How To Connect PS4 Controller To Laptop – Safest way

New to gaming? And don’t know how to connect ps4 controller to the laptop. Are you a gamer or a regular laptop user? How do you like to play games on the laptop? Do you use WASD and other keys on the computer for gaming or use a controller? Well, using a controller is very much easy for gaming than using a laptop keyboard.

 But, it mostly depends on the controller you use. Today, I’m going to guide you on connecting a PS4 controller to the laptop/PC. That’s because it is skillful and everyone doesn’t know how to connect it. Using this controller on a PC is very joyful whether you are a PS4 pursuit or a gamer. Also, you can use ps4 controllers with many PCs, so it is compatible as well.

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What Do You Need To Connect PS4 Controller With a PC/Laptop?

I know the mentioned above question has come to your mind. So, I will tell you why I’m discussing PS4 here. That’s because this controller is the right choice for almost all laptops and PCs. Also, it is suitable for your gamepad when you play games on a gaming PC.

Moreover, its layout is also designed explicitly with the keys that all PC titles require. These PCs must be controller-based.

So, I will tell you three ways to connect the ps4 controller to a PC or a laptop. Check it out.

How you can use the PS4 controller on Steam

Steam is a popular game launcher and a storefront as well. Those who have been into PC and gaming would know about Steam. It has launched the latest update of the PS4 controller that lets you play games on PC. You can pair your controller with a PC  by running the application on a PC or laptop.

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 You will see PS4 buttons will appear immediately after connecting the controller. For gameplay, you have to load your Steam first. Then check the latest update on your installed Steam. Now, connect your Dual Shock PS4 controller once it is updated. You can plug it into the system, or you can join it via blue tooth as well. This USB wireless connectivity is convenient also.

But to tell you, these steps do not work for every PC or laptop. So, I am sharing another technique to connect your controller with a PC or laptop. That is not a controller on Steam’ method. Check out the steps below.

Downloading ds4 Windows

This method is different from the mentioned above process. That is not much simple as plugging and playing. You will need to connect it by downloading ds4 Windows software.

This software works like baffling the PC or laptop. Your PC or laptop will believe that you have connected Xbox controller 360 with it. Thus the controller works well with the software. So, the software is available on its website for downloading. So, install the ds4 Windows with the latest update from there. Also, it is available on the Github page.

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Installing the software ds4 Windows

After downloading the software, you need to find where it is present. Also, you have to right-click on the zip file and select the option ‘extract all’. Moreover, you will get an opportunity where you would like to open the zip file. Now, it is up to you where you want to open it. You can choose the exact location for opening the zip file. Or you can also open it in another folder.

Now, you will get to the final program folder after that. Here you will find two files together. One is the ds4 updater.exe file. The other one is the ds4 Windows.exe.

The ds4 update.exe will keep the Windows update. And the latest drivers will run the programs flawlessly.

The second option will take you to set up where the controller will work on your PC.

Setting up ds4 Windows

After launching the ds4 Windows, you will receive a question. It would ask you where you want to save the settings along with the profile. I recommend you to keep it on the default settings ‘Appdata’.

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It will take you to a new window to click on ‘install da4 driver’. That will let you use the controller via Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1. However, if you have any older Windows like Windows 7, you will also opt for the ‘install driver 360’ option.

Connecting laptop to PS4 controller via USB

After all the downloading and installing, you are ready to connect your ps4 controller to your PC. However, you can join it in two proper ways. One is connecting via USB cable, and the other is via blue tooth which is a wireless connection.

If you connect it via a USB cable, you have to combine it with a micro USB cable. These cables arrive with smartphones of almost all brands. You can join this cable with the controller and the laptop or PC. The device will detect the cable, and you are ready to play.

Connecting laptop to PS4 controller via blue tooth

You can connect the laptop with the controller wirelessly which is very easy to use. Its pair mode is Bluetooth, so you have to check whether your device has a blue tooth or not.

 Moreover, controller compatibility is good when it’s in pairing mode. You can purchase a USB dongle that is like a 2.0 USB or a mini wireless adapter. It is easy to connect, and also, it is not expensive.

 Along with the PS button, you will need to press the share button and press it for 3 seconds. You have to do it until the light starts flashing on the top of the controller.

Also, you have to go to blue tooth settings on Windows 10. There you will click the bubble icon that is in the taskbar and on the bottom-right section. Then you have to choose the blue tooth section from there and then the wireless controller option. You can receive a question to enter a pairing code, and you have to dial 0000 then. Your controller is connected to the PC or laptop now.

How to connect the PS controller to the phone?

That is another vital thing to learn if you will connect your controller to your android phone. Also, I will tell you about connecting the controller with the iPhone pairing a ps4 controller with any android phone is relatively easy.

All that you need to do is unplug the PS4 controller first from the console. Then have to keep pressing the share as well as the PS buttons for 3 seconds. Also, you will do it all at once. You have to push until the white light begins to flash. Now your controller is ready for connection and usage. While using your Android device, you need to launch its app settings.

 You have to tap on device settings and Bluetooth. Then you will tap on pair on the new device option. This option is at the top, and it will search for the wireless controller.

How to connect the ps4 controller with an iPad

Connecting a controller ps4 to the iPad is also very easy. However, it would help if you had the latest iOS for running the ps4 controller with the PC or laptop. But, if you do not use this latest version of iOS, then you can update it.

 Just go to the settings option and then general, then press software update. Also, you can pair it by pressing two buttons and holding them. These are share and PS buttons. The light will blink again, and you have paired the device.

 You have to go to settings and then click on the blue tooth, and your controller is connected. You can follow the same technique for Sony PlayStation and Sony dual shock. Having a blue tooth adapter is a must if you don’t have a blue tooth in your device.

Now at the end, I will answer one of the most critical questions about the Ps4 controller. That is:

How to reset the PS4 controller?

Often your controller works slower or even freezes at times. In this situation, you can reset the controller settings and connect it again. I’m talking about presenting a controller from Playstation.

Whenever something happens like this, you will go to the PS dashboard. You will press PS on the controller for reaching there. Reach the blue tooth settings by clicking on settings and devices and then Bluetooth.

Now, you will see a green light against the controller. That means your device is activated. Now, you can deactivate it and press the button ‘option’ on it. Now click on forget drive option and confirm it. Your controller settings are successfully reset.


After all these discussions, I believe that you have got all your answers. You have learned how to connect the controller and how to rest it if it troubles you. Moreover, you have learned three different ways of connecting a controller with the laptop or PC. You can also do it with the steam process or by installing the software for the bluetooth connection and USB cable.

However, the resetting is for PlayStation because the freezing mostly occurs with PlayStation games. So, you check an overall guide for all confusion you were facing till now. Connect this controller with your desired device right now!

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