How many watts does a gaming laptop use?

How many watts does a gaming laptop use? A typical notebook uses between 55 and 65 watts of power. A gaming laptop uses 160-185 watts of power at the same time. Furthermore, it is dependent on the GPU (graphical processing unit).

  When it comes to the kWh per year consumption of gaming laptops, the average energy use of a gaming PC is around 1450 kWh per year.  

How many watts does a gaming laptop use

Consumption Factors:

It is important to be aware of the most critical factors of any gaming laptop. However, the amount of watts a gaming laptop uses is determined by these essential elements.   

1. GPU-Graphical Processing Unit

GPU is so important in gaming laptops’ power usage. It can handle all of your laptop’s intensive games. Heavy games necessitate heavy GPUs, which consume more power because they demand more energy to run. Furthermore, it preserves the display quality of your laptop.

Moreover, if your laptop’s primary purpose is to browse the internet and run spreadsheets, a lower-grade graphics card that consumes less power would suffice. As a result, it is dependent on the job that a GPU is doing.   

Thus, it will allow your laptop to consume more electricity as if it is hefty. If it isn’t, it may run on low voltage with ease. A better card will improve graphics and make the computer work more smoothly, requiring more power.    

Here are various graphics cards that use a certain amount of power based on their performance.

  • Low-power graphics cards range from 28 to 85 watts, whereas high-power graphics cards range from 108 to 165 watts.
  • 165-260 W high-end graphics card  

2. Screen Resolution-HD+ 2K, And 4K

Power consumption is also influenced by screen resolution. When purchasing a gaming laptop, you must also pay attention to it. However, gaming laptops are available in 1080p HD, 2k, 4k, and even 8K resolutions.

The more comprehensive the screen display, the more watts it will consume. A laptop with a 16-inch screen typically consumes 60 to 70 watts per hour. So, if you buy a laptop with a larger screen, the wattage will rise to 100 to 150 watts each hour.   

3. CPU: (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU is a computer’s brain, containing all the circuitry required to process input, output, and data storage. The CPU constantly follows the instructions from the computer, which tell it which data to process and how to process it. A computer is nothing without a CPU.

A CPU consumes about the same amount of energy as a standard light bulb over an hour. Gaming laptops with Pentium processors, on the other hand, consume around 100 kWh.  

4. Adapter

Adapters allow you to connect a peripheral device to a different jack on your laptop using a single plug. Adapters are frequently used to connect contemporary gadgets to an old dock’s bequest port.

The higher the quality of your laptop, the more critical the adapter will be. Therefore, if you want to elevate your laptop, keep this in mind. Moreover, make sure that whatever you add is compatible with the power supply of your laptop.

5. RAM-Random Access Memory

Ram uses power as well. When the RAM is being used excessively by multiple programs or services running simultaneously, the system may be forced to kill some of them regularly. Even numerous times per second, and resume them as soon as something else requires it. That’s the problem with using a lot of CPU cycles and, as a result, a lot of battery capacity.

The Gaming Laptop VS Gaming PC Power Consumption

A typical laptop consumes 60-65 watts of power. The average desktop consumes 165-185 watts, while the gaming laptop consumes 30-85 watts. The gaming desktop’s power consumption varies from 400 and 1325 watts, depending on the GPU. Laptops, on average, are well-organized in terms of power usage, using 85 percent less energy than a desktop computer.

A high-end gaming laptop draws 130-185 watts, while a high-end gaming PC draws 350-700 watts.  

What Is the Energy Consumption of a MacBook?

Those who own a MacBook are presumably aware of how much power their laptop consumes because Apple displays the adapter’s wattage on its side. The newest 13-inch MacBook Air comes with a 30-watt power adapter, whereas the higher-end 13-inch MacBook Pro requires a 61-watt adaptor.

This indicates that if you use your 13-inch MacBook Pro for around 8 hours a day, it will cost you $5.86.

How Can You Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Laptop

You should be able to get a rough idea of how much power your laptop consumes. If your laptop is using more power than you expected, there are a few things you can do to reduce its power consumption.

  • Invest in a cooling stand or mat to keep your laptop from overheating.
  • Make sure the charger you’re using for your laptop has the appropriate wattage.
  • Charge your laptop for as little time as possible to avoid damaging the battery.
  • Make sure the software on your laptop is up to date.
  • Reduce the screen brightness on your laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much power does a gaming laptop consume in one hour?

 Check the charger you’re using to see how much power your gaming laptop uses. The Acer Predator Helios 300 is a popular gaming laptop with a 180W charger. It is also one of the greatest laptops in virtually any laptop series. This entails consuming a minimum of 180 watts every hour.

2. How much power does an i7 laptop consume?

There is no definitive answer to the question of how many watts a laptop consumes. While most computers require between 20 and 100 watts per hour, some laptops require 180 watts per hour. 

3. Does gaming cause you to spend more money on electricity?

Yes, gaming laptops increase the electricity bill. Cloud gaming, in which graphics processing is done on remote servers, is particularly energy-intensive, boosting overall electricity consumption by up to 60% for desktop computers and 300% for laptops. 

4. What is the wattage of a printer?

When printing, a typical ink-jet printer for residential usage consumes 30 to 50 watts of power; in sleep mode, most printers consume 3 to 5 watts of power. In an office setting, commercial printers utilize 30 to 50 watts on standby and 300 to 500 watts when printing.


Now that you have a better understanding of how many watts a gaming laptop use and the factors that influence how much power your laptop consumes, you can choose how you want to find out how much electricity your laptop consumes.

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