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Using a laptop is fun and a comfortable device but,  sometimes you feel bored with it. So, using a laptop as entertainment will not entertain you.

As the pandemic is going on, you need time to rest and chill with yourself. You can watch TV shows and programs on a big TV screen. Of course, laptops can’t give you enough big screens. But what if you can connect the computer to a wireless TV? You can then enjoy watching TV by sitting on a sofa. In this article, you will learn to connect a laptop wirelessly to your TV.

Streaming laptops are good only until they are in your lap or on the table near you. This thing can give you neck aching and sore eyes if you focus a lot more on them. So yes, the wireless connection is the right choice in this case.

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Wirelessly connecting the TV to the laptop

You can do this process by direct WiFi or by using a feature called Miracast.  Also, your TV must be advanced enough to support a mirroring element. Here, mirroring means that your laptop and TV play the same content. You can handle it with a cable or without a cable. Mostly, the latest smart TVs are coming with this feature. Also, your laptop must be supportive of this feature as well.

But, do you know whether your laptop supports this feature or not? check out your laptop’s processor details on google for that. Now, for connecting wirelessly, hold the TV remote and go to the source of screen mirroring.

Now, there will be a screen that has a TV name on it. With that, go to your laptop and press the Windows logo button.  Now, type settings, and you will go to the connected devices option. After that, you will see add device option at the top side, so click on it. It will drop a whole list of devices that you can mirror.

Now, you will select your device, and at the same time, your laptop will start to mirror the TV. So, this will let you connect the TV to the computer. The best thing is that your laptop settings add the TV’s name in the ‘add device’ list. So, this is super comfortable for you to connect again in the future.

How to mirror with MacBook?

Now, besides Windows laptops, you can also connect your MacBook reflect TV for mirroring. As said earlier, you will mirror the computer with the TV. You will do this for a wireless connection. All the steps are the same here, like in Windows laptops for connection.

 But, you only have to use Airplay for mirroring. Moreover, your smart TV must have an option for connecting Airplay. That’s because Airplay also requires you to communicate with both devices.

You will find the Airplay option on your MacBook under the settings options. Also, you Will find the Display option there as well. All other settings will remain the same.

Connecting with USB

If your TV is of a new model, then there must be a USB Type C port available in it. That’s a strong plus as well. That’s because you can connect your device to the TV. You can do it through USB and watch whatever you want.

Connect this USB stick with all the files you like to play with or an external drive. Plug it into the port and choose the favorite channel on the USB to watch on TV. Now, explore it and locate then start playing.

Moreover, in wireless connections, you have choices like Apple TV, Roku, and Google Chromecast. They help you send your streaming laptop’s signals to the TV. And the signals will go over the WiFi configurations.

Though we are talking about wireless connections, I will discuss the most common association. It is an HDMI connection.

Connecting with an HDMI Cable

Every device has an HDMI port outside, and your laptop and TV also have one. So, buy an HDMI cable and connect both the devices with it. Now, choose the actual HDMI input you want to give to the devices.

 Press the AV button from the remote. Moreover, you can select the TV display according to your choice. For this purpose, you will press the Windows logo button and P button together. You will see the choice to choose the display.

Also, you can use a display port instead of an HDMI. That’s because it converts into DVI or HDMI. Furthermore, you can maintain both video and audio connections using a display port connection. So, this works instead of an HDMI port if you want to use it. However, its cable is not readily available, so people mostly don’t go for it.

Connecting with VGA

You can also use a VGA cable to connect both devices for mirroring. However, this is not a wireless connection. Furthermore, your laptop will have a VGA port if it is an old model. Now get a VGA cable with VGA ports on both sides and connect with both devices.

It would help if you turned on these devices already. Now, connect the audio jack of 3.5mm by using the headphones out port.

Now, go to your control panel and click on the display settings. You will go to adjust the resolution and make sure you have selected the TV in the drop-down box.

Connecting VGA to DVI

You can also connect VGA to DVI, and again, this is not a wireless method. You can only watch videos with this, but it will not work for audio. However, it’s that you can not get audio at all. You can connect speakers with it, or you can use an audio cord for that. But, this method will still be right for you.

So, these are some tricks with which you can wirelessly connect your device to your TV. You can follow the wireless as well as wired connections for connections. So, let’s take advantage of it using any laptops, even under $1500.

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