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Are you thinking to buy a laptop for regular use? And you don’t know how much storage you will need in your laptop? Then you came here at the right time. That’s because this article will be a complete guide for all your questions. You will get to know the answers that. how much storage do I need on my laptop? So, check it out.

How much storage do I need on my laptop?

How much storage i need on my laptop. It is never sure how much internal storage you will be needing in the future. However, this storage is expandable. But you can figure out how much storage you need at least. Choosing a storage depends that what form of data you need to store.

You will never find everyone having same storage capacity in the laptop. Instead, it is different from one  person to another according to their need and data. A student needs the minimum storage for storing text data and also Sims 4 Laptops to run all expansion pack. A professional needs a heavy duty storage for keeping text data as well videos and high resolution pictures.

 Also, it relies on the laptop model you want to buy and what do you need it for?

 For example, if you are willing to buy Apple MacBook you will get 512GB or 256GB storage in the laptop. However, its high-end model will give you more storage but you will need to spend more. Approximately, you will need to spend $200 at least to enhance the storage on the MacBook air model or MacBook Pro.

Moreover, if you are targeting Microsoft Surface laptops, you will get them in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage. Likewise, you will receive 1TBs in this laptop.

While discussing this topic, I often find people confused about ssd or hdd. So, here is the answer.

Whether you should have SSD or HDD?

Having SSD is good if you are looking for a high-speed drive. It stores the data on the microchips and you get flawless performance. Also, the flash chips use less power so there are less chances of drive failure or low speed.

However, the HDD is cheaper with lots of storage and noise as well. It creates noise because it is made with different parts that move while working. But you will definitely not like it when you are indulged in some important task. It sounds awkward as well. Moreover, it may stop working if you accidentally drop your device. So, it is risky to have an HDD for a travelling person.

 Therefore, you should prefer SSD over HDD for the above reasons. As far as the storage is concerned, it depends that what do you need it for?

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What is your laptop used for and how much storage needed in your laptop?

If you are a student or a regular user, you will not need huge space on your laptop. Instead, you can be good with 128 GB laptop or maximum of 256 GB laptop of solid state drive. With this storage you can create your documents, send lots of emails and do regular gaming as well. However, this is not a gaming laptop, but you can use it for regular gaming only.

Moreover, if you want to create a backup of your data like media files or lots of photos, you will need maximum of 512GB of sdd storage. So, any student can easily find out the targeted laptop with this storage.

However, one question still comes to mind that:

Is 512GB sufficient storage for your laptop and for you?

Well, this storage is enough if you are not buying a gaming laptop and you are not a creative. Because, a high quality game will require 5GB space and a 4K display will need 1GB storage as well. So, for media files and regular use with spreadsheets and streaming, this storage is more than enough for you.

For this storage, you can search any laptops for college students 2021 in your range. These laptops will be budget friendly as well.

Are you are a gamer or a creative user?

While learning about storage, it is also necessary to know what is your extreme use? Being a gamer or a creative user, you can not go with a student’s laptop. So, if you want to get a gaming laptop you should get 1TB of storage. It will be good for creative work and to handle your lengthy projects as well. Moreover, you will not have any difficulty due to  the run out of space for this use.

However, you will need a good graphic card if you want this laptop for gaming. Moreover, you should have a flexible budget as well.

I also got another question that is:

What capacity of RAM do I need for Windows 10?

If you want a laptop with the Windows 10 operating system, your minimum requirements will be 4GB. However, this storage capacity is the least requirement. If you need do editing or graphics designing on Windows 10 laptop, your range must be of 8GB-16GB RAM.

Many There are many 8GB laptops that have expandable storage.  This will give a flawless performance and that’s why it is also the  editors’ pick. This will also let you work on 3D modeling, CAD and helps to run the processing of 4K video. So, this RAM will make a heavy duty system for your professional team as well.

What you can do with SSD capacities?

However, the above mentioned details are enough to know what storage you will need for the laptop. Still, if you have any confusion about it, check out the details that how much storage will be good for what? This guide will wipe out all the remaining questions then.

An average 30-32GB capacity is never an ideal choice. So, you should not think about it of you want to use Windows 10. A 60-64GB capacity will be to keep a few programs and run a few streaming. However, you will need to keep a good online storage. Moreover, browsing the web is also slow. So, it is not ideal as well.

120-128GB storage devices let you run a few programs and do lightweight gaming. However, the need of extra  online storage is still there. Moreover, 250-256GB will run the programs if you install the operating system. It helps for streaming but still not good for professional use. For 500-512GB, you will need another drive for a gaming laptop. There are also some best gaming laptops under 600 that will work  good for your task.

1TB-4TB SSD accomplishments

1TB storage will let you install many applications and these TB storage are also good for gaming laptops and for keeping heavy duty files. Moreover, 2TB will also work for heavy duty files and running several programs. However, you may need another drive for heavy duty gaming and heavy programs.

Finally, 4TB storage is also there for professional use. Whether you are an influncer or a gamer, this storage capacity  will fulfill your requirements and it will be  sufficient for you. It is also a good pick if you are a creative pro, or if you want to keep a lot of high resolution pictures.

Also, you don’t need to keep your data in cloud storage. These drives ssds are worth it for heavy duty usage.  

How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop?

It is good to avoid 12GB storage because you will not be able to handle all your tasks with it. Even if you use it for regular work, the storage will not be enough.

So, make it sure that you have 256GB of storage at least if you are a regular user. It will help you run basic programs with some streaming as well. However, in this case, you will need a lot of cloud storage option to save enough data. This may include your high resolution pictures, videos and lengthy programs. You can do regular gaming as well. It is the cheapest choice as well.

So, for multi tasking, you should have 512GB ssd. Also, it is help you if you are not willing to rely on cloud storage only. You can install several games at a time.

 Moreover, you can use it for podcast editing, and for influencing task. Furthermore, you can use it for student purpose by keeping all you assignment without cloud storage and all other media files.  

If you can manage a your budget then this 512GB is worth it. But, for more capacity you have to upgrade the storage later. This will help you work professionally. Also, try to buy a laptop that has a n expandable storage capacity.


So, having an SSD storage depends on the type of data you want to store. It is noticeable that videos and games as well as  photos take up more space than text data and music. So,  if you are willing to keep something else than this data,  you will need more storage.

It is understandable for you now that if you need to store anything more than the above data, you have to upgrade the RAM up to 2TB or even more. So, this guide has wiped out all the questions related to storage capacity that you needed to know. Get your dream laptop with your required configuration right now! USA TODA

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