How To Charge Laptop Without Charger

Often you want to hang out with friends or family with a laptop to stream movies. Because it is quite ideal for watching movies on a beach or an island. But what if you have not charged the device? That will spoil all your plans. But today I have brought some tricks for you that will help you charge your laptop without any charger! Keep reading because you will learn three different techniques of how to charge the laptop without a charger. Check it out!

How you can charge your device without its charger?

As we all know, every laptop comes with a built-in battery, and it requires electricity to charge. However, we also know that it is best to set up a computer with a charging cable. The cable runs electricity from plug to battery, and it is indeed the best way of charging.

However, when it comes to charging a laptop without a power adapter, you can use the USB connector as well. Check out the details below.

Types of USB connectors

Connecting a USB connector with a laptop depends on which type of USB connector you are using. However, you can find it out by the end of the cable. If you use a wired keyboard or a wired mouse, check out its cable with the metal.

If its metal is rectangular, then it is a type A  connector. Now, this is the most commonly used USB connector. Even your cell phone has a USB type A connector to charge your phone.

 Typically when people talk about a USB or a USB connector, they mean a USB type A connector. However, you cannot use this type of connector to charge a laptop. It can share data as much as you need it.

Furthermore, there is a USB that is a Type C port. That is indeed the best port with an oval shape metal at the end of the port. It is more potent than Type A and even more vital. Also, USB Type-A powers 10Gbits, and it is USB 3.1. And USB Type C has a speed of 20 G bits, and it is USB C port 3.2. So, check out how you will charge your laptop with a Type C USB port.

How can you charge your device with a Type C port?

You can charge a laptop with a Type C port if your computer contains a built-in laptop with a Type C port. All you need to do is to check that the cable includes an ac adapter at the end. Most people use this Type C port to charge their laptops. Now, you will plug one cord into the outlet and the other one into your computer.

Well, what to do if you have not got a USB cable nearby or an outlet? Perhaps you cannot reach a store every time. So, there are some other plans then.

First, you have to take care to check out the internals while buying a laptop. Make sure to buy a computer with a USB C port always. Also, your gaming laptops shall contain a USB C port as well. You will find this port in almost all HP laptops. Again, you can buy such kinds of laptops under 1500 as well.

The next trick is to charge a laptop in a car. But the question is:

How can you charge the device in your vehicle?

If you have planned to go on a hike, a beach, or a ride then you will have a car. And, if you are coming from an airport, then you will get a car of course. So, in all cases, you will be near your vehicle when you need to charge your laptop. That’s why this trick is easy. You will need an ac power adapter and a USB charger for the car as well. Now, when you have all these, follow the following steps:

1– Turn on your car engine.

2- Now take your car charger and plug it into the charging port. However, in the latest cars, there are USB ports already available. You can directly charge them.

3- Now connect this universal adapter to the port.

That will charge the laptop efficiently. How was that? Now check out the third trick of charging a laptop.

How can you charge your laptop with your power bank?

Charging your laptop with a power bank is the easiest way you will ever find. It is precisely like charging the laptop with a charger. You don’t have to plug this power adapter into any outlet.

 Also, you will have to connect your laptop with a USB Type-A port if your computer is not powerful enough. However, if your device has strong internals, the Type C port will work well for you. This external battery charger will also charge your tablet or smartphone.

It has a fast supply of power, and it does not even take up space. So, yes, this will be good work for you. Also, your power bank requires charging. So, use it only when you need it the most. And always make sure to keep your power bank in your bag while leaving home.

So, these three tricks work like a lifesaver when you have no charger around, and you want to charge your laptop. Even your Intel core i7 laptops also get good charging with these charging hacks. Again, you should see the internals before buying a computer and prefer a Type C port device. For this, I recommend you to buy HP laptops as this brand is a participant in Amazon.  Furthermore, laptops of different manufacturers will also work well with these hacks.

However, you have to keep in mind to protect your laptop while traveling and secure it in a casing with a laptop bag. HP is also famous for its best traveling backpacks, and you can try them too.

Moreover, keeping a USB cable or a power bank in your laptop traveling bag to connect the laptop and charge in a car or with an ac adapter is essential.

So, do let me know how these tips worked for you.

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