How To Boost MacBook’s Speed In 2022

How To Boost MacBook's Speed

Are you a MacBook Air user, or do you use MacBook pro and want to boost the speed? Are you having complaints about the dropping speed day by day? If yes, this article is for you. That’s because in this article I am telling you how can you boost MacBook’s Speed.

MacBook users often have issues with speed, but it happens with time. Your MacBook runs slow as time passes and as much as you use. You need to take improvement measures for speed and avoid that beach ball running on the screen. So, let’s learn multiple steps to speed up your Macbook.

Boost Macbook’s speed The Way I Am Telling You?

You can speed up your mac speed by following some essential steps I’m mentioning below. One most significant and primary step is to free up your mac’s storage space. However, it’s necessary to create a backup of your complete data before you proceed.

You can do it by running a time machine on any of your external drives. After this, you are ready to go!

1. Clean up your Macbook storage space To Boost Speed

In most cases, you need to clean your mac storage to speed up your mac device. You need to free up some data from your SSD. That’s because the more data your SSD holds, the slower it will be. So, check out the data consumption and remaining data by going to your Macbook’s drive.

Click on the Apple logo that’s present on the top left and reach out to the ‘About this Mac’ option. Now, go to storage and see the maximum capacity consumption. If the consumed capacity is maximum, go to ‘manage’ options and free up space. You will find three different recommendations for cleaning up the drive space.

The first recommendation will tell you to cloud photos, documents, and every data with a brilliant result. You can free your desktop space by shifting all the data on the iCloud. The best thing is that your pictures get saved on the iCloud in high resolution.

It takes less space in the cloud, and Apple calls it an optimized version. Furthermore, an iPhone user can save loads of photos in the iCloud ranging up to 5GB.

However, it will cost them. A mac user can also buy the premium plans that start from 0.99$ for 50GB of iCloud space per month. It has bigger budget plans like 200GB space for $2.99 monthly and 2TB space for $9.99.

But, these plans are quite affordable than buying a new MacBook. What do you think?

You get the second option of optimizing the storage by removing the used or unused apps of movies or shows you have watched. Furthermore, a third option will automatically clean out the trash in the MacBook for above 30 days. And there comes the option of  Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ Reducing Clutter. ‘ It will delete all the unsupported files, and that are no longer in use. It will detect those files and will also remove them.

2. Using First Aid On Macbook OS To Boost Speed

The next tip is to use the First aid tool in Mac OS. This tool is an application cleaner. When a mac user installs any application, it comes along with a piece of software. This software has files that take permission from the OS about the specific files the users can use.

But the permission changes as time passes. So, it results in lagging, freezing, and crashing. The Mac OS deals with this crashing by a tool called Disk Utility, a built-in tool.

This tool lets the Macbook run the first aid. Now, run the MacBook in recovery mode and follow your Apple support instructions for a complete guide.

3. Login Items Problem

One of the main reasons for a slow-running MacBook is that your device has too many applications for starting up. So, the booting gets slower.

 More often, your applications are not set by yourself. But, they are already there by default. To avoid this, go to the system preferences and then users and groups.

Now, click on the login items, and there will be a list of applications. Now highlight the applications you want to stop logging in to.

There is a minus sign against them, and you will commune them. That is how you avoid slow booting due to apps.

Furthermore, the speed also matters for the type of Macbook you use. If your Macbook runs Catalina, Mojave, or even System Preferences, you need to update it.

 Click on the software update, and your device will update it. If it has no update at all, install it.

Now, you can not only blame the applications. There are also user caches, and you can check the usage there. Press the command, then shift and G together from your keyboard. It will take you to the ‘Go to folder’ option, and then you will reach out to typing, library, and caches.

You shall see gigabytes residing there. But, you don’t have to be amazed to see that. There is the bigger one, and that is for web browsers. You have to delete the cache files and the files that are mostly not in use.

4. Reset SMC on Macbook Minis, IMAC, Pro IMACS

This trick will be quite helpful for you if you are super lazy also. Just plug out your Macbook and wait until 20 seconds end. Now, plug it in again, and there you go! Problems solved.

5. Reset your battery removable battery MacBook SMC

This trick is for those who have a MacBook with a removable battery. Please turn off the MacBook and take the battery out of it. Now, keep pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds. Once you have done that, fix the battery you have taken out and turn it on. There you go with a flawless MacBook performance.

6. Setting Up PRAM

You can try this technique on all types of Macbooks, which will be a good tip for you. For resetting the PRAM, you will turn off the Macbook. Once you shut it down, press and keep holding the command options as well as the P buttons. It would be best if you pressed it until the MacBook takes a reboot. This rebooting will sort out the performance as well as speed issues.

So, these tricks are beneficial if you are having problems with speed on your device. Also, following any of the above tricks will be helpful for you. So, which one is your favorite trick?

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