How to clean a laptop Safely In 5 Easy steps

how to clean a laptop

Using a laptop is one thing and cleaning is the other. You can use a laptop for a long time if you keep it clean. Whatever brand you use, you have to properly clean it. And, that is the question today. How to clean a laptop there are different methods of cleaning laptops without ruining them. You can follow the step wise procedure safely. So, let’s see different time-saving tips.

Start Cleaning Your Laptop :

Cleaning a laptop is simple but tricky at the same time. That’s because you have to clean the display. And, a little more pressure will damage the screen. At the same time, you have to avoid scratching the screen.

How do I clean my laptop without ruining it?

For cleaning your laptops, you can use a clean cloth. Also, on the cloth, you can apply a cleaning solution. Now, clean the surface of the laptop.

And, first of all, clean your laptop screen. For cleaning it, hold the screen with a hand from the back. And, slowly clean the display to and forth.

But, make sure not to wipe in a circular motion. That’s because this may result in screen scratches.

Also, it is better to use cotton wraps to avoid scratches. Now, slowly clean the keyboard with that cloth also. But, if your laptop has a lot of dirt and grime, use another clean cloth.

What can I use to clean and disinfect my laptop?

To disinfect your laptop, you have to understand the difference. Many people think that they are the same thing. But, they are not. Cleaning a system is different.

 And, disinfecting is to prevent your clean laptop from germs. So, they both are poles apart. Now, people use household cleaners for disinfecting systems. But, these cleaners are a failure for germs.

So, you will need isopropyl alcohol with a ratio of 70%. Also, mix 30% of water with it. Now, this solution is ready to use.

Now, take a disinfecting wipe or a microfiber cloth. And, dip it well in the liquid and squeeze the water out. Also, start cleaning from the display.

Now, follow the same technique as above. Clean the display first and then the keyboard. However, make sure you don’t use a drenched cloth.

Also, take out all the cables and USBs before cleaning. And, it is even better to remove the battery as well.

How do I deep clean my laptop?

For deep cleaning, you will need a hand vacuum. And, you can clean laptops screen and laptop keyboards. But it is the easiest way for deep cleaning the keyboard. You can clean a gross laptop with a small vacuum. You need to put the smallest attachment on.

Also, this attachment will go deep through the keys. And, not only dust, but it will take out hair also. So, this is the best back for those who use MacBook. That’s because MacBooks have deep-designed keys. And, dust stuck in between them.

Now, another substitute is compressed air. You can use compressed or canned air for keyboard cleaning. And, this is a tricky method. Always hold your laptop at 75 degrees. This helps the dust get slipped out of the keys.

And, the compressed air pushes the dust out. Also, if you don’t tilt the keyboard, the dust will get even deeper. This is all due to the air pressure.

Can you clean laptop screen with alcohol?

Yes, you can clean the system and wipe the screen with alcohols. However, make sure to not directly spray cleaner or alcohol. And, just use a 70% ratio of alcohol with 30% water to make a dilute of it.

 Now, use  paper towels and dip and fringe them. And, clean short bursts on the screen. The same is the technique for the keyboard. So, it is easy and reliable technique for cleaning laptops internals.

Can I use makeup wipes to clean my laptop?

Makeup wipes are always wet. Or, they come already damp. So, it is not good to use damp wipes to clean the laptop.

And, if you have dry wipes, use some recommended cleaning solutions. Now, people think that water and solutions are both wet.

 But, the problem is about drinking water or tap water. They leave marks or water drops on the screen. Also, the display or the system loses shine. So, do not use water or wet wipes at all.

Can you clean a laptop with Clorox wipes?

Apple brand allows to clean laptops with Clorox. However, Russell does not recommend it at all. That’s because any system with a standard LCD gets damaged. And, this leaves a stain and so many scratches on the screen. So, no matter what brand is, you should not use alcohol or cloth to remove stains.

How often should I clean my laptop screen?

To clean your laptop, it must be a daily task. That’s because your laptop attracts a lot of dust. And, this mostly happens when the screen is on. Also, using a laptop daily invites germs as well. So, make sure to clean the system regularly.

 You can keep a good keyboard or display cleaner at home. And, take a dry wipe and clean the screen and keyboard after use. You can also clean it with alcohol to avoid germs. And, this procedure is discussed above already.

 So, make sure to clean your laptop on regular basis. But, if you want to do a detailed cleaning, do it after 6 months. And, for this, you can follow a proper procedure. So, make sure to follow it in detail to avoid any mistakes.


So, you can clean your laptop by following the above steps. And, they all are tried and tested without any risks. Just make sure to not spray anything directly on the screen. Also, make sure to turn off the system and take the power cable out.

And, avoid pressing the screen while cleaning. These tips are for gaming laptops under $600, or under 1500 dollars. And, they work for any system of any range.

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