How to Find ASUS Laptop Model Number? Easy Guide

The model number of a laptop is usually made up of prefixes and serial numbers. To identify an entire desktop computer line, the model number is used to identify a single desktop computer. Similar devices with the same or slightly different model designations are also used. In contrast to serial numbers, service tags and asset tags are not unique to each laptop.

ASUS is a desktop and laptop computer manufacturer. ASUS computers each have a model number. This number is required if you want to contact ASUS customer service. You can find the model number in a few places, so you won’t have to look too far. You can use the same methods to find your laptop model number if you know what accessories to buy for your laptop but don’t know how to find your ASUS laptop model number.

Laptop Model:

A laptop’s name, number, and model are the specifications for that particular laptop, including its inputs, outputs, capacities, components, and memory. The designer added other design elements. You should always keep a record of the model number of your laptop, as it’s helpful if you ever need to upgrade your laptop or swap out a component. It’s also important to have the model number when purchasing a new or used laptop in order to learn the specifications of the model and get an idea of its performance.

How to Find ASUS Laptop Model Number?

The users have recently been looking for more information on how to find the model of their laptop that they are looking for. They will have to start by navigating the start menu to get started. Type RUN in the search box. If you want to open the RUN window, type RUN in the search box.

After that, you will have to enter “msinfo32” and then press the enter key. Click on it. That’ll bring up a window that provides information on your laptop’s model number, system configuration, and other details. If you want to know if your computer is compatible with your external hard drive, you’ll need to use the Device Manager in your operating system. To do this, follow these steps:

Step#1 Show Down Your Laptop:

Turn off your Laptop. When looking at the number, you may need to turn the Laptop over, so this is necessary.

Step#2 Investigate the Bottom of the Laptop:

Explore the bottom of an ASUS laptop. You can see a sticker here. This sticker will tell you all sorts of information about the computer.

Stpe#3 Check Laptop Specification:

Go to the back of a laptop and look for a sticker that lists the laptop’s specifications. You should note down the Model Number. It’s the first number in the serial number.

Step#4 Look Through ASUS Guide:

Locate the ASUS laptop’s serial number on its front cover or inside the manual. If the manual is printed on too many pages, it’s a good idea to ask the salesperson for the model number.


Step#1: Click the Start button to get started.

Step#2: On your laptop, you should find the panel labeled “System Information”.

Step#3: Right behind that, you will be able to see a field labeled “Find What.”

Step#4: Now you have to provide the information you require regarding the laptop.

Step#5: At the end, you have to Click “Find.”

Video Guide

How to Find Asus Laptop Model Number Windows 10?

1- You can use the Search Box to locate the system

2- A search result listed for “system” which can be found by looking under settings

3- And here the model can be found in the System section of the application

How to Check Laptop Model Windows 11?

You have various ways to conclude your search for the model number of a Windows laptop. Let’s see if we have this right.

  • Information about the System
  • Terminal Services for Windows
  • Product Name and Number
  • UEFI or BIOS

Until we have more information, here’s a bit of advice: In most cases, the manufacturer provides instructions on finding your laptop’s model number and service tag.

Step#1 System Information Laptop Model:

There’s a wealth of information in the System Information tool, no matter which version of Windows you’re running. A similar approach can generate results, but we have to remember that it’s a long-term investment.

  • Enter “System Information” into the Start Search Box
  • Next, select the top mark
  • Once you’re in the left navigation pane, click on System Summary
  • System Model can be found by scrolling down

Step#2 Windows Terminal Model Information:

The Windows Terminal helps power users who prefer command-line interfaces get information about their laptops, and it comes preloaded on every new ASUS lap.

  • Search “Windows Terminal” in the Start Search Box and then select the most relevant result
  • Once you type in the command, click enter to begin the process
  • The power can be copied and pasted to save time
  • Now show your model number in the same column

Step#3 Laptop/desktop Model Number Using Product Label:

There are some other places to find your ASUS model number:

  • The bottom cover (or base)
  • The back (or base)
  • The screen (or keyboard trim)
  • The palm rest

You can find the model number and a serial number of your laptop by looking for the sticker called a Product Label. You’ve always understood the importance of having your laptop identified by its model number, right? It will give you exact information about your laptop.

Step#4 UEFI or BIOS for Model Number Identification:

The UEFI or BIOS may also provide information about your laptop’s model number. On the first boot, this information will appear on the left or right side of the screen and you can access it by swiping left or right.

How to Find Laptop Serial Number?

Enter “wmic bios get serial number” to get your laptop’s serial number. This will enable your Windows computer to find the data you requested and display it on your laptop screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find ASUS Laptop Model Number?
What is the difference between model numbers?

The difference between model numbers is that the higher the number, the more features the computer has.

How to find out the laptop model number?

You can use a variety of methods to find out the model number. You can look at the back of the computer or at the bottom of the computer. If the model number is on the back, it will be written there. If it’s on the bottom, it will be printed there.

What if I can’t find my sticker?

If you can’t find your sticker, you should contact your computer manufacturer or visit their website.

What if I can’t find the model number of my laptop?

If you can’t find the model number of your laptop, you should be able to find it on your computer’s manual or warranty information.


There are many ways to find the model number of your laptop. The most common method is to look at the back of your computer. The other methods include using the Windows Device Manager, the BIOS, and the UEFI. I’m sure you have already found out the way to find your ASUS laptop model number by this guide, we show you how to find the model number of your laptop.

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