How To Clone A Hard Drive – Best way To Clone HDD

Here is the best way to clone a hard drive. Most people need to clone their data when they want to reset their systems. In this regard, they want to protect every data f using later. So, when they need to create a back of, they usually clone the hard drive. But before I tell you how to clone a drive, I will explain what a clone drive is. Also, I will explain what the cloning software is.

What is a clone hard drive?

A cloned drive is a copy of data that you can make by using tools. Cloning copies and protects every bit of your data. You then send the cloned data from one drive to another.

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Also, you can do cloning by converting the written data into an image file. So, the other drive receives your sent files as the image contents.

However, you can do cloning by using cloning software. Let me tell you what cloning software is and how does it work.

What is cloning software?

Disk cloning software works as an operating system. It replicates the OS and patches as well as software. This clone hard drive software works to safe time. It removes all the technical processes done while installing the system manually. Now, when you have done, you are ready to follow the following steps:

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1-You can reboot your computer and restore it to the earlier version.

2-You can set several computers with their replicated configurations.

3-Also, you can replace your damaged hard drive, or you can upgrade their capacities.

4-Make a complete recovery of your system. It is useful in case of any computer failure or any software issues.

If you think that back up of data is similar to hard drive cloning software, you are wrong. There are several tecniques to use them, as well. Check out there uses:

Why you use backup software?

You keep a back up of files and folders for offline protection. Moreover, they are easy for remote access. Also, backing up a compete computer means you have included all the settings.

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It also includes all the applications. And, you have stored this data to an external or a local hard drive. Your software saves the data from the changes that occur in applications and data.

Also, the incremental data is fast enough than the new back up data. Moreover, it recovers all the backed up data from the drive without any flaw or loss.

Now let me tell you about the cloning software.

What do you use cloning software?

You use it to duplicate the configuration to set up computers identically. You will need to set one computer in the way you want. So, you have to create a clone on one device. Now you can install this clone on every other computer you need.

However, to upgrade your computer hardware, you will need to do more work. Only popping up in the cloned drive will not give results. Instead, you will need some vital features of the OS.

That is necessary to confirm if the hardware supports correctly or not. Moreover, you can use back up tools to restore a disk in the computer. That works with different hardware. Some of the best tools are Acronis True image 2021 and Acronis universal restore.

Steps before cloning a hard drive

Before you clone a hard drive, make sure you have a location to keep the cloned data. That can be your external drive or a built-in drive. You can manage it by connecting to the available hard drives. So, you do not require a new one.

Moreover, you can also use a USB or a SATA/IDE adapter.

You have to ensure that the other drive where you clone your data is more significant in space. That must be greater than the current drive.

Now, you will need to download a utility clone. You can use Super Duper Mac tool for macOS. However, you can use Macrium reflect free for Windows. This macrium tool Is free for Windows using.

If you want paid tools, you can have Paragon drive copy, and Ease US professional disk copy. Free tools are enough for easy use. For advanced tools, you can use encryption, elaborate file backups, and incremental cloning are there. These tools are for advance use.

After that, you have to format the hard disk first. So, you have to wait as it needs time. Also, you need to remove all the unnecessary files before cloning. You can use Avast Cleanup tool to detect and remove the extra programs and files.

How do you clone hard disk on Windows?

Now you are good to clone on Windows. First of all, you will need macrium to reflect on the cloning task. And you will use Avast cleanup for PC for removing extra files as mentioned earlier.

Now male sure that you have plugged in the targeted disk or present inside the PC. After that launch free macrium.

Make sure that you get familiarize with its interface. You will see your internal hard disks with the partitions on the above part. Also, you will see one more partition on the above side. They will have titles like 1-EF1 or maybe like 4-none. They will range from megabytes to gigabytes in size.

These are windows partitions for recovery, and they will let you launch repaired utilities. Also, they will inform you about booting as well. Moreover, this will be helpful if you need a functioned clone. Also, you can close and uncheck them if you want to keep some files out of it.

Then you can choose the option of cloning the disk and select the disk you want to clone. Your drive is still not formatted; you can choose the ‘delete existing partition’ option to restart formatting. Now, you can start cloning. Also, after cloning your drive is ready and you can use it in the desired system. It will boot in the start, and then you will find it the same. You can also save your cloned drive as a safe back up.

How can you clone a hard drive on a Mac OS?

Even Macintosh are very good at the internals. Still, there are often problems for users. There can be problems with the hard disks as their parts are moving. You can often face software failure or malware infection that damages your Mac.

To avoid such cases, you must know how to clone a head drive for mac OS. You can use the Super Duper mac tool for this purpose as well.

Before starting the cloning, you can clean the redundant files. For the task, you need to use Avast clean up tool for Mac.

Now, plug your external disk into your Mac PC. Your next step is installing Super Duper. Let it access your entire system by permitting it. It will also launch the app of system preferences. Now you will click on the lock and type your password. Moreover, you have to click on + sign and select Super Duper by browsing applications.

Now launch the installed Super Duper and tap on empty entry option. You can locate it under Copy option. Now select your targeted disk.

Now click on the copy option and wait for a few hours if you have files of gigabytes. When you have completed this task,  you are going to boot it. And you can press the ‘option’ tab while booting the system.

Choose another disk while doing this task. Now when that is complete, and you have got cloned data, you can put this drive in the same system. Or, you can also put in other Mac device.

That is how you can clone your hard drive for Mac OS or Windows. However, there is also another cloning method. And that is Clonezilla. Check out what is Clonezilla and how to use it for cloning.

What is Clonezilla?

It is a free program for open disk partition and image cloning. You can use this program for system backups, system deployments and full drive cloning.

Clonezilla program supports boot loaders, encryption and a vast range of file systems. Make sure to have an enormous second drive for cloning from Windows 10 Drive.

How can you use Clonezilla for cloning the drive in Windows?

1-The first step is to have a copy of Clonezilla program. You have to reach Clonezilla’s download page. Now select your file type to ISO. Now download the file and install it.

2-  Now create a USB bootable flash drive. You will need this drive of 1GB. Also, you will need a flash drive tool called Rufus. This drive will remove all the existing data present on the drive.

3-Now, reach out to the Rufus homepage. Download its latest version and install it. Also, open this tool and insert your flash USB Drive for sure. Under the ‘device’ tab, you have to select USB Drive option. Now  press the ‘select’ tab that is present right under the booting option. Your Rufus tool will choose the right option automatically for creating a bootable flash drive.

4-Now press the start button and the tool with automatically detect an ISO Hybrid image. Now continue to the option ‘wrote in ISO image mode’. The drive creation process doesn’t take much time as Clonezilla is a small program. Now, you have to connect another drive to the PC or laptop and make sure it is connected.

5-After that, you have to boot your PC or laptop by selecting the booting mode. You can do it easily by restarting the system. After that, you have to choose the button ‘boot menu selection’ for the hardware type.

6-Select Clonezilla lives that is default settings, VGA 800×600 after booting. Now, wait until the Clonezilla live environment gets loaded. Once you have done this, choose what language you want and what layout you prefer. Now when you reach the screen, select the option ‘start Clonezilla’.

Now, you will see the options on the screen, among which two options are necessary. These are device image and device-device.

  • Device image

In this process, you have to create one copy of the device to your disk image.

  • Device-Device

I know the heading sounds strange, but you have to work directly with your hard drive here. If I make it more simple, you have to create a copy into another drive storage form.

Here the first step will help you create a copy of your first drive. The next step will make a clone of it that you need.

As we are talking about creating clones for the hard drive, opt the second option. Now again, choose the next two options.

  • From disk to local disk option

Here, you will clone a disk into another hard drive.

  • Parting into local part

Now you will need another hard drive because you will clone one disk partition into another one. We are cloning the drive here so you are going to select the very first option. Its second option will let you keep its copy of secondary storage.

7-After all that, you need to select the drive that you are going to clone. Your drive will use Linux convention because Clonezilla is a Linux based program. So, your first drive will use the name ‘sda’. Similarly, your second drive will be ‘sdb’, and this will continue. However, you can change the sequence if you like.

Now, you will need to select the second storage, and it should be smaller. After this step, you will get three options:


You can also keep Clonezilla to run Clonezilla even after the process is complete.


You can reboot the Clonezilla after cloning.

3-Shutting down

Also, you can shut down the program when you have completed the task.

You can also do the same system on your laptop for gaming. Similarly, you can use any computer under 800 to run the program and to clone the drive.


So, I have mentioned different methods of cloning the drive whenever you need. You can benefit from this article whether you want to clone a Windows or a Macintosh laptop/PC. When will you clone your drive now.

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