How To Connect 2 Laptops With HDMI

How to connect 2 laptops with HDMI? Connecting one laptop to another is easier than you think. Because you need just one HDMI cable, and a smart card along with the laptop that is my topic for today, so, only connecting the capture card with the laptop through an HDMI cable will help a lot.

We usually use one laptop at a time, which is the best one to use. So, staying at home or going to work, we can easily take one laptop with us. But, for a professional, this game is unique. Any professional graphic designer or any such user handles two laptops at a time skillfully.

 And, so, they handle them together for a bigger purpose. This can be like handling two projects at the same time. But, often users also use two laptops together to get a bigger view.

This can be for better graphics or they may be using podcasting laptops. And, also, they may use it for gaming purposes which is a fun experience. And, taking a view of one laptop on another is called screen mirroring. However, this screen mirroring also helps exchange data or use a blue tooth. So, last time, I told you how to use one mouse for two laptops.  And, this time, we are mirroring two laptops with a capture card.

Purchase a capture card in the first place

Now, purchase a capture card that has an HDMI port. Also, for a high-resolution result on the screen, get a card keeping that feature in mind.

Installing OBS on a secondary laptop

Now, it’s time to install OBS ‘Open Broadcaster Software. This software is used for screen recording and live streaming, and so it is best for screen mirroring as well. And that’s why we are installing it on the second laptop. So, once you have installed it, you can open it and follow the given steps.

How To connect two laptops with HDMI Cable :

1-Now, to connect the two laptops, and for that, plug the capture card into the secondary laptop. And, you can connect it once you have OBS with it.  You can follow this procedure with laptops for streaming or gaming laptops under 500. Now, connect the other side with the capture card.

 However, you can buy an adapter instead of an HDMI port for your laptop. That is also the best option. And, the best adapters are Apple adapters. These are long-lasting, and you can use them for your charger or any USB device.

2-Now, once you have connected a capture card with the secondary system, you will see an option ‘setting up a device.’

3-So, you will open and optimize OBS for the virtual camera. And, on the secondary laptop, you will choose the option ‘I will use the virtual camera’ and then, click on the next option below. You will get the next option twice, so click it twice and apply settings.

4-Now, you will add a capture card as your OBS source. And, you will see a plus sign on the Source. So, click on it and you will see a list. Now, pick a video-capturing device. Also, type a name that you want for your capture card in the create a new section and click OK.

5-You will use your capture card as your input device. And, it is better to name your capture card something like ‘video capture’. This will appear in the drop-down menu.

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Two steps away from connection

6-It is time to verify your choice and adjust the OBS window size by resizing it on the screen. Once you have selected the capture card, go back to the main laptop. This is the laptop that we are mirroring.

7-You will see it in the OBS and click the ok that appears on the screen. Now, you are only two steps away from mirroring the secondary laptop.

8-After the secondary screen, this primary laptop also needs to resize the screen. So, set the OBS window and resize it according to your need. This is now ready to use with the secondary device, and it is good to go. Just click on the OK option, and there it is. You can play games on a bigger screen on some laptops for under $1500.

Or, making videos on a larger screen and then making music are exceptional experiences like this. This trick saves you from double trouble setting up two different gaming laptops or other laptops separately.

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So, this trick is the best trick among others. However, there is one other technique that is of PC. But, connecting one laptop with the other is the best option.  However, if you still want to connect with a PC, a quick guide is below.

Connecting PC with a laptop for mirroring

Take a cable and connect it to a PC. Now, connect the other side with the laptop. And turn on the monitor and change the input. You will choose the HDMI option. Also, on the laptop, you will choose the display setting with some Display options appearing on the screen.

Once you have adjusted the settings, click on the OK option and there you go! Your laptop or gaming laptop is ready to mirror, and you can go quickly with the more giant screens.

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Now, connecting two laptops with an HDMI is the easiest thing to do. And, now you got your answers that how to connect 2 laptops with HDMI. So, pick the above easiest technique and try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect two laptops with an HDMI?

Yes, you can easily connect two laptops using an HDMI cable. And, for that, you will need a capture card. Also, for screen mirroring you can also connect a monitor for a bigger screen.

Is it possible to use two laptops at the same time for the dual monitors?

Yes, it is possible and easily possible to connect two laptops together. This is done to screen record, live stream, or screen mirror the second display system.

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