How To Connect Airpods To MacBook Pro – Step By Step Guide

Once you connect your Airpods to MacBook pro, you can enjoy music. Also, you can connect with Siri and use its free-hand mode as well. But, for all that, you must log in to your iCloud account. And, this is a whole procedure but is easy. So, let’s see How can we easily connect our MacBook Pro Airpods?

How can we connect and pair our earbuds with the  MacBook pro?

The process to connect Airpods to your MacBook is simple. It is very much similar to connecting with a normal laptop. And, for this, follow the given procedure.

  1. In the first step, put your Apple Airpods, in the casing. Also, hold the open casing, and put the Apple Airpods Pro in the casing. Now, hold the casing in your hand. Also, press the casing light. Now, see the status light.
  2. It will flash white and the Airpods and Airpods Pro turn on. And, the stepwise guide will go the same for the Pro mac computer. Also, the same goes for Macbook Air and also for MacBook Pro.
  3. And, go to the MacBook with the Airpods in hand. You will go to the Apple icon on the MacBook. Now, reach out to the settings on the system.
  4. So, from the settings, reach out to the system preferences. Now, click and turn on the Bluetooth connectivity.
  5. And, you will see a list where the Bluetooth connection devices appear.
  6. Choose the Airpods Pro or Airpods Pro from there. This depends on whatever Airpods are you using.
  7. And, your Bluetooth connection supports the Airpods. Now, enable the connection with the Airpods. There you go with the connection. You will hear Hey Siri from the Airpods connection. So, this is how you make the Airpods connected to your Mac.

What steps do I follow if AirPods do not connect with Mac?

Now, every MacBook user knows that Airpods is a Bluetooth device. Also, this is designed to connect the devices that are on the iCloud. But, that is not always the case. There are several reasons for Airpods and Airpods connection failure. Check out how to solve it.

  1. First of all, make sure that the system OS is updated. If your Mac is not connecting Airpods, go to the upper left corner. Now, there you will see the updated details of the MacBook. Now, see the version of the MacBook. And, if this one is an outdated version, update it.
  2. Now, go turn on the blue tooth settings. Whether it is Bluetooth headphones or any other device, turn it on. And, for that, go to the settings and connect with the Bluetooth icon.
  3. So, check now if the Airpods are already logged in to the iCloud account. That’s because this allows the blue tooth devices to connect easily. And, if it is not already logged in, pair it with a  MacBook. So, do the step-by-step procedure below for pairing and connecting.
  4. Hold the casing in the hands with the Airpods in them. Now, take them closer to your MacBook. And, hold their button till the status light flashes white. Now, they are on and prepared to pair.
  5. So, reach out to Bluetooth and read the device title there. Now, click on it and connect. This is how you do it.

Why don’t the AirPods Pro connect to my MacBook pro?

There are some reasons that people don’t know about MacBook connection failure. And, many people ask why don’t their Airpods connect. For this, they need to check several settings. And, these settings or reasons for errors are below.

Having an older version of the MacBook also results in AirPods connection failure. And, many people don’t know about that.

So, go to the screen upper left corner of the MacBook. And, check out the version there. The expected reason is the older version. So, click on its update button and use it.

The second reason is the Bluetooth connection. Your Bluetooth may have connected with some other device. Or, it also has a video connection. So, in this case, reach out to the settings.

 And, check out their system preferences menu. So, you will find Bluetooth connection details. So, from there click on the sound option as output. And, this will enable your MacBook to connect with Airpods.

And, the connection technique is the same again. Just keep them in their casing and press it. Also, keep pressing and holding the button.

Keep pressing until it flashes white. Now, once the status light flashes white, they are ready to pair. Take the Airpods Max or Pro close to the system and go to MacBook settings.

Also, you will fins the exact equipment name in the Bluetooth settings. Now, connect it with the AirPods and enjoy.

  1. Sometimes, your software also glitches and needs a restart. So, restart your MacBook and try again. For restarting, go to the Apple icon on the left upper side. And, click on it and then click on the restart or power off button. This may help you with the connection.

Are all AirPods compatible with MacBook Pro?

Not all types of Airpods work with MacBook pro. For this, there is a generation difference and version difference.

So, the second generation Airpods connect with MAC OS MOJAVE 10.14. And, your third-generation Airpods connect with Mac OS Sierra.

Why isn’t my Bluetooth working on my Macbook pro?

This sometimes happens for a bug in the system software. So, go to your MacBook system preferences. And, from there click on the Bluetooth option. Now, click on the Show Bluetooth bar option. And, together, click on the shift and option.

And, tap the Bluetooth option that you see. Now, you will see a Debug option in the settings. Go there and click on it. Also, choose reset Bluetooth module, and there you go. Your settings are good to go.

How do I connect Soundcore to my MacBook pro?

Just take them out and you see the flashing white light. Now, click on the P2 listed in the blue tooth devices list. So, click on it and click on connect. However, if your earbud doesn’t flash, put it back for charging.


So, this is how you connect your Airpods with your MacBook pro or Air. Just pursue the guide you got above. And, be sure about the version and generation matches. This will make it easier for you to connect the Airpods.

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