in the performance. Also, it flowers the speed while gaming. And, if your GPU drivers are not working well, this will irritate you. So, a device manager also lags in performance and the problem arises. So, always shut the running behind apps.

How do I increase FPS on my laptop

The reason for the lag in performance is the low fps as well. And, many people don’t know that. So, you can use the fps counter to improve gaming and boost fps. Also, your higher resolution affects the performance. The higher the resolution, the lower the fps will be. So, set your resolution at 1920×1080 only and boost fps. Also, set the refresh rate.  And,  then play games with graphics settings.

Is game mode Windows Good

There has been researched about this discussion. And, the research proved a fact in 2017. As for research, the game mode is good on Windows. However, windows search tells that the games run finely. But, this is only on low-hardware. And, on heavy-duty hardware, the games lag. And, this Windows game mode is fine on gaming PC. This case is for laptops. And, no matter if have done windows updates.

Does game mode increase FPS

From survey in 2017, the increase is not the case. That means you can’t get increase fps on laptops. However, you get a flawless performance with good speed. And, for further details, you can also check their performance articles. This will help you do the test performance. However, FPs don’t increase but the performance does.

Does RAM increase FPS

RAM doesn’t increase the FPS if it is low. However, it depends on the game you play. For a high-end game, use heavy-duty RAM. And, reaching out from 8GB will improve your FPS. Otherwise, it doesn’t. With a higher RAM close the background apps.

 Is Game mode Good or bad

Gaming mode is good for a poor processor. That’s because this will protect the system from the restart. And, you can do gaming without any fear. However, if your apps are already closed, the difference isn’t much. So, this is a good idea for a weak processor but not for a powerful one.

Will Microsoft release Windows 11

Microsoft has already released Windows 11. However, this is true that it is out but it is not available for systems yet. So, wait a bit more. But, Microsoft’s early build allows you to access it via the Insider program. So, you may get it if you get in a hurry.


So, to optimize your laptop, take care of several steps. You have to remove junk files and use antivirus software. Also, allow your windows to automatically updates features. This will be quite helping as well. So, follow the tips and enjoy gaming on a gaming laptop.

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