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What happens if you are on a trip and the laptop charging goes zero? This will be a trouble of course. So, there are many gaming laptops also that drain more battery. And, you are not always able to charge the desired laptop in the car. But, what if you can? Except for the power adapter, you can use multiple substitutes. So, must learn how to charge a laptop in a car?

How can I charge a laptop in my car?

For laptop charging, there are mainly three techniques you can follow. Also, these include USB car charger hacks during traveling. So, check out how can you easily charge your laptop.

Charge with a power bank

This is one of the direct or easy ways to charge laptop. That’s because you will not need any charging ports separately. And, that’s a plus because charging the laptop is easy in cars. All you need is a power banks without any other power outlet. All you have to do is to connect the power bank with your system. And, for best gaming laptops like  Macbook Pro or HP laptop, go for heavy-duty power bank. You can get dual USB power bank as well. Also, the best is to have USB TYPE C power adapter.

 And, this will be for heavy-duty laptops. But, if you have normal laptops, go for a USB TYPE A adapter. These adapters are  good substitutes for battery charger.

Use a power inverter

Power Inverters are also the best substitute as laptops charger. And, if you don’t have it, purchase power inverter dc online. However, a car inverter is easily available offline too. But, you better buy it online. That’s because you get reliable stores online for car power inverter.

However, these are not direct sources of charging at all. You have to use a simple charger. And, you will get power delivery from the cars battery. But the car’s battery has DC power that is not for laptop. Also, laptops use ac power. So, you use car charger by converting the power. And, take care that the voltage remains the same.

 You will get the following voltage in inverters and dc to ac. These inverters are 200w car power and inverter dc. And, there is 300w power inverter, also, 200w car power inverter. However, you can also get car power inverter dc 12v. And, maxboost 300w power inverter dual and power inverter dc 12v. So, you can also have a 300w power inverter dual 110v. You have to change the dc in ac before charge.

So, pure sine wave inverter will help you do so. For example, pure sine wave helps like 12v to 110v ac. Or, you can say that dc 12v to 110v or  12v dc to 110v will work. And, inverter dual 110v ac outlet will also work fine for you. So, you just have to plug the charger in sine wave inverter. And, it gives a power outlet from dc to ac outlet and 24a24w.

How can we safely plug the laptop in cars?

1.Connect the charger with foval 200w car power inverter.

2.Plug your charger with the inverter.

3.Also, plug the charging pin in the laptop.

Now, this will transfer electricity from DC to AC in the laptop. So, you can go to Amazon product review to find out best inverter. And, make sure to check out their affiliate disclaimer that is a disclosure.

How can I do laptop charging with USB Type C?

Charging a laptop with a car battery is also a life saving hack. And, you can use 24a24w Usb charger that is a car charger. Also, it is made of aluminum. But, stay conscious about the battery car power. The voltage must be same for both of the systems. And, this  point is most important to take care of. For example, the battery cars outlet is maxboost 300w. It should be the same for the laptop charger as well.

Now, connect the laptop charger with the battery charger. And, you will see immediate charging has started. That’s easy because you don’t need any software settings. Every Type C port in the laptop supports the charging. So, this is how you do dc 5v Usb battery charger technique.

Now, people ask a lot about using a mobile charger for laptops.  That’s because a phone charger takes a low voltage and laptops don’t. So, the ac outlets will not match at all. This also results in mobile or laptop burn. So, only use a laptop charger for this charging.

Can we shut down the laptop while charging?

This is the most asked question. And yes, we can charge our laptops when they are off. But, this is only for modern laptops. That’s because all modern laptops have lithium-ion batteries now. And, they take charge while turned off. You get these batteries in 1500 dollars laptops. And, you can also have them in $600 laptops.

Shall I charge my laptop at 12 volts?

Yes, you can. You can find so many laptops on Amazon for 12 volts. And, many inverters are also there for dc 12v to give an output if 24v ac. So, you can easily opt for them.

At what percentage do I charge the laptop?

It is better to charge the laptop at 40. And, try to maintain the charging. So that, the battery doesn’t get too low for charging. This will harm the battery life. And, make sure to keep the system cool.  

What if your laptop doesn’t turn on?

There can be a different reason for the laptop not turning on. And, these include the motherboard, RAM, and battery life issues. Also, it can be poor charging that led to an empty battery. So, first of all, make sure the power cable is plugged finely. And, then if your battery was already low, let it charge. But, if it is not the case, this could be the motherboard. You must check it then.


 So, there are mainly here different methods for charging laptops. These work as life-saving hacks when you don’t have electricity. Also, they are safe to use so you can follow them. All you need is to take care of voltage.

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