How To Clean Laptop Screen

Using a laptop is the primary need these days as you have to handle your online tasks. Also, you can manage all your office work here. But using it daily makes it dirty as well. So, you have to take care of its cleanliness along with other essential tasks. The laptop screen catches dust very quickly. Also, it attracts other dirt and debris, especially when the laptop is on. So, you have to keep it clean on regular basis. So, the question is, how to clean your laptop screen gently and nicely?

You will get all your answers in this article because this is my topic of discussion today. Check out different methods of cleaning your laptop screen below!

1. Cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth

  1. The first and most comfortable way of cleaning your laptop screen is to use a microfiber cloth. This cloth is exceptionally soft with pale fibers and will be gentle for the screen. So, what you have to do is to:
  2. Take out the laptop plug and the battery as well.
  3. Rub the cloth on the screen in a gentle manner with circulatory motion. Cleaning the screen in circulation will let you take off some stubborn stains or dirt particles. Also, make sure to be gentle; otherwise, the screen may damage. Likewise, rubbing hard will cause pixels to burn on the screen.
  4. Now, to clean the frame, you will need any ordinary liquid solution. You can also take a spray bottle to use this solution as well.
  5. Gently clean the frame with a paper towel and make sure you don’t run the screen. That’s because using paper towels will leave scratches on the LCD screen.

Note: Make sure you don’t use any other cloth except microfiber for the LCD screen. That’s because using an old rough shirt, toilet paper, or tissue paper will create scratches. Also, these clothes or papers will leave their debris on the screen instead of cleaning. You can also not use paper for that. However, this will work for the other parts of the laptop but not for the screen.

2. Cleaning the screen with a cleaning solution

The next method is to use a cleaning solution for cleaning the LCD screen. Now, take out the laptop battery and unplug your device before that. It is even more important to unplug the computer and taking out the machine. Because this time, you are using a Liquid solution. For this solution, you have to:

Make gentle water solution by taking distilled water. This water must not contain any chemicals that may harm the screen. If you want a perfectly bright screen for old stains on the screen, use vinegar. You will take a 50/50 ratio of white vinegar and water.

However, do not use apple cider vinegar. Furthermore, the water must be distilled water and not tap water. That’s because we want germs and chemical-free liquid. Likewise, you cannot use ammonia or alcohols as well. You cannot use any other chemicals for this device cleaning.

Once you have made this solution, take an atomizer bottle and put it in the bottle. This bottle looks like a spray bottle or even a perfume bottle.

Pour the solution inside and screw its top finely. Take a fine microfiber cloth and spray the solution on it. Do not spray this solution directly on the laptop screen. It will create stains and will not clean nicely. Remember that you must not make the cloth completely wet. You have to moist it with the solution and not soak it. That’s why we are using an atomizer bottle here.

Now, be gentle and spray at one corner of the cloth and rub nicely in circulatory motion. Remember not to create pressure with fingers at all. And don’t press the fiber against the screen. Keep cleaning it with the same action and spray again on the clean side of the cloth if needed. If your screen is filthy, you will need to pass the solution and clean it several times. However, it will work in the end.

Note: You should not use any other cloth for the screen because this creates scratches. Also, take care that you don’t spray directly on the screen or make the cloth too damp. Otherwise, this will let the water drops pass into the screen from the edges. And that will damage the screen matrix. So, avoid direct contact with liquid with your device.

Things to note down:

  • 1- In case you don’t have a microfiber cloth, take a soft cotton cloth or an eyeglasses cloth. That’s because its stuff is very smooth, and it will create no scratches at all.
  • 2- Never use any spray or any liquid solution directly on the screen. Also, don’t use it on any other part of the laptop.
  • 3- Avoid using any alcohol solution on the screen, especially if it isopropyl alcohol. If there is an old stain that doesn’t leave the screen; use rubbing alcohol. However, you try to avoid it and manage with some other good quality chemical-free solution.
  • That’s because alcohol is too strong for any glass or electronic product. Suppose you have to use, a damp microfiber cloth with it then. Now rub it on the exact spot. Don’t ever use it on the whole screen. Just rub lightly on that and no matter how old the stain is, it’s gone!
  • 4- You can use any lint-free solution or any suitable glass cleaner if you can’t afford a branded solution. But, the using purpose and technique are the same. Even if you have lens solutions at home, you can go for them.

Furthermore, avoid using any soap solution or hand wash for this purpose. As I said, you cannot use any chemicals at all! Also, don’t use an old toothbrush or any stuff like that for the laptop frame.

So, this is how you can clean your laptop in three different ways with a lot of hacks. Mostly they are budget-friendly, and you can clean your gaming laptops with them. So, you can clean all laptops screen with these hacks. Which of these is your favorite hack for cleaning a computer?

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