How to connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Nintendo Switch to laptop

Do you want to game on some cool games like Super Smash or more and for sims 3 and 4 all expansion pack ? But you are helpless because these are Nintendo games, and you can’t connect? Today you will get a complete guide on how to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop?

If you don’t have an HDMI Nintendo switch capture card, you can manage it on the PC version. You can switch it to the laptop and enjoy gaming. Let’s get into an in-depth study that how you can do that.

How can you connect Nintendo Switch to your device?

For connecting the Nintendo switch, you will consider the laptop or PC monitor as a TV screen. That’s because you will need to leave the switch in the dock of the TV screen. That will help in the entirety of your set purposes.

Things you will need to connect the Nintendo switch with your laptop?

1- A laptop.

2- Nintendo switch.

3- Nintendo Dock.

4- Gaming capture card.

5- HDMI Cables.

6- Software.

Nintendo dock arrives with a console, and it is the only way to connect the switch and view it on a TV or a monitor. The question that people mostly ask is that:

What is a game capture card used for?

A game capture card helps you to stream console gaming via laptops or PC. To make it easier, call it a connector. It has both the input HDMI and output HDMI ports along with the USB ports.

They help to connect to your laptop’s operating system. Furthermore, you should use a high-end game capture card for a smooth and lag-free sound and gaming.

For example, Elgato by a well-known brand Corsair is getting fame these days. This latest card is HD60 A model, and it gives 1080 pixels resolution with fps 60. Moreover, the USB 3.0 Type C will give you the best experience with no lag at all!

However, all the laptops don’t come with a USB Type C port. So then, you can go for the HD60 model that will work for you. Also, it will not be super fast like Type C connectivity.

However, an HDMI cable is also on the list of required items for this task. Now, the best thing is that your capture game card arrives with a cable. Also, the game’s switch comes with one. However, if you still don’t have it, then make sure to keep one. Because that’s a vital part of the task.

Moreover, you will surely need software to work with the laptop and the switch. And, you will also need it for docking and using the capture card. You can go to the manufacturer’s site and download the software for free!

When you have learned all the information and the reasons for the requirements, let me tell you what to do next.

What will you need to do?

1- First of all, disconnect your HDMI cable of the Nintendo Switch from the TV.

2- Plug your Nintendo’s HDMI cable into your HDMI In port on the HD60 Elgato HDMI card.

3- Now, open up your game capture card HD on the laptop.

4- Press the HOME button on any of your controllers because this will turn on the Nintendo console.

5- Now, connect the USB cable to your laptop and your capture card. This USB cable would have come with HD60 Elgato.

6- Within a few seconds, you will notice the Nintendo’s home screen within your game capture HD.

7- Also, you will see a full-screen option on the right side of your Game Capture HD. You have to select it. So, it will cover the whole screen.

8- The Nintendo footage will fill the whole screen automatically. However, be careful that you don’t touch the keyboard or mouse till then.

Now, you are ready to play the games on the TV screen. Also, there is another method of playing games on the laptop. If you don’t have a capture card HDMI, then don’t worry. That’s because you can still play games on the laptop with your PC version.

Likewise, you don’t have to get a new controller or learn one for gaming. That’s because many controllers are connectable to laptops and computers, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Moreover, there are many games available for Nintendo on desktop or PC versions. For instance, you will find Nintendo switch video games on the Microsoft app store. Furthermore, you can also find them on Steam,  Windows 10, and Epic Games. However, some games are an exception here. These include Super Mario games, Pokemon gaming series, as well as an Animal crossing.

But, some devices also support cross-saving on a PC or laptop. These games are quite popular on online sites like Minecraft and Fortnite.  That sounds like you can do gaming on the Nintendo Switch first. And can carry it back to the switch when ready.

How can you set up the capture card for your targeted laptop?

If you can, afford a gaming capture card, that’s even good. Because you can buy an Elgato gaming capture card that is HD60. It is a USB Type C 3.0 capture card. It will cost you $160 only, and you can play Nintendo Switch games as much as you want.

 That would let you face no lag at all. Moreover, you must know that the HDMI cable runs to the Elgato from the switch’s dock. Also, its USB connector will run from that side to your device.

 But, all you have to do is to download the HD game capture program. You can download it from Elgato’s website. And that is all. You can do gaming wherever you want. That is the perfect thing because you cannot take the monitor everywhere you want.

So, how was the information for you? Hopefully, you are ready to buy your Nintendo switch capture card and start switching. But, don’t forget that you can also do switching with the gaming laptops! So, take any of the best gaming laptops under 1500 and get to your work now!

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